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The Date

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Amy and Patrick's date continues and after connecting they find themselves getting closer...

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After Amy and Patrick had ordered their meals, they began to talk about what had happened during their day. Amy told Patrick about her college course and her job and then Patrick talked about getting the We Will Rock You tickets and encountering some over excited fans. This topic of conversation soon lead to them to talk about other subjects and then suddenly they were just chatting eagerly to each other about everything. They were both simply enjoying each other’s company. Suddenly, and to Amy’s utter embarrassment, her cell phone began to ring. She had forgotten to turn it off. She quickly fumbled for it in her bag and switched it off, ignoring whoever was ringing her.
“Sorry!” She said to Patrick after putting the phone back in her bag, “I completely forgot to turn it off.”
Patrick grinned, “It’s alright, I do it all the time, trust me. I’m surprised mine hasn’t gone off yet!”
Amy laughed and relaxed once again as she realized that Patrick was amazing to have rescued that situation, to have made it easy to get through.
They began to chat again and soon found that their meals were ready and they set down to eat.

After dinner and dessert, which they both enjoyed, Amy and Patrick headed off to the theatre to see We Will Rock You. They began to walk there as it wasn’t very far away and chatted as they did so. As they turned a corner into the next street, Patrick slipped his hand around Amy’s and held it in his own. Amy stopped and looked around at him with a surprised expression on her face as she hadn’t expected it. Patrick took the look as if to mean that she didn’t like him holding her hand and so he dropped his hand back to his side.
“Too fast?” He asked Amy politely.
She shook her head, “No, I was just surprised, that’s all.”
Although it was dark, Amy saw a smile on Patrick’s face.
“So does that mean I can hold your hand again?” He asked jokingly know knowing full well that Amy didn’t mind him taking her hand.
“I think so,” she said playing along with his joke.
Patrick took her hand in his again and they continued to walk towards the theatre, both happy they were now a little closer than before.

Reaching the theatre, Amy and Patrick went inside still holding hands. Amy thought that it had been so cute that Patrick had been concerned about whether to hold her hand or not, and she thought about this as they went into the auditorium and found their seats. Sitting down, they waited for the show to start and finally it did. It was an excellent show and both enjoyed it immensely. Every now and then, Amy would glance over at Patrick to see him completely engrossed with the musical and she was happy that he was enjoying it too. After it finished, they headed back out into the night and Patrick insisted that he walk Amy back to her car, which she also found cute and gentlemanly too.
“So I really loved it Patrick,” Amy said staring a conversation as they walked.
Patrick agreed, “Yeah, it was worth it and I’m glad I got to go with you.”
Amy felt her heart speed up a little, “I’m glad I went with you too,” she replied.
They continued to walk and finally reached Amy’s car. As Amy unlocked it, she realized that Patrick might go now, that it would be the end of their date. She really didn’t want that to happen as she wished for the date to continue for longer. She enjoyed being with Patrick so much. Amy turned around from facing her car to Patrick and she looked at him, wondering what was going to happen. She soon found out as Patrick leant slowly into her and kissed her softly on her lips. Amy kissed him back before they parted and Patrick looked shyly at her.
“Would you like a lift back to the hotel?” Amy asked breaking the silence between them.
Patrick nodded and then moved a little closer to Amy, taking her hand in his confidently before speaking, “Yeah…but if I do, does that mean you’ll come to my hotel room?”
Amy smiled, “Maybe,” she said a little seductively.
“Deal then,” Patrick whispered before he kissed Amy, a little more passionately this time.

Entering Patrick’s hotel room, Amy and Patrick made their way to his bed kissing urgently. They lay down pressed close together as they continued to kiss. Amy took Patrick’s hat off and brushed her fingers through his hair. Then she undid the buttons on his shirt one by one as Patrick almost breathlessly murmured, “Amy, are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yeah…yeah I do,” she replied.
Patrick kissed her and began to undo her shirt before grabbing protection for them both as they were going to go further. They continued to get undressed until both were in their underwear and both full of desire for the other. Then quickly, they found themselves closer than ever before and sharing a special experience together. Finally after they had made love, they lay together, Patrick’s arm around Amy, until they fell asleep.
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