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Chapter 18.

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Claire's pov

"I'll be right back," that nurse said. She'll be right back? What's that supposed to mean? She better not be getting one of her other needles now, I'm not ready for another one!

"So, I was thinking..." his voice interrupted my thoughts making me turn to look at him.
"About that little problem you have..." he continued.

"Which problem?" I asked staring at him. Look at those eyes. Is that hazel or green?

"You know, the one with that guy who hurt you," he explained looking back at me. I nodded. Maybe if I concentrate enough on the curve of his lips, he'll probably just...

"I think I have a solution for that," he sat on the chair right next to my bed.

"Yeah?" I replied softly. Gosh, that lip ring. What’s wrong with me?

"I...uh...I'm..." he seemed to have lost his words, so I decided to just pull my eyes up to meet his. pretending to listen.

"So what is it?" I asked as he took a deep breath and added, "yeah, you know it can't stay this way." I nodded.
"I mean, this needs to be fixed," he explained.

"Are we still talking about that guy?" I asked, trying to mislead him. I just didn't feel like bringing George up at the moment.

"Wh..uh, yeah," he seemed kind of confused.

"I just thought we were talking about, you know, something else," I justified myself.

He didn't say anything after that. He just seemed to be staring now, was he looking at my lips?
I lowered my face so that my eyes meet his again. He bit his lip, letting that lip ring catch my attention again.

"What is it?" I said frowning. Trying to say just about anything.
He came closer to me, the simple smell of his cologne had the 'butterflies in my tummy' effect on me. Not to mention the lump forming in my throat. It's not the usual smell I'm used to with George. Why am I thinking of him anyway?

I couldn't help but smile at the way he was staring.
"Claire," he said, somewhat getting serious.
It took him a while to go on so I had to add, "What?" I don't know what was I impatient for, but I just wanted to hear what he had to say.
"I'm trying so hard not to kiss you," he whispered so softly. Oh, right, now I know what I was eager to hear.

"Alright then," the nurse came back. As if she just had to pick the worst moment! I had even forgotten I was in the hospital!

"Ok, I need you to breathe in... breathe out.... slowly," she added placing this little round metal thing above my breasts, moving it from left to right.

"Hmm... weird," she then said frowning. "I could swear you just ran a marathon in my absence.”
Yeah, think again Einstein!
I looked over at Frank’s to see him grinning a little. I couldn’t help but giggle at my situation.
The nurse looked at me, then at him. “Ooooh,” she eventually said. “and I was wondering why your poor little heart was trying to beat its way out your chest,”
“I’m, I’m just a little tired…” I tried to find a less embarrassing excuse.
The nurse just laughed and Frank’s smile got wider.
“None sense. You’ve been laying down for hours, it couldn’t be that,” that nurse had to make it more blatant.
“I was still… mad because of… the surprising needle shot…” I added looking at the both of them.
“You’re all red, honey,” Frank stated. I could just tell, he wanted to let a laugh out.
I smiled, placing my hand over my face hoping it can somehow make it invisible.
“Aww, come on, that’s cute,” the nurse still had to butt in. “Now I’m sure I interrupted something, so I’ll be back later, you two take your time,” she said winking at me to then find her way out before any of us get to say anything.

I looked at Frank. Something had to be said. But I had to change the subject, so I said, “So, you were saying?” hoping he’d forget all about what just happened.
“Yeah, you’re all red,” he repeat smiling confidently yet still staring at me. Probably to see what my reaction would be.
“I’m not talking about that,” I replied, my voice so low. It happens sometimes when I get shy, and I guess this was one of those times.
“What?” he asked. Obviously, he didn’t hear me.
“Nothing…” I mumbled to myself.
“What?” he repeated bringing his head closer to mine so he could trying to hear me better.
“You know I really can’t hear you anymore,” he whispered childishly.
“It’s nothing important,” I added. The truth was I actually forgot what we were talking about in the first place.

“I know what you’re thinking,” he whispered smiling. I raised my eyebrows, looking back at him.
“You’re hoping she doesn’t come back to check your heart beats now, aren’t you?” he said it in the form of a joke. That got me to giggle.
“What makes you think so?” I questioned smiling.
“Oh, well, let’s just say I know these things,” he said. Why did he have to look so cute saying it though?
“Ok, I’m sorry, I know I promised,” the nurse interrupted as she went back in. “But the doctor is here to do your check up.”
“Hello there, miss…” the doctor said as he opened a file, looked in for a couple of seconds then added: “Claire.”
“Hi,” I replied.
“Oh, hey, Iero,” the doctor added as he spotted Frank standing right next to him. He seems to know him, somehow.
“Hey,” Frank answered so plainly, I could see how fast his smile faded away.
“How are you feeling today?” the doctor asked him, placing his hand on one of his shoulders. Frank nodded saying, “okay,” looking sort of uncomfortable with the whole situation. Something sounded fishy…
“Alright,” the doctor patted his shoulder. I couldn’t help but notice how annoyed Frank was of that. The only thing that got him to relax a bit was his phone ringing. “That’s Jamia,” he declared.
“Here, when you have time, see what I got you,” he added putting the brown bag he brought with him, on the table next to my bed.
“I’ll see you later ok?” he added as I just nodded. Now I’m confused… about a thing, or two.
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