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Marked for Death

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A mysterious intruder enters the institute in the dead of night and seems hell bent on killing Scott Summers. But there is more to this man than it seems and what he know will both shock and change...

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Darkness and Light
Chapter 2: Marked for Death


The sun slowly, but surely crept above the horizon as the Xavier Mansion was bathed in the early morning sun. Some of the residents of the institute began to stir from their slumber, while others continued to sleep. However, unknown to the young team of mutants, a lone intruder stood ready to storm the institute.

The mysterious warrior, known as Slayer, scanned the long field leading up to the large mansion in the distance. Through the strange tattoo over his eye, he saw the elaborate defenses the institute had in place. They were vast...But Slayer was not intimidated, for he had faced much worse. His plan was simple. Sneak in to the institute...And kill his target before anybody could react.

"I'd better get moving. I hope that I'm not too late..."

And with those last words to himself, the mysterious warrior leaped from his perch on the wall and landed softly and silently on the ground. He quickly started to run, knowing that there were sensors all around him. However, he knew where all of them were. They were meant to be invisible, but through the power that he wielded, Slayer could see them all...Clear as crystal. With superhuman agility, the lone warrior made his way past the elaborate array of sensors and prepared himself for his next challenge.

Before he could enter the institute, the mysterious warrior would have to go through the next half of the field...But this half was far more heavily guarded. There were cameras and hidden laser gun turrets everywhere. There wasn't a square inch of space that didn't go unobserved. However, Slayer didn't have the time to wait for the X-men to ease their guard. He would have to get past this little obstacle by any means necessary. Through the power of the mark on his eye, he saw every camera placement and gun turret there was. There were also heat sensors and infrared detectors. Undaunted, the powerful warrior stopped and prepared to make his move. Suddenly, the two symbols on the back of his hands began to glow.

"Time for a little stealth..."

Upon saying those words, a soft glow emulated from the warrior's body. And as it quickly faded, Slayer faded as well. However, he was still there...Only now he was completely invisible. Armed with this advantage, the lone warrior quickly made his way past the cameras and sensors. He saw security gun turrets along the way scanning the grounds, but they couldn't see him. As he got closer to the wall of the West Side of the mansion, he encountered more of these turrets. Knowing they may be a problem in the near future if he had to make a rushed escape, he quickly unsheathed his sword and proceeded to slice through the metal turrets with surprising ease. Despite this action, no sensors were tripped and the inhabitance of the mansion remained unaware of the young warrior's presence. Then, still under the cover of invisibility, Slayer reached the base of the wall. He was still undetected...And he would need that if he was going to succeed in this crucial mission.

"Well, that was fun...Now for the hard part," muttered Slayer as he looked up the wall he would have to scale.

The mark on his eye glowed once again as he saw the window that would lead him to his target the quickest and through the least amount of obstacles. While it had been hard enough getting through the security on this side, he knew that it would have been even more tedious if he had tried to go in from anywhere else. With that thought in mind, he took out one of his many 'warrior tools' as he called them. They were two simple daggers, but they had another use that Slayer needed if he was going to get in to this place undetected. Then, using his powerful upper-body strength, he plunged the daggers in to the side of the wall and used them as ledges to pull himself up. Using the best of his abilities to stay silent and concealed, the young warrior soon made it up to a third story window. Slowly and carefully, he peered in to the window that overlooked one of the main hallways to check if the coast was clear.

"Good...It's clear."

Then, the mysterious symbols on the top of his hand began to glow again and suddenly, Slayer's body shifted in to the form of a strange white mist. Using this form to his advantage, the powerful warrior seeped his way through the cracks of the window, careful not to trip any alarms. After successfully passing through, his body shifted back to his original form. He was in now...And his target was still in his sights.

Suddenly, the door off to his side opened...And one of the X-men stepped out in to the hall. However, Slayer had seen it coming soon enough to act. Using his agility he leaped up to the ceiling and with the power of the mysterious symbols on his hands, he successfully wedged himself up against a small nook in the corner of the wall.

Then, he watched as a groggy, yet unaware, Ororo Munroe made her way down the hall towards the stairs. Just as the strange warrior was about to jump down and continue on the path to his target, another one of the resident inhabitance of the institute walked out. This time it was Bobby Drake.

'Looks like I'll have to improvise,' thought Slayer to himself as he started to crawl upon the top of the ceiling like a spider by means of some mysterious force that seemed to be emulating from his body.

He was made sure he was slow and quiet enough not to draw any attention to himself. As he carefully made his way to the stairs, more X-men filed out of their rooms to begin their early morning routine. A few times they actually looked up, but thanks to the invisibility power he had used earlier, they saw nothing. The lone warrior watched and observed the passing X-men as he continued to methodically make his way down the corridors of the Xavier mansion. He saw Gambit, Rogue, Logan, Beast, and Jean along the way. None of them had sensed his presence. Logan hadn't smelled him and Jean hadn't sensed him. And that's the way Slayer wanted it. With his mysterious powers he remained undetected, but as he observed some of the X-men, namely Jean, in the early morning hours, the mark over his eye began to glow once again.

'Hmm...This may be a problem,' thought Slayer, 'But no matter...I'll do what I have to for them...AFTER my target is dead.'

After making one last turn, the powerful warrior soon found himself overlooking the main staircase overlooking the entrance to the mansion. Other X-men were now waking up as well and Slayer was forced to stay concealed on the ceiling. Using his agility, the strange warrior was soon hiding over the main chandelier that hung over the entrance hall. For a brief moment he just stayed there, watching the team of mutants go through their normal morning routine. Then, as he waited for his opening, he saw Professor Charles Xavier make his way down the stairs. He was the most powerful telepath in the world, but he still didn't sense Slayer's presence. Upon seeing this, the young warrior could only sighed in relief, for it would make his job that much easier. He was about to make his move, but then he saw two more people make their way down the stairs. It was Emma Frost and the ever-mysterious Xorn. As they made their way to the kitchen for some breakfast, the mark on Slayer's eye began to glow an ominous red color.

"Oh shit...It's worse than I thought," said Slayer as he saw something within those two that none of the other X-men had seemed to notice, "I have to act fast..."

Then, armed with his invisibility, Slayer quickly and silently made his way to the room several doors down from the kitchen. There, he would find his unsuspecting target. As he used the walls and shadows to his advantage, the rest of the X-men went about their early morning routine as if nothing was amiss.

"Good morning Professor," said Jean as he entered the kitchen where most of the team was now.

"Good morning Jean," replied Xavier, "Did you sleep well?"

Jean actually hesitated in answering this seemingly simple question; but never the less, she tried to hide the truth.

"Yeah...I slept okay. I guess..."

Just then Emma made her appearance in the kitchen. Jean quickly looked away, not wanting to make eye contact with her. Ever since the troubles between her and Scott had developed, Emma had been one to only further exacerbate the situation. The affair with her and Scott still hung fresh in her mind, but she did her best not to show it. Emma actually seemed to grin at this action, fully knowing about Jean's resentment. However, she chose not to say anything about it, for it was too early in the morning to start a fight and she was definitely not a morning person. As Jean listened to some of the early morning banter within the kitchen, she felt a sudden urge to go wake Scott up, who had yet to make an appearance this morning. He was probably still sleeping in the living room in front of the TV. With that thought in mind, she stopped swirling around the cereal that was still in her bowl and got up from the table.

"Where ya goin Redd?" asked Logan as he entered the kitchen for some breakfast.

"To get Scott...He fell asleep watching TV again," replied Jean as she left down towards the hall.

Logan didn't stop her. He had no reason to do so anyway. He knew things between Jean and Scott had been rocky lately and it had him and the rest of the team worried. They had never seen them act like this before. Logan knew first hand the extent of their troubles because Jean had actually kissed him a while back. But that wasn't what bothered him. What bothered him was why he kissed back when he knew it would only hurt Jean and her marriage in the process, and he really didn't want that. Even for Scott, whom he had never exactly been real pals with, but still knew the extent of his feelings for Jean. It was just strange how some of their feelings had been somewhat lost lately in their once happy marriage. Even though Logan had lusted over Jean in the past, he couldn't help but feel guilty about what had happened. He didn't know why he still flirted with her even though she had made it clear that she didn't share his feelings, but that still didn't stop some of these conflicting things from happening. In the end, he didn't quite know why he had such feelings, but there wasn't a whole lot he could do about it for some reason. It was all the more confusing for him to think about and it was much too early in the morning to dwell on it.


As the rest of the X-men ate their breakfast and Jean made their way down the hall, the lone warrior that had made his way in to the institute undetected was finally near the target he had come here to kill. He was still crawling along the ceiling and as he made his way in to the large living room, his target lay asleep below him. The tattoo on his eye began to glow a sinister red color once more as he looked down at the unsuspecting Scott Summers.

"You're disguise can't fool me you tyrannical madman...I can see through your deception."

Slayer then dropped from the roof and silently landed a few feet in front of the sleeping mutant before him. He then, slowly and silently drew his sword. The flawless, shining blade would be the method of execution for Slayer's target.

"I use this sacred blade...For all those whose blood you have spilled...And for the suffering you have inflicted upon the innocent both in the past...And in the future..."

Gripping his sword intently, the powerful warrior raised his weapon up and prepared to make one swift slash upon the neck of Scott Summers. He was about to end this man's life...When Jean Grey suddenly walked in to the room and saw the mysterious stranger leering over her sleeping husband...Ready to plunge his sword in to his body.


AN: What's going to happen? Will this mysterious warrior succeed in killing Scott? And why does he want him dead anyway? I'll reveal the answer in the next chapter...So stay tuned! You'll learn more about Slayer in the next chapter. So what do you all think so far? Do you want to know more? Tell me! Send your feedback to me at or post them on I have plenty of surprises in store for you with this story, so stay tuned to find out what they are! Thanks for reading and best wishes to you all!

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