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A Normal Day And The Start Of The Date

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After a normal day, Amy gets ready for her date with Patrick and then finds herself in it...

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It was a normal day for Amy, minus the excitement and nerves rushing through her body each time she thought of the date. She arrived at work and completed all the jobs she had to do at Soma’s Café with speed and efficiency, and then she headed off to her Psychology lecture, which she found relatively easy to understand. After the lecture she went shopping for some jewellery which she was in desperate need of and then drove home to complete an essay for Human Psychological Development 101. Now Amy was finally getting ready for the date. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection. She was wearing an aquamarine colored dress with silver swirls decorating it, on her feet were matching silver ballet flats, her new blue and silver necklace and bracelet were around her neck and wrist and her hair was let down loose around her shoulders. Amy was happy with what she looked like so she decided that it was time to work out how to get to the restaurant Patrick and her were having the date at and to get her car ready. She looked up the restaurant’s location in her street directory and then upon finding it she grabbed her purse and headed out to her car. Then Amy found herself driving towards the restaurant and the date with Patrick.

Amy eventually found the restaurant and after parking her car, approached it slowly looking out for Patrick. She peered into the front window of the restaurant to see if he was waiting for her inside. Scanning her eyes through the restaurant she saw that Patrick wasn’t there yet but that the restaurant had an elegant interior; it looked rather cozy and old fashioned. Amy liked this as she had always had a soft spot for vintage looking things and so she thought that Patrick had made the right decision as to where to have their date. As Patrick hadn’t arrived yet, Amy went and stood near the front door of the restaurant and waited for him. After ten minutes of waiting and also ten minutes after the time Patrick and her were supposed to meet, Amy started to get a little concerned. Patrick should have arrived by now and she cursed herself that she hadn’t got his cell phone number. That way she could have found out easily where he was. Now she was just left to wait on her own. After another few minutes of waiting she began to worry that he had forgotten about the date. But he couldn’t have, it was too important. He had given up the tour to be with her so he couldn’t have forgotten. Just as Amy was going into a bit of a panic, she noticed a figure walking down the street towards her. As it got closer she realized it was Patrick. She sighed with relief that he had come and that he was alright. As he approached Amy, she noticed his hand was behind his back and she wondered why.
“Sorry I’m late,” Patrick said as he reached her and gave her a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then when he pulled away from the hug he looked her up and down and smiled, “You look beautiful Amy.”
Amy grinned, “Thanks Patrick and it’s okay that you’re late, but I was a bit worried.” Amy thought that that wasn’t exactly right, she had been more than a little worried, but she didn’t want to admit how much.
Patrick brought his hand from behind his back and Amy looked to see what he had in his hand, but she couldn’t as it was in a shadow.
“Promise I won’t be late again,” Patrick said quietly, “But I was getting this for us. This is the reason why I said I’d meet you here too.”
He handed what had been in his hand to Amy; it was an envelope. Amy looked up at Patrick from the envelope and gave him an inquisitive look.
“You have to open it,” Patrick chuckled, “It’s won’t mean much if you don’t.”
Amy laughed and opened up the envelope. Inside were two pieces of paper. She took out one and read the writing on it in the light. It was a ticket to the musical on at the local theatre, We Will Rock You. Amy remembered that she had told Patrick the night before that she loved Queen and that she had wanted to see We Will Rock You while it was in town, but that it had been sold out. Then he had said that he loved Queen too and hadn’t seen We Will Rock You but had wanted to. Amy couldn’t believe that he had managed to get tickets for her and for himself and she was so grateful, happy and excited that he had gone and done this.
“Patrick…I don’t know what to say!” Amy said brightly to him as she looked back up at him. He was beaming at her.
“Does that mean you like it?” He asked jokingly knowing full well that she loved it.
“Of course!” Amy quickly found herself hugging Patrick.
He returned the hug and whispered to her, “Well it’s on tonight at nine so that gives us a couple of hours to eat and chat.”
Amy let go of Patrick, “That’s perfect.”
Patrick smiled and then nodded before opening the door to the restaurant and holding it open for Amy to go in.
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