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Chapter 3 - Cause I've spent the night dancing, I'm drunk I suppose.

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Frank was vexed, and he met a guy in the bar. They almost spent the whole night together... (longer chapter this time...)

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It was 2 days later after the accident; we were on our way to the next place that we were going to play in. We arrived in the afternoon, and then certainly go to the hotel.

We stopped at the lobby, our manager announced, “So, we’re going to distribute those rooms. Ray will get his own room, Bob and Mikey will get one, and Frank and G-”

“Can I get the room with Mikey?” I cut in.

“Er...just depends on Mikey…” He stared at Mikey.

“That’s fine.” Mikey was wondering why I wanted to share the room with him.

I glanced around, everyone were shocked including Gerard. But I didn’t give a shit. I just picked up the key, grabbed all my packages and went straight to the room.

I threw myself onto the bed. I was mad, every time when tried to think about Gerard, I got mad. Right now, all I wanted was Gerard’s old friend, alcohol. So I went to the bar of the hotel.

I saw a man with black short hair, a bit chubby and was holding a cigarette. I couldn’t see his face, but I assumed it was Gerard.

“Gerard!” I patted on his shoulder.

“What?” He turned around and said.

“Oops...sorry...” I embarrassed by my mistaken.

“Never mind. Only you?” He wondered.

“Um...Yea...” Actually I didn’t want to answer him, ‘cause I wanted to be alone. But I didn’t know why, I just nodded.

“So am I...Wanna have a seat?” He pointed at the right hand corner.
I was tired, so I nodded and went to sit with him.

He was so nice and talkative. We chatted about everything in this entire world, except the affair between me and Gerard.

I didn’t know if I was drunk or not, I felt very comfortable to lean against his shoulder, I just felt so familiar anyway. He put his hand around my waist. I peeped at him; those eyes were so like Gerard’s. Crystal, fascinated, and...hazel. I couldn’t resist it, I kissed on his cheek. Not more than a second after, our lips connected.

Since Mikey was hanging out with the others, we were in my hotel room. My back against the sheet, I pulled him into a kiss. Then his hot tongue went though my jaw, my neck, and my collar bone. He took off my shirt, explored my chest. He followed up with a hand under my pants.

“No!” I yelled and took his hand out of them.

“Hey, what happen?” He shocked.

“I’m not going to cheat on Gerard.” I answered while I was getting out of the bed.

“Bullshit. You turned me on and you now want to end up by your loyal ridiculous reason?” He snarled.

“Yes, I am.” I insisted. Right after that, I wheeled around and approached the door.

“I don’t care who the hell Gerard is. You’re now only having two options. You either lay back or you may get injure.” He snatched my arm and growled out.

“No-fucking-way!” I glared at him and tried to escape. “It hurt!” He gripped my arms harder, so I shouted out.

“YOU MAKE ME MAD! YOU HAVE TO BEAR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!” He slapped me and clutched my hands tightly. Apart from that, I was so drunk that I couldn’t evade.


While I was so despaired, the door opened. It was Mikey and Gerard! Gerard punched on the guy’s face, he fell on the floor. Mikey ran toward me and cover me with the blanket.

“AW! ARE YOU CRAZY?” The guy covered his wound with his hand.

“Shut your mouth and get off.” Gerard said.

“He flirted with me first!”

“I said, shut your mouth and get your damn ass off!” Gerard pointed at the door.

The guy finally left. Gerard closed the door angrily and sat on the edge of the bed like Mikey did.

“Frank, are you okay?” asked Mikey.

“I’m fine...” I gave him a bitter smile.

“Well, by my observation, I think there is something wrong with you and Gerard isn’t it?” He looked worried.

“I...” I became awkward and glanced around.

“I’ll catch you two later.” Mikey patted Gerard on the shoulder and gave us a smile. Then he left.

I gazed at Gerard, but he didn’t look at me. He walked slowly toward the windows and lighted a cigarette. The room was so silenced; I could even hear my heart beating. I gazed at the floor for a moment, but I knew that we can’t stay this position forever. Therefore, I put on my clothes and walked behind him.


So, what do you guys think about of this chapter? I actually wanted to write it detail but it’s hard you know, my English isn’t good. Hopefully I’ll get better in the story. Yep, I’m working on another fiction (Frerard indeed) since the next chapter would be the final one.

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