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Well I Am The Cancer Running Through Your Veins

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Friend- a person with whom one is on terms of mutual affection independently of sexual or family love. Right?

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I totally apologize for not updating in like ages. BUT GUESS WHAT? Here’s chapter three, obviously. Thank you to everyone who reviewed.

I stared at Gerard completely shocked, my eyes wide and my mouth hanging open.

“What?” Gerard asked stupidly, As if he didn’t know.

“How the fucking hell did you know he’s name was Mikey?” I said almost to loudly.

“I don’t know, a guess?” Gerard said avoiding eye contact.

A guess? Was that all it was, I don’t think so. Out of all the names in the world, He just so happens to pick the damn right one for a boy he’s never seen! That’s not right. Unless maybe he had already seen this Mikey around and overhead he’s name or something, No that couldn’t have happened, I would have noticed.

“Gerard how could have you know that was he’s exact name? How the fuck could have you guessed that?”

“I don’t know Frank. Why are you getting so mad about it? It’s not a big deal, I don’t think” Gerard said, whispering the last part.

I shook my head and looked down at my book. Was there something Gerard wasn’t telling me? How fantastic, another thing that I don’t know. Another thing to keep me awake at night. There was no point continuing this conversation, It’s just another fight that Gerard and me would have over nothing.

I looked back up and fixed my eyes on Mikey, who had now taken a seat down the front. I was curious to find out more about him, whether that was because Gerard knew he’s name and I was really troubled by that or whether it was the fact that maybe this boy, This Mikey would be my friend, either way I had made up my mind that I was going to talk to him. Maybe it was time I had another friend besides Gerard, My first real Friend. Yeah, Maybe it was time.


School had ended for the day; well actually it had ended for the week. As Gerard and I walked over to the bus stop I noticed Mikey was there. Now would be the perfect chance to talk to him.

“Gerard, I’m going to go talk to that Mikey kid” I said calmly as we slowly move towards the bus stop.

“Why?” Gerard asked.

“Well why not?” I said.

Gerard didn’t reply, instead he just stopped walking.

“Uh you go ahead, Ill just wait over here,” Gerard said blankly.

I stopped where I was and turned to look at Gerard. A frown grew over my face as I saw him once again avoiding eye contact. Something is wrong, Gerard’s not telling me what’s going on.
“We will talk later” I say sternly, raising an eyebrow as I walk off towards Mikey.

As I approached Mikey I tried to think about what I was going to say. How do you say I want to be your friend? I’ve never had any friends, so I don’t really know. 16 years old and I have never had a real friend. It’s kind of pathetic, but it’s just how it’s always been. I use to come up with reasons, explanations of why nobody wanted to be friends with me. It use to really get to me, it was just another thing I didn’t understand. Eventually I realized that it didn’t matter that I didn’t have friends, sometimes it just doesn’t happen, I had Gerard anyway and that’s all I needed. Although that’s all I needed, it didn’t mean I still didn’t hope that maybe one day I could make a friend.

“Hey, Mikey?” I said cautiously stepping in front of the boy.

“Yeah, that’s me. You were in my English class today weren’t you?” He smiled.

“Uh yeah.. I'm Frank,” I said.

We talked continually until the bus came, which was really only 15 minutes later. I took a seat next to Mikey on the bus and we continued to talk. Gerard sat behind us, but still didn’t bother to pay any attention to me when I looked at him.

It turned out that Mikey moved schools because he was having a lot of trouble at he’s old school. There was a group of boys who would always start fights with him; it just worked out better for Mikey to change schools. Mikey said he didn’t mind changing; he didn’t really have many friends there. He said the worse thing about leaving was that there was some ‘really hot girl’ called Alicia there, who was in he’s class. He never got around to asking her out and he wishes that he could have. Not that I think he would have if he got another chance, I don’t think he has the balls. When I asked him about going to see her, he started to go red and was stuttering out excuses to me. I just laughed, He’s kind of funny.

It ended up with me grabbing Mikey’s number and hopping of the bus, with Gerard.

“Isn’t Mikey great?” I said grinning at Gerard as I opened the front door.

“Fantastic” Gerard said sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes at Gerard as we both headed up to my room. I walked into my room, and dropped my bag onto the floor. Gerard followed behind me and sat himself down on my bed, I sat down next to him.

“Now its time we talk, Gerard”


Frank; 5 Gerard; 6

Frank sat patiently in he’s chair waiting for he’s teacher to tell him that it was he’s turn for show and tell. Frank had never been more excited to share what he had to the class; he had found the best show and tell ever.

As the applause went around for the previous girl who had just shown her latest addition to her ‘pony collection’ Frank jumped out of he’s seat and ran up to the front of he’s class.

“Way you go Frank” encouraged the young female teacher, Miss Dawns.

“Today for show and tell, I brought my best friend Gerard” Frank said grinning ecstatically.

Miss dawns looked at Frank confused.

“And where is this Gerard, Frank?”

“He’s right here Miss” Frank said pointing to the chair that was placed beside him. To Frank, Gerard was sitting in that Chair; To Miss Dawns that chair was empty. To the rest of the class, that chair was empty.

“Frank? I don’t know wh-“

“This is Gerard and he is my bestest friend ever.” Frank started, Cutting off miss dawns. “I met him at the park and he has been with me ever since. He told me that he was going to come to school with me, and he told me that he would stay with me forever. So that makes us best friends forever”

Gerard giggled quietly in he’s seat, He found it so cute, and slightly embarrassing that Frank would pick Gerard, as he’s show and tell.

As Frank sat down, the other children stared at him quite confused. They didn’t know who Gerard was; they didn’t know that he was imaginary. Miss Dawns had some idea though, and made a note that she must call Linda Iero to discuss the issue later.

After the rest of the children finished their show and tell, Frank still had no doubt that he had the best show and tell ever.

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