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How She "Is" His Everything. (The End)

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"There's just something wrong." Said Ray who had finally calmed down, making both, Lynn and Shannon, turn to look at him.
"Something's wrong with Gerard." He then added gazing into Lynn's eyes as if to say she had something to do with it.
"What do you mean?" Lynn asked frowning as thoughts rushed into her head: Did he find out about it? Could he have heard me talking to Gerard about Eliza? Ray is too smart and if he said something about it now I wouldn't be able to make something up, what am I going to say? Lynn started to get anxious wishing Gerard would get back.
"Yeah..." Ray then said looking as if he had just realized something. "Now I'm sure something is wrong with Gerard."
"You mean the bruises he has?" Asked Lynn trying to know what exactly Ray was talking about.
"That whole falling off the stairs story is kind of hard to believe but..." Ray paused to think and then continued: "That's not what I'm talking about..."
"Is it Eliza?" Lynn questioned impatiently waiting for an answer.
"No..." Ray replied. "I don't know..." He then added making her stare at him.

He got back to eating his pizza again as Lynn started wondering...Now that he mentioned it, I can't get it out of my head anymore. If it's not the bruises he's talking about, nor is it Eliza, then what could it be? she started thinking it through, to be then interrupted as Gerard took a seat next to her with the hot cup of coffee in hand.

"Hey, you're back!" Said Lynn beaming, happy to see him here to handle what Ray was talking about earlier.
"Yeah I..." Gerard tried to say as she interrupted him saying: "Wait, where's Frank?"
"Getting the pizzas" Gerard guessed taking a sip of the coffee.
"No, he went after you." Lynn replied looking around to see if she could spot him.
"Why did he go after me?"

Before she would explain, Lynn glinced at Shannon to see if she was trying to listen to them the way she was when Frank was here but it turned out that she wasn't interested in conversations between her and Gerard, she was, at that moment, more into eating the pizza she had in front of her.

Making sure no one was listening, Lynn pulled her chair closer to Gerard's to then whisper: "I told Frank about you almost fighting with Bob and he probably knows why Bob was acting so weird that time and he went to talk to you about it."
"Frank? What could he possibly know?" Gerard asked.
"I don't know." Replied Lynn leaning forward to him. "It's scaring me though." She then whispered.
"Don't worry okay." Gerard whispered back. "Everything will be okay, I promise." He added wrapping an arm around her.
"How can you tell?" She asked taking a deep breath then resting her head on his shoulder. "Stan is a murderer." She added.
"The tour starts tomorrow." Said Gerard. "I'll be getting the money needed to pay him everything back soon. He agreed to give me the time needed..As long as he gets his money back, which he will." He added taking another sip of the coffee.
"I'm afraid of even facing him now." Lynn added passing her arm around his chest to get more comfortable.
"I won't let anything happen to you, don't worry." He replied kissing her forehead.
"I know you won't." Lynn added smiling.
"You're like..." Gerard paused to then add: "Like the sister I never had!"
"So you're my big over protective annoying brother then." Lynn added humorously making him laugh.
"Even though I'm sad Eliza's gone, but I can't help but feel relieved." Lynn then whispered.
"It's normal. With her gone, the problem is almost solved." Gerard said smiling.
"That's probably the only smart thing Stanly has done in his life." She said, unusually calling him by his whole first name.
"He sent you here, that must have been pretty smart." Gerard added placing the cup on the table.
"So when he used to be a good guy and pay you visits everyday, what did he actually used to tell you about me?" Lynn asked as Gerard took a deep breath to reply: "He would come with a different story everyday. I can't tell you the story of your own life now but I can say that he really loves you, inspite of what he's doing now."
"Doesn't matter..." Lynn added sadly. "I have another family now."
"Another family?" Gerard repeated confused.
"Aren't you my brother?" She said giggling.
"Oh yes." He replied laughing. "Mikey wouldn't recommend a brother like me though." Gerard added.
"Heeeyy!! Did I hear my name?!" Said Mikey suddenly looking at them.

"Oh...Hey." A female voice was heard, interrupting the conversation, making all of them turn to look at her.
"Jane?" Said Gerard frowning as Lynn hastily straightened up.
"Hi Gerard." She added formally, standing by the table, holding on to her little black purse with both hands.
Gerard: "Wh.."
"Look I'm sorry. It just happened okay, I love Bob and he loves me." She interrupted getting all red.
"What?" Added Gerard confused.
"I'm....I'm sorry...I...I never meant to hurt you." Jane apologized stepping closer to Gerard. "Remember when I was at your hotel room and the police asked Bob to drive me home and he did, that's when things between the both of us developed and...."
"So Bob being so weird around Gerard was because he was actually going out with his girlfriend?" Interrupted Lynn realizing the whole thing.

"Jane what are you doing here!" Said Bob who had just arrived. "I told you to wait in the car."
"I'm sorry I just had to tell him since you didn't seem like you were going to...I can't keep on doing this." Explained Jane.
" told him?" Said Bob loudly glaring at her.
"Yes." Replied Jane firmly as Gerard stood up and walked towards Bob.

"You're not going to start another fight damn it are you?" Shouted Ray getting angry again.
As Gerard stepped closer to Bob, Bob started stepping backwards and said: "Look, I really didn't mean for this to happen but it just did..."
Gerard smiled as he got close to him and then patted him on the shoulder saying: "I'm sorry Bob..."
Bob was so confused he didn't know what to say, he was expecting a punch, a fight, yelling and screaming, yet all he got was an apology.
"I shouldn't have snapped at you this way.." Gerard continued.
"It's ok man..." Replied Bob confused and shocked at the same time as Gerard was taking the news really good.
"You should've just told me it was simply Jane you were talking about." Gerard added looking at Jane. "This whole thing wouldn't have happened."

"Is there anything worse than having your girlfriend cheat on you with one of your best friends?" Interrupted Mikey, also being surprised with Gerard's reaction towards all that.
"That doesn't matter really." Gerard Answered. "I'm happy for you two, I really am. You should've told me so earlier." He added beaming lightly looking at them.
"Oh. guess." Said Jane unable to believe Gerard was being so careless about it just as she thought she had hurt him, she was proven wrong.
"Um..." Said Bob looking lost, wanting to get out of this awkward moment. "We were just on our way to the hotel...." He then added trying to find an excuse to leave as he started to feel really uncomfortable.
"Yeah...." Said Jane. "We'll see you guys later..." She added, slowly walking away with Bob.

"Honey, are you okay?" Asked Lynn wrapping her arm around Gerard as he sat back next to her.
"Yeah I'm fine, I'm actually glad." He added making Lynn laugh. She understood him, she knew he was glad because Bob wasn't actually involved with the whole drug deal problem.
"I'm really proud of you Gee." Added Lynn smiling to him, happy with the way he handled this maturely.
"So you're fine with it." Said Ray staring at Gerard. "That girl Jane you always used to tell us about has been cheating on you with your best friend and you're fine with it?" Ray then added gazing into Gerard's eyes, as if he really wanted to know the truth, what was Gerard really hiding.
"That's what I don't really get." Said Mikey.
"I'm serious. I'm completely fine with it." Added Gerard to then turn to Lynn's who was still looking at him happily.
Ray was watching them closely, especially Gerard, he didn't get his eyes off of him.

"I've been looking all over for you man." Frank interrupted. "I need to talk to you." He added firmly.
"I know Frank.." Answered Gerard, still staring at Lynn and smiling.
"Yeah..." Added Lynn. "They were just here, we found out about the whole thing." She then said turning to look at Frank.
She was so happy that Bob didn't have anything to do with the Eliza and Stan problem that she couldn't help but stand up and give Frank a random hug.

Frank on the other hand, didn't let her go that easily as he then whispered to her ear: "Sweetie...."
"Yeah.." Lynn replied softly.

Being in Frank's arms did feel good, but Lynn was somehow busy glincing at Shannon and Ray who seemed to be staring at them....for some reason...

"Do you love me?" Frank continued whispering.
"Yeah..Actually...I do." Lynn replied.
"Are you sure?" Frank added looking at her with sad eyes.
"Sweetie..." She said softly placing her hands on his cheeks. "I know I hurt you before..." She added looking at him in the eyes "But you're all I have now..." She then said placing her lips on his.

"It's the first time I see Frank so weak." Whispered Mikey to Tracy as he noticed they were kissing.
"They're so cute together." Tracy added looking at them making everyone else turn to face them.

"That's what I call a perfect couple." Said Gerard watching them with a wide grin on his face.
"I need to talk to you...Gerard." Said Ray looking at him in a serious manner.
"I want to go home." Shannon then said loudly as she stood up.
"What?" Lynn interrupted the kiss as she looked at Shannon surprised.
"I don't feel so good." Added Shannon. "I want to go home." She then repeated.
"Well...." Said Lynn letting go of Frank to step closer to Shannon. "I suppose we could...."
"Look." Interrupted Shannon leaning to Lynn to then whisper: "We have an early flight tomorrow. So we should get some rest for today, I think we should call it a day."

Lynn stood back looking weirdly at Shannon thinking that she had picked the very worst moment to end the day.
"I think we should all go back and have some rest." Suggested Ray.
"I agree..." Added Mikey standing up. "I'll drive Tracy home and meet you guys back at the hotel." He said taking Tracy's hand to lead her to his car.
Lynn, watching Mikey go, surprised with how Tracy had turned him upside down, from a reckless child to a responsible adult, was then interrupted by Frank who had stepped closer to her and said: "Are you ready?"
Lynn giggled and added: "Do I have a choice?"
"Yeah..." Said Frank beaming.
"Do I REALLY have a choice?" Lynn repeated looking at him laughing.
Frank pretended to be thinking about the answer to then say: "Nah..." As he carried her.
"So now when I actually need to walk I find it kind of weird...." Said Lynn humorously. "I'm seriously getting used to this." She added.
"You are to be spoilt honey." Replied Frank laughing, walking away with her in his arms followed by Shannon.

Gerard and Ray were left there at the table.

Even though they were supposed to be following them since they were leaving in the same car, Gerard took a moment to think everything through as Ray somehow just sat there watching him.
Everything seemed to be working out just fine at that moment. Eliza is gone and Stan gave Gerard a chance to get him his money back, which he will as he tours. Lynn seemed to be back with Frank and happy as ever. Bob didn't really have anything to do with the drug dealing process which relieved Gerard even more and Mikey was finally being mature.

"Everything is just the way it's supposed to be." Said Gerard preparing himself to get up and follow the others.
"There's just one more thing..." Interrupted Ray looking at him closely.
"What?" Gerard asked.
"Today morning...." Exclaimed Ray. "When you got to our suite, almost dying from those bruises you had...." He added.
"I told you I fell off the stairs." Gerard tried to explain to be then interrupted by Ray again: "I'm not talking about that..."
"What then?" Questionned Gerard.
"Do you remember what you told me?" Asked Ray looking at Gerard suspiciously to then add: "You said....You always wished Lynn was in Eliza's place." Explained Ray.
"I was probably delusioning because of all the pain I was feeling, I don't even know what that means." Said Gerard standing up, trying to close the subject.
"You said you wished the ring you gave to Eliza was actually woren by Lynn." Ray added loudly trying to force him to listen. "You said you were in love with Lynn." Ray raised his voice.
"This whole shit is none of your business Ray, let it go." Replied Gerard becoming mad.
"It IS my business." Answered Ray loudly. "We're touring tomorrow and you're all fucking lost." He added.
"I'm not lost, I'm not in love with Lynn, end of discussion, now let's get the fuck out of here." Gerard spat angrily as he took his jacket and put on his sunglasses.
"You weren't even bothered when Jane told you she was with Bob." Ray said making Gerard slow down to then stare at him.
"Lynn was the only one who was able to stop the fight, yet she didn't even try." Ray added looking at Gerard suspiciously.
"I only want to know so I could help you man." Exclaimed Ray as Gerard decided to take back his seat.
"You look lost and this could affect your work...Especially with the tour and everything." Added Ray.
"Lynn and Frank are perfect together." Gerard said taking off his sunglasses to take a better look at Ray. "He loves her innocently, he takes care of her, he makes her happy." Gerard added.
"She has spent more time with him than she has with me as all her time spent with me has brought her nothing but trouble and tears." Gerard then explained.
"It is normal for her to fall for him. Or so she thinks." He continued.
"What are you saying then?" Asked Ray confused.

"She is happy..." Said Gerard.
"Are you?" Questionned Ray.
"As long as she is..." Gerard replied. "She is safer this way. Frank wouldn't hurt her. I'll make sure she'll finally get the life she deserves."
"Are you in love with her? Gerard. That's all I'm asking." Replied Ray waiting for an answer.

It took him a while to reply, but he eventually simply said: "Yes, Ray. I am."
"That's why I think you'll be messing up at the tour. I knew it, I knew something was wrong, she'll be a huge distraction." Ray added.
"She's a huge inspiration." Gerard corrected him. "She became my everything."

"I over heard you in the limo asking her if she knew how she became your everything." Ray said.
Gerard didn't say anything back to that.
A short moment later Ray added: "She didn't know how..."
"She'll probably find out about it later..." Replied Gerard.
"How did she become your everything?" Asked Ray.
"When I say 'how she became my everything', it's not the steps she should take or things she does to become my everything. You see it's not really about her becoming my everything. Because she already was when I first saw her. It's more like her being my everything, It's about the things I do for her, that shows she's my everything. It's about how I'd be for her, what I'd sacrfice and what I'd feel...Which is everything." Explained Gerard.

How did she really become his everything? You ask...
Since the day she got there,
He's been taking care of her behind her back, as if he didn't even want to get credit for it.
He's hid the truth from her at the beginning, as if he prefered taking the hardest way than simply making her a little worried.
He ignored her trying to drive her away, as if he'd rather die on the inside everytime he did it than exposing her to small chances of her being hurt.
He proposed to the woman he hates, as if he'd torture himself to keep her safe.
He tried to hurt himself thinking she hated him, as if he had no control over himself without her.
He was ready to kill himself to protect her, as if she was even more important than his own life.
He told her she was a sister to him, as if he was trying to hide his true feelings away from her, as if his heart wasn't aching enough, as if her happiness was all that mattered, as if his happiness didn't matter, as if HE didn't all.

"Do you realize you're only taking HER into consideration....what about YOU?" Ray then said.
"That's exactly what I mean Ray." Said Gerard looking at him smiling lightly, being happy to say: "It can't be explained with the simple word of love.There is no 'me' when it comes to her. That, my friend, is how she became my everything."


Moral of the story:
- Things are not always what they seem to be.
- Take the intentions, not the actions.
- The only way problems should affect you is by making you stronger.
- You might end up in situations you thought you might never encounter.
- What you would call 'a stranger' might turn out to be better than 'a best friend'
- No matter how meaningless or complicated things might be, they always have explanations hidden somewhere.
- While you think he doesn't want you, he'd probably still be breathing for only you.
- If you think money and fame are the real key to happiness then try thinking again.
- Actions are stronger than words. Unfortunately they don't speak for the "blind" people to realize it.
- Who said all rock stars' life is the coolest, best life anyone can dream of.
- The end isn't always what you expect / want it to be, because life isn't really a series of joyful fairy tales with the 'happily ever after' in the end.
- etc...

Thank you for reading
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