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What’s The Worst Thing That Could Happen, You've Got To Take The Chance

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Mikey Way. Need I say more?

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Heres Chapter 2. Sorry about all the Italics, Its the only code thingy I know how to use, Can anyone explain to me how to do bolds? and strikethroughs?. Its my very first story, So I don't have any idea.
Thanks for all the reviews, Everyone of them makes me estatic. Hopefully, Everyone will understand it now.

“Hello Mr. Iero” My English teacher said sitting at he’s desk. He’s way-to-large brown jacket slung over he’s shoulder as he leaned back on he’s chair and grinned at me. Mr. Harrison was one creepy teacher, He was one of those teachers who would place he’s hand on your shoulder when he was speaking to you, or would compliment you on how ‘good looking’ you were. Sure there’s plenty of teachers who do that innocently, But not Mr. Harrison, you could just tell that he wanted something more. Was it the way he always smelt of girl’s perfume? Or the fact that he always managed to drop he’s books in front of me and ask me slyly to pick them up for him? Making it very hard for me not to bend down. Whatever it was, it was disturbing and sickly enough he seemed to favor me.

“Hi, uh sir” I replied giving him an uneasy smile and quickly sitting down at my desk as did the rest of my class.

“Pedophile” Gerard smirked sitting down on my lap.

“Shut up” I laughed quietly, not wanting anyone to think I was talking to myself or something.

“Hello Mr. Iero would you like to come into the store room with Mr. and have pedophilic sex. I can use my old wrinkly dick to fuck you up your gorgess ass and you can suck on my old hairy balls” Gerard said seductively attempting to sound like Mr. Harrison.

“Gerard you are fucking disgusting” I said my face screwing up in repulsion.

As my class settled down, Mr. Harrison stood up and told us our instructions, Not that I listened, a certain Gerard wouldn’t stop talking to me. I don’t even know why I bother going to school, having to take Gerard with me wherever I go is really distracting, Especially school. I barley do any work because Gerard always wants my attention, According to Gerard Imaginary friends do not need an education and instead must annoy the shit out of there /creator/. It’s not like I mind anyways, I never understand any of the work.

“Frank, I love you” Gerard arbitrarily said placing a light kiss on my cheek.

I picked up my pen and began writing; seeing as I can’t speak back to Gerard without people thinking im like a crazy, we figured out him speaking and me writing back is the easiest way.

I love you too when your not cutting off the circulation in my legs

“Well were else am I meant to sit? Its not like I can exactly pull up a chair. That would look kind of suspicious, just this odd chair sitting next to your desk. Besides its not my fault your such a short ass that im squishing you” Gerard said, smirking at he’s last comment.

Fuck you. You’re just jealous because I am prettier than you

“Oh really is that so? Well then how come I never see anyone asking you out and stuff?”

Because I'm just too pretty and they all know im way to good for them

“Frank the only person you can get is pedophile up there and you know it”

well you can’t get anyone either bitch

“That because no one else knows I exist, so I have an excuse mother-fucker”

well I have an excuse too

“Oh yeah what?”

You. You’re my excuse, I don’t have people asking me out because im already taken

“That’s not the point. They don’t know you’re taken”

Shut up. Whatever you say still doesn’t change the fact that im prettier than you

As Gerard read over my last reply, I noticed the classroom door open. In walked a boy who I had never seen before. I watched as the boy nervously approach Mr. Harrison, I assumed he was new, the way he looked so uncomfortable and awkward kind of gave it away. I continued to stare at the boy as he talked to Mr. Harrison; Gerard soon lifted he’s head and noticed the boy too.

“Mikey” Gerard whispered staring at the boy.

“What?” I asked confused.

Mr. Harrison stopped talking to the boy and stood up from he’s chair.

“Everyone, We have a new student. This here is Mikey Way”

Mikey? How the fuck did Gerard know that.


Frank; 5 Gerard; 6
[second part to the introduction Flashback]

As Linda watched Her son she wondered why Frank was running around by himself. All the other kids were on the play equipment, But not her Frank, He seemed much more amused running around by himself over near the tree’s.

Frank was never one to have Friends, and no matter how hard Linda tried she just couldn’t get Frank to make friends. She would make Frank go on ‘play dates’, go to every event at school, and they were always at the park, But nothing seemed to work, Frank always ended up playing /alone/.

It was time to go, The Kids were slowly departing from the playground and the sun was slowly setting. Linda walked over to Frank who was now rolling around in the grass, still by himself.

“Frank, Honey its time to go home” Linda smiled reaching out a hand to pick Frank up from the ground.

“Really, Mom do we have to? I was having such fun with Gerard” Frank whined.

“Gerard?” Linda questioned looking around for maybe another boy but not seeing anyone.

“Yes Gerard, He’s my Best friend Mom”

Linda gave her son a puzzled look and checked around her just again, Just In case there was actually another boy.

“Well then were is he?” She asked.

“He’s right here mom”

Frank pointed to he’s right, but as far as Linda could see there was no Gerard.

Maybe Gerard’s Imaginary Linda thought looking at her son, still puzzled. She looked at her sons face; the happiness that shone through he’s eyes was something she didn’t get to see very often.

“Mom, Can Gerard live with us? He has no home. Mom, please? Please? Let him live with us. I promise I’ll be good and you won’t even notice he’s there,” Frank begged.

Linda thought about the pros and cons for the moment. Should she just go along with Frank’s silly imagination and pretend that Frank really did have a best friend, Gerard? Or should she just tell Frank that Gerard wasn’t even real and crush Frank’s happiness?
It was an obvious choice, Seeing Frank happy wasn’t something that happened a lot and who was she to destroy that.

So Linda told Frank that Gerard could live with them, That Frank could bring he’s best friend home and at that moment Linda had never seen Frank so happy.

What’s the worst thing that could come out of this? Linda thought as her Frank and ‘Gerard’ started walking home.

If only she knew.

Questions, Ask away?
Note- Frank isnt always a mess, Occasionally but they have being going through this for years now,
So dont always expect Frank to be 'breaking down' or something.
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