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Prelude to a Nightmare

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A mysterious intruder enters the institute in the dead of night and seems hell bent on killing Scott Summers. But there is more to this man than it seems and what he know will both shock and change...

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Darkness and Light
Chapter 1: Prelude to a Nightmare


The late hours of the night had fallen over the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. However, not everybody had turned in for the night. It had been a rather tumultuous time for the X-men. Events throughout the world and conflicting feelings from within the team had led to some unwelcome hardships. Anti-mutant feelings were growing to the point of hysteria and it had been a struggle dealing with them. The morale of the team was now at an all time low and it had been getting lower every day for what seemed like years now. In an attempt to undo this bitter cycle, Professor Charles Xavier called back the splintered teams of X-men that had been fractured over the years and staged a little reunion at the mansion. He hoped that this would lift the team's spirits, but so far it had done little more than uncover old feelings of bitterness that had arisen in wake of the team's split. Either way much of the mansion was now silent in the late night darkness, but there were a few exceptions.

Jean Grey-Summers was still up. The clock on the wall read 2:30 AM as she silently made her way through the darkened mansion. She soon found herself stop near the main living room where the glow of the TV could still be seen.

"Scott? Scott are you still awake?" asked Jean as she walked over to the couch facing the TV.

He didn't respond, for he was fast asleep on the couch. He had fallen asleep watching TV again. This wasn't new, for Scott had been somewhat glued to the news lately, watching every violent event concerning mutants that came up. Even after everybody had come back for the reunion, he still insisted on watching all the terrible things going on in the world. It was the latest in a series of downward event that had been plaguing her once happy marriage to Scott Summers.

For over a year now since his separation with Apocalypse, he had grown in to a very dark person. He had become so reserved now that it was almost...Well, scary. He never smiled anymore and he always seemed angry for some reason. Now all he had been doing besides watching the news is going on missions all over the world trying to quell the endless stream of anti-mutant sentiment. He never talked to her much anymore...He never even said he loved her anymore. In fact, the closest thing he had said along those lines was "Love you too wife," and that was it.

There was no more denying that her marriage was truly falling apart. The person that she had once shared such a strong bond with was now drifting away from her. Jean remembered how they both used to have such a powerful mind link and how happy they use to be as a couple...And how deeply in love they once were. Now, all that was fading away and it seemed that there was nothing she could do about it. It never got better...It only got worse. Lately, she had been suspecting that Scott was having some kind of affair with Emma Frost. While she wanted to believe that he never slept with her, she still couldn't fight this strange feeling that he was not telling the whole truth. Even though he had let her in to his head ever so briefly to prove that he hadn't done any wrong, there was still so much left unanswered. This wasn't to say that she hadn't also done wrong herself. She had kissed Logan...Somewhat passionately a while back. She felt very bad about it now and greatly regretted her actions, but that's not what bothered her. What bothered her is why she did it in the first place. She knew she was only going to make her marriage worse, yet she still did it. Now Logan was constantly around her. Sometimes he flirted with her...Sometimes he didn't. But either way Jean had no desire to pursue a relationship with him, only to try and fix the one that mattered most to her. Jean had sought the advice of everyone she could about her marriage, but she always left with more questions then answers. Most of the team had assured her that Scott just needed to do some growing up in wake of the Apocalypse thing. But try as she might, her efforts were in vain.

She didn't know what was happening to her husband...She was truly at a loss. He was once so caring and loving. Now he was just so...Dark. And recent problems with missions and other duties had taken away the time she desperately needed to try and fix their relationship. And on top of it all...The Phoenix force that still dwelled within her had been getting unusually strong lately. Jean found it getting harder and harder to control. The Professor had assured her that it was just stress, but it felt like so much more to her. Soon, she felt a powerful migraine come over her just thinking about it.

After taking one last look back at her sleeping husband, she let out a deep sigh and quietly left the room and headed upstairs to get some rest. As Jean Grey-Summers collapsed on her bed she looked back over at a picture of her and Scott that was taken not long after they were married. They looked so different...They looked so...Happy. Both of them were smiling. Soon, Jean felt a small tear trickle down her face as she looked deeper in to the picture.

"I miss you...I miss you so much Scott..." said Jean softly.

And with that Jean soon fell asleep, unsure what the next day would bring.


The entire mansion now lay in darkness as the early morning hours passed. Nothing could be heard other than the crickets chirping. It was a rare moment of quiet for the X-men. The whole institute now rested peacefully in their rooms. A new day was set to dawn as the hour of sunrise drew near.

However...The tranquility of the mansion in the subtle light of the morning was soon shattered when a mysterious purple fog descended upon the outside of the west wall of the mansion. The strange fog seemed to have a mind of it's own as it swirled in a strange whirlwind. Then, as the fog slowly faded, a lone figure appeared through the haze and stood poised before the walls of the Xavier Mansion.

The mysterious figure was that of a young man. He looked like he was in his early twenties, he had medium-length blond hair, and bore a tall, muscular frame. His body was covered in mysterious dark-blue armor that resembled that of a samurai. The armor was also littered with strange symbols of mysticism and on the back of each of his hands, there were mysterious marks that looked Chinese...But were far more intricate. On his back, he sported a brilliantly decorated sword that seemed to glow in a way that permeated the early morning darkness. However, the most prevailing feature of this strange man was a strange tattoo over his left eye. This mark seemed to glow in a sense as the man simply stood there.

Then, with superhuman agility, the mysterious man jumped nearly 20 feet in to the air and landed softly on the top of the wall that guarded the Xavier institute. For a brief moment, the strange man simply looked at the institute in the distance. As he watched the mysterious tattoo over his eye began to glow an ominous red color.

"I see you, tyrant..." said the mysterious warrior in to the silence of the night, "You can hide from every force in the universe...But you can't hide from me. I can see you...I can see you and all your sinister chi no matter where you are now. You have cheated death many times before...But this time I wield the power that can destroy you and your dark plans forever! You have spilled the blood of the innocent for too long...And it stops NOW! Prepare to face my wrath...For I am Slayer...The ultimate warrior."

As the sun began to appear over the horizon, the mysterious warrior stood ready to pursue his target. And as he stood upon the outer walls of the mansion, a picture in the strange tattoo covering his right eye appeared. It was his target...The target he had come here to kill. It was...Scott Summers.


AN: Well, what do you think? I made this chapter short because like it says in the title, it is a prelude. I just want to set the tone to see if anybody is interested in hearing more from this story. It probably won't be as long as my previous fic. And remember, this is AU so don't go crazy if I accidentally screw something up. Also, the character I just mentioned above, Slayer, is mine. So please don't steal him unless I give you permission. So, do you all want to hear more? Do you want to see where I=m going in this story? Please tell me by emailing me at or post your thoughts on I love reviews! So please send them! I hope you like this story and until next time, best wishes to you all.

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