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"What the fuck was that all about, Gerard?" Said Ray getting off of the floor, dusting his shirt angrily.
"Did you have to break the whole fun we were having with you two almost fighting?" He then added straightening up.
"Do you mind telling me why you made such a big deal out of nothing?" Ray then spat glaring at Gerard.
"And I was the only one to actually receive the punches at the end." He exclaimed.

Gerard, on the other hand, tightening his arms around Lynn, didn't seem to be listening to him at if all that mattered was...nothing. He was more like in his own world now, burrying his head in her neck as his arms didn't seem to leave her waist.

"What the fuck are you laughing at?" Said Ray glaring at Mikey who was giggling, trying to look away, looking at Tracy, so that Ray wouldn't notice him.
"WHAT!!!!" Ray then added raising his voice, approaching Mikey.
Mikey: "Nothing man...." He then paused, unable to stop himself from cracking up.

"You fucktards! Those two almost killed themselves by almost having a fight and you're laughing?" Said Ray taking back his seat. "Is everyone stupid in here?" He then added.

"Will you stop calling us stupid?" Frank interrupted as he got there with the new pizzas in hand. "Here" He then added handing Ray a box. "This should shut you up for a while." He said glincing at Gerard and Lynn.

Shannon was for some reason watching the whole thing, especially Frank. She noticed he wasn't comfortable with them hugging each other like that, she knew she had to do something at that moment.

"Lynn!" Shannon then yelled overcoming her shyness as Lynn let go of Gerard to turn and look at Shannon.
"Come have your pizza before it gets cold!" She then added as Frank was placing them on the table.

Lynn nodded looking at Frank.
She knew then, if she wanted him back she should do something about it, but Gerard just couldn't leave her mind. She knew how weak he was at that moment no matter how strong he looked to everybody else. After all, it isn't that easy for him to keep his sanity with everything going on.

She held his hand to lead him with her to the chair. By holding it, was to say she was there for him and she wasn't to let him go.

Aware of the whole Lynn and Frank thing, Gerard immediately freed himself from her before Frank would turn, see and take the wrong idea.
"I'm going to get me some coffee, I'll be right back." He then told Lynn as he put his sunglasses on and left.

As for Lynn, she just stood there for a while, watching them.
Mikey and Tracy seemed to be enjoying their time whispering sweet stuff to each other and giggling, inspite of what just happened.
Ray was eating, he was still red and angry so his conversations with Shannon had stopped.
Shannon was simply sitting there, staring at the plate in front of her. She didn't look sad, she was just being too shy again for some reason.

Thoughts started flowing into Lynn's head again:
What's happening is just making both of us lose control.
First me yelling at Frank and then Gerard trying to start a fight with Bob.
Who would blame him though, Bob could have something to do with it, why wouldn't he anyways? Everybody seems to.....
Lynn's thoughts then froze as she felt someone's arms sliding around her waist from behind, sending a chill up her spine.. He was so close she could feel his breathing chest and smell his cologne.
As his one hand met the other on her belly, the tattoos were revealed.
"Frank..." She mumbled turning to face him as he then pulled her even closer to him and said softly: "There's just something about you. I may not know you so much but I know who you are, I can't be mad at you."
"Frankie I...." Lynn tried to whisper as he interrupted placing his lips on hers. A short yet sweet and gentle kiss was as if it was all she needed at that moment.
"I'm sorry Frankie..." Said Lynn.
She knew just how amazing he was, always there for her, understanding and now, forgiving.

"Maybe it's because of all those feelings I have for you." Whispered Frank to her ear as he gently stroke her hair back to then add: "Even though you said you didn't love me, even though it hurt me...I guess it's the love I feel for you that keeps me coming back."

It took Lynn a while to reply, making him stare, but she finally did: "So can I ask you a question?"
"What is it?" Frank asked.
Lynn pulled his hands down making him let go of her as she remembered what made her so angry at him in the first place.
"So why did you give Eliza the lette?" She eventually asked.
"Sweetie..." Said Frank to then pause and take a deep breath.
"I had no idea this letter was so important. While you were working in your own office with Sharon..." . "Shannon." Lynn interrupted.
"Right, I was watching him get worse with his performances everyday in the studio." Frank then said.
"So you go on and give the letter to Eliza?" Lynn couldn't help but feel this lump in her throat everytime she pronounced her name knowing she was killed and killed by her own uncle.
"He's engaged to her right? I thought things between both of them were getting better and she said she really wanted to help him." Frank explained.

"She knows her way through people, she's good at it." Mumbled Lynn as she remember what Gerard had told her about Eliza when he was first telling her about his problem. "No wonder why she wouldn't diss us all and wouldn't open her mouth when you say something to her. She knew she would need you at the end." Lynn said realizing the whole Eliza game.
"What?" Said Frank getting confused.

"Did you read it?" Asked Lynn.
"No." Frank replied. "Reading it just felt wrong."
"Yet giving it to Eliza didn't." She added sarcastically.

"She IS his fiancee after all. She should help, after all the mess she put him through. It's over now I know and he seemed to have forgiven her." Explained Frank.
"You know the whole story Frank, you should've known better than to give it to Eliza!." Exclaimed Lynn finally taking a seat.
"This should mean something, she is his fiancee." Replied Frank sitting next to her.
"Will you stop calling her his fiancee!!" Added Lynn annoyed, knowing that now they are no longer together, that Eliza is dead.
"She is..." Said Frank opening a box of pizza.

"Just...Stop it." Added Lynn irritatedly looking away, at Shannon who seemed to be watching them, listening to the whole thing.
Frank stared at Lynn, finding it suspicious, that she didn't want him to call Eliza his finacee even though she was.
"The question here is..." Said Frank trying to shake this idea as Lynn looked at him and he continued beaming: "What about us?"
"What about us?" Asked Lynn glincing at Shannon who started to scare her with the way she was focusing on their private chat.
"Are we engaged?" Frank said with an even wider grin making her giggle and reply humorously: "Are you proposing mr Iero?" Looking at Shannon again to see what her problem was, staring at them curiously.
"Yeah..." Frank replied soflty making her turn to face him again with eyes rounded from the shock she got.
"I mean.....No!" Frank corrected as Lynn felt like she could finally breathe again.
"I wouldn't propose this way...It'd be more romantic!" He then added.

Lynn didn't give that much attention though, she knew he jokes around a lot about them being married so she simply let go of it.

"What's up with Ray!" Frank then asked as he, on one hand, wanted to change the subject and on the other, could see Ray looked really pissed off.
"Oh, he's just mad because Bob and Gerard almost had a real fight while you were getting the pizzas." Lynn explained as Frank interrupted: "Fucking shit! Bob was here?"
Lynn: "Yeah...We.." .
"Damn it!" Frank interrupted again. "Was she with him? Did Gerard see her?" He then asked.
"What are you talking about? What do you know?" Lynn questionned as she remembered the time she woke up at the sound of him arguing with Bob.
"You know something." Lynn added as Frank then said: "Where's Gerard now?"
"Tell me what you know!" Insisted Lynn.
"Where did Gerard go?" Frank asked standing up.
"He went to get some coffee." Answered Lynn to then add: "Now tell me wh..."
"I have to go talk to him." Interrupted Frank.
"Wai.." Lynn tried to say as Frank hastily pecked her and left.

"The more I know, the more confused I get." Lynn mumbled to herself as Shannon, sitting right in front of her on the table, leaned forward and said in a low tone, as she was an 8 year old exchanging secrets: "So....You think he is going to propose?".
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