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Chapter 17.

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Frank's pov

I woke up really early the next day, barely being able to open my eyes.
I dragged myself downstairs to get some coffee, get ready and go and explain everything to Claire. The fact that I couldn't stay with her all night was because 'visiting hours' were over so I had to leave.

Jamia's pov

It's 7 am and I'm sitting here in the kitchen thinking about where Frank could've been yesterday when he stood me up.
Oh, he's walking in right now. I wonder what made him wake up so early, he's never up so early.

"What a sweet ass sugar" He mumbled walking my way.
"Oh I see who's in the mood now... Sugar." I said playfully sliding my hand across the table to meet his.
Surprisingly, he pushed it away frowning.
"What the hell is wrong with you, you comment my ass and won't hold my hand?" I snapped.
"What?" He replied with a shocked look on his face.
"You said what a sweet ass sugar" I tried to, seemingly, remind him.
"No..." He answered. "I said, could you please pass the sugar." He added standing up angrily and walking to the coffee maker.

"That's it Frank!" I yelled following him. "I'm not taking your shit anymore, what's going on!" I wanted to know the truth, I can't let him treat me like that, I'm better than that.
"I'll just have my coffee and be out of your way." He almost whispered, as if he didn't even give a damn that I was mad.
"Where are you going today? You have no work today!" I questioned standing in his way, preventing him from walking out the kitchen door.
"Move... Jamia." He said looking at me emotionlessly.
"No, I want to know! Tell me! What's going on?" I insisted on finding out. "Or else... You're going to have to take me with you, wherever you go." I added. I'm sure I got him here, now he's going to have to tell me everything. I feel so proud.

"Move..." He said still waiting for me.
"Fuck you Frank!" I finally said heading to the cupboard to make my martini.

Claire's pov

It's 7:30 am. I can't believe I'm all alone in this hospital.
Everything seems so cold and scary. It somehow feels like this is how I'm going to find myself 50 years later. Just lying in bed, waiting for my end, all alone.

"Hello there, miss Claire." A nurse said walking in with a white, almost glowing tray in her hand. "How are you feeling today?" She asked placing it on the table next to me.
"What's that?" I asked. The thought of needles just scared me.
"Oh, don't worry. I'm just here to check on you, those are for the next patient." She added.
"Oh, ok." I said, relieved watching her walk to the tv and turn it on.
"Now that's what I call a good comedy show." She stated moving away so I could see.

"Yeah..." I said looking at it. It's like cartoons, but they're almost yellow and that dude is really fat. Oh wait, it's The Simpsons! "I love that show." I said smiling.
"Yes, we all love it." She replied.
I actually used to watch that show a lot, I'm so glad it's on now, that Homer guy is really funny, he seems to have accidentally stuck a fork his eye now, my smile was getting wider.
"Aw!!" I then yelled hastily turning to look the other side.
"What the hell!!!!" I exclaimed, looking at my hand.
"See, that was quick." The nurse said.
"You gave me a needle shot!" I yelled. I got so mad! She did it without telling me!
"Well, honey, that's how we deal with patients who are afraid of needles." She explained throwing it in the can.
"I don't care how you deal with whoever!" I kept shouting! "You told me that needle was for another patient!" I could just feel it, I was turning red. I mean, that shouldn't be allowed!
"I just don't have time to psychologically prepare each patient before a shot!" The nurse added holding her stuff.
"But tha'ts not fair!!!!!" I shouted just as my room's door opened again. "It left a scar on my hand!!!!" I added.

"Hey..." Frank said walking in with a brown bag in his hand. "What's going on?" He added looking at that nurse, then at me.
"She gave me a shot without even telling me! It left a scar!" I expressed angrily.
"But that was for your own sake!" The nurse explicated.
"Oh, sweetie!" He said stepping closer to me with a soft grin on his face.
"What are you smiling at! I just got a shot!" I added with a sad baby face.
"Where did she do that injection?" He asked softly as I pointed to my arm.
"Aww!" He said lifting my hand. "I can't see...!!" He added jokingly.
"The scar's right here!!" I exclaimed in anger.
"Where! I can't see it!" He humorously said, almost sticking his eye to my arm.
"But it hurts!!!!" I added. I know I sounded like I was coming right out of gindergarten but I had a strong fear of needles, I couldn't even look at them and the thought that I just received one wasn't really crossing my mind that easily.
"Aw, come on!" Frank added kissing my arm lightly. "Now, does it still hurt?" He asked.
"You even missed the spot!" I said. He giggled giving it another kiss.
"Did I get the spot this time?" He asked looking up at me.
"Actually, you got it the first time." I said smiling, making him laugh.

"Are you guys married or engaged?" The nurse asked. Ugh, I had forgotten that she was still here. "I'm sorry if I sounded rude it's just that you look so cute together so I was wondering..." She then said.
"Oh, well...we're neither." I explained feeling kind of awkward.
"Oh, you're taking the relationship slow, I see." She said.
" we're..." I was trying to explain but she interrupted:
"It's the people who take it slow, that actually stay together in the end."
"But, you see... We're..." I tried to add but she kept interrupting: "Good luck to you too, such a wonderful looking couple."
"We're not..." I was saying but Frank interrupted whispering to me: "Just leave her, it's not like she'll get us anyway."
"Fine..." I said. Not that it upset me... The idea of being with.. Frank.
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