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Organizing The Date And A New Relationship

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Amy and Rebecca have a phone call where the topic is relationships...

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Rubbing her eyes and yawning, Amy slowly made her way out of her bed and into the shower. As the water flowed over her and she found herself starting to wake up, the events of the night before came flooding back to her. For a second she thought that the events had just been a dream, but a dream couldn’t have been that real. It was certain, the night before, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy had stopped a tour just for her. Amy breathed in a long breath and turned the steamy water off in the shower. She made her way out of the bathroom and was getting dressed when her eyes landed on a crumpled piece of paper on her dressing table. She went over to it and examined it. On it was writing hurriedly scrawled by Patrick the night before. It was the details of a restaurant in town that Patrick knew of. He had decided it would be the place to take Amy on their first date. He had handed her the piece of paper just before the car had pulled up in front of her house. Amy sat down on her bed as she remembered what had happened when the car had finally come to a stop in front of her house…

She had got out of the car and expected Patrick to have just said goodbye from the car, but instead he had got out. She had been surprised at this and was even more so as he hugged her and kissed her cheek. The second his lips had come in contact with her skin, she had felt those familiar tingles spreading throughout her body again. She had found it hard not to kiss him to feel his lips on her once more. But she decided it wasn’t the time yet as they had not officially gone out and she didn’t feel as if she had the nerves to kiss him just like that, not yet.
“So, those are the details,” Patrick had said indicating to the piece of paper now held tightly in Amy’s hand. “I’d pick you up but there’s something I need to do before we go out.”
Amy had wondered what it was but didn’t press for details, “It’s fine,” she had said, “Meet you there tomorrow night.”
He had nodded and walked back to the car as she had reluctantly walked to her front door and let herself in. She hadn’t wanted to leave him but she had to. As she had entered her bedroom and collapsed on the bed, Amy had fallen asleep thinking of Patrick. She knew she was falling for him so hard and fast, but she just couldn’t control those feelings, they were like fire in her.

Amy had to stop her reminiscing of the night before as her cell phone began to ring. She picked it up and flipped it open before answering it.
“Hello?” she said into the phone.
“Hey Amy, it’s Rebecca,” came a reply.
Amy smiled and talked back into the phone, “Oh hey Rebecca, how did you get my number?”
Rebecca chuckled into the phone, “Don’t you remember when you gave me your number?”
Amy racked her brain but couldn’t remember giving the number to Rebecca, “No, I don’t.”
“I think I know why,” Rebecca said brightly, “Patrick Stump has taken over your mind hasn’t he?!”
Amy laughed, “You’re right. Guess what? We’re going out tonight and he…he stopped the tour for me.”
Silence came from the other end of the phone.
“Are you there?” Amy asked thinking that the phone had been cut off. It hadn’t though; a sudden squeal came from Rebecca.
Amy nearly burst out in laughter at Rebecca’s voice. She couldn’t tell whether she or Rebecca were the most excited about Patrick and her date tonight.

For the remainder of the phone call, the two girls talked about the date, but in occasional bits in the conversation, Andy Hurley was mentioned. From what Rebecca told Amy, she had gathered that Rebecca’s boyfriend wasn’t very friendly at all and that Rebecca really did indeed like Andy. Amy made a mental note to get Andy’s number from Patrick for Rebecca tonight. She felt like doing some match making and she could see that Rebecca needed to get rid of her boyfriend and that Andy was perfect for her. After talking for well over half an hour, Amy decided that she had to get ready for work; otherwise she was going to be late. She promised Rebecca that she would call her after the date and then hung up. Before finishing her morning routine before work, Amy confirmed to herself that she would give Andy’s number to Rebecca in that phone call after the date. If all went well, tonight, not only would she and Patrick be happy together, but Rebecca would also have the chance to ring Andy and begin a new relationship with him, instead of being with her bad boyfriend.
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