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Chapter 4 - And I know there's nothing I can say, to change that part.

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Final chapter, “Frankie, I love you too, but...”

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“Gee...” I called him nervously.

“Frank, I know what you feel. But...I already have a fiancée, who I really love. Our wedding will be held on next week and you know it.” He wheeled around and said.

He took a deep breathe and continued.
“Frankie, I love you too, but...well I don’t want to hurt you, but really, the only thing between you and me, is /brother love/, nothing more...”

“Nothing more...” I repeated and brought in tears.

“But you’re my best friend, forever.” He put his hands on my upper arms.

I didn’t say anything but threw myself against Gerard’s chest. I didn’t care if he would refuse me or not. But he hugged me back. He held me tighter as I cried harder.

I didn’t know how much time I have spent for staying against his chest and being hugged. The time was like being stopped. I didn’t care if there was a bomb which was going to be explode, I didn’t care if there was a tsunami which was going to swallow me, and I don’t even care if there was an earthquake which was going to sink me in. I just wanted to stay.

But I know I should let him go. If I keep on monopolize him, we’d both get hurt. We’d never get a good denouement.

“I invite in place each testimony I, Gerard Arthur Way, to marry you, L...”

This day was the wedding day of Gerard. Although him and his wife didn’t wear any wedding costume, didn’t have any luxurious decoration, and didn’t have any professional photographer for taking pictures, I could notice they were really really happy.

“ marry you, Gerard Arthur Way, to be my legitimate husband.”

If this is what he hope for, I’d truly wish them have a joyful life.

I don't know if this is a good ending, but, is a Frerard stroy must has a happy ending anyway?

Thanks everyone who had read my story, I really appreciate it.

Hope you guys would read my next Frerard fiction.

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