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The Morning After The Date

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Amy checks her cell phone in Patrick's hotel room after waking up and receives bad news...

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As the sun began to appear on the horizon, Amy began to slowly wake up from her sleep. As her senses came flooding back, she realized that around her was an arm and that it most certainly belonged to Patrick. She turned over slightly and smiled as she saw him still asleep and breathing slowly and heavily.
Realizing that he was going to be in that deep sleep for a while longer and she wasn’t tired herself, Amy gently moved out of his arm and stood up from the bed. She pulled on her clothes, which were strewn on the floor and grinned as she remembered the events of the night before. Who knew that she’d end up in Patrick’s hotel room with him? She most certainly hadn’t thought that it would have happened, but it had, and she was happy that they had gotten closer than expected.
Still smiling, Amy reached for her bag and grabbed her cell phone out of it. She remembered that she had turned it off after that phone call at dinner the night before and hadn’t turned it on since. She now wanted to check if that person had sent her a text message or if anyone else had tried to contact her. As she waited for the phone to turn on properly she sat down on the side of the bed and tried to straighten her untidy hair a little.
Eventually the main screen loaded and her eyes widened as she saw 10 missed phone calls and 5 text messages. Suddenly her heart began to thump as she realized that someone must have been trying to contact her all night and that something must be very wrong.
Amy opened up the first text message and realized that it was from her sister Grace. Then she began to read the message which read: ‘Amy, I need you to ring me, it’s urgent’. She wondered what was wrong and opened up the next text message, another from Grace, it said: ‘It’s mom, she’s not well, ring me’. Without further hesitation, in a panic and wondering what was wrong with her mom, Amy went out of the hotel room and rang her sister straight away. On the second ring Grace answered the phone.
“Amy!” She said distressed, “Where have you been? I’ve been trying to ring you all night.”
“I’m sorry,” Amy said, “I had my cell off, what’s wrong with mom?”
There was silence at the other end of the phone and then Amy heard Grace begin to sob.
“On no,” Amy said as tears began to stream down her face, “Has she passed away?”
“Yes,” Grace said in a choked up voice, “The doctors said it was a stroke.”
Amy sighed, “Where are you Grace? I’ve got to get over to you. We have to be together.”
“I’m at home,” Grace replied.
“Alright, I’m coming now and be strong sis, mom always said to be strong.”
Grace sniffled, “Yeah, I know, see you soon.”
“Bye,” Amy said before hanging up and brushing some of her tears away.
Amy and Grace had known that there mom’s time was going to end soon because she had been so unwell for about a year, but it was still a shock to know she wasn’t there anymore and that Amy could never come to her for comfort or advice again.
As she opened Patrick’s hotel room door and put her cell phone back in her bag, she wished that it had been a dream and that her mom was still there. But it hadn’t been, and now she had to wake Patrick and tell him what had happened. Then she would have to go to her sister’s and work out funeral arrangements.
She went over to Patrick’s bed and sat next to him.
“Patrick,” she said gently, “Wake up.”
He slowly stirred and looked around at her smiling, “Morning,” he said cheerfully but then suddenly noticed Amy’s puffy eyes, “What’s wrong Amy?” He asked sitting up and grabbing her hand.
“I checked my phone before,” she said quietly, “And my sister had been trying to get hold of me all night so I rang her.” Amy paused and tried to stop some tears from escaping before continuing, “Well she told me some very bad news, our mom has passed away.”
Patrick pulled Amy into a hug and then kissed her on the forehead, “I’m so sorry Amy,” he said, “So you have to go now, yeah?”
Amy nodded, “Yeah, to Grace’s house, that’s my sister.”
“Alright, do you…would you like me to come for support? Or do you want to just be with her alone?”
Amy would have smiled at Patrick’s consideration for her but was too upset to do that. Instead she said, “I’d like you to come but I think it better be just me and my sister now.”
Patrick stroked her cheek, “Sure, I understand, well when you want to, ring me alright?”
Amy gave Patrick a quick kiss on the lips, “I will,” she said.
Then she got off the bed, grabbed her bag and went to the hotel room door. Patrick came behind her to the door and they kissed once more before he squeezed her hand. Then Amy left Patrick to go to Grace’s and to face her mom’s passing which was going to be so hard for her to do.
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