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Gerard, about to follow Frank, was interrupted by Bob who had just gotten there.

"Bobby boy!" Said Mikey looking at him. "Where's that girl you told me was coming with you?"

Bob looked around at everybody to then focus on Gerard and say in a surprised kind of way: "Gerard! You're here."
"Yeah..." Replied Gerard. "Where else would I be?"

Bob then looked at Mikey nervously and said: "You didn't tell me Gerard was going to be here."

Gerard stood there frowning, listening to Bob, trying to see where he was getting to.
"I didn't know it would matter." Said Mikey "Does it?" He then added.
Bob hadn't even taken a seat, he looked as if he wanted to leave even though he had just gotten there, he looked lost, looking at Gerard then looking away, trying to say something, but ending up with no words to come out.

Gerard focused his sight on him more and more as he then said: "Does it......matter? Bob?"
"No I was..." Bob finally managed to say as he looked at him. "What's wrong with your face?" He then added trying to change the subject.

"Nothing, nevermind my face now." Answered Gerard. Everything somehow was silent as Gerard was still looking at Bob suspiciously, as if Bob was hiding something from him.
"Talk about awkward, you two..." Said Mikey grinning as he then received a poke from Tracy making him shut up.

Lynn was watching the whole thing, she was afraid Bob might have found out about Gerard, or he might have had something to do with Eliza and that deal.
That wouldn't be far from the truth, Lynn thought to herself, that's probably why he was arguing with Frank the other day when they woke me up.
That's probably why Bob was sleeping out all this time. Lynn tried to analyse the situation, wasn't he supposed to have with him this girl? The one he used to say he was sleeping at her place? She's not here now...

"So listen..." Said Bob breaking the odd exange of looks. "I just remembered I have something I must do...It's urgent" He then added.
"Wait." Interrupted Gerard stepping closer to him, looking at him firmly. "What was that all about?" He then asked.
"What?" Said Bob pretending to look confused. "Look man, I just remembered I have something important to do so I'm leaving now." He then added.
"What's so important?" Said Gerard looking angry. He was having the same thoughts as Lynn, thinking Bob might be on to something, that Bob might be at the moment, trying to run away from the shock of seeing he was still alive.

"I just need to fucking GO OK?" Said Bob unconsciously raising his voice.
Gerard stepped even closer to him with a mad look in his eyes to then say: "What the fuck is going on Bob?"

"Ok, break it off guys." Interrupted Ray trying to stop them from having a fight.

"IT'S NOT YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS?" Added Bob trying to move as Gerard was in his way.
"Why do you look so scared of me then." Said Gerard getting angrier.
"You don't fucking scare me!" Said Bob who eventually stopped trying to move away.

"Guys I'm serious." Ray interrupted again as he stood up.

"I'm still trying to be nice to you Gerard." Added Bob standing right in front of him, looking him evily in the eyes.
Gerard didn't reply to that, instead, he glared at Bob with anger.

Everyone was scared, it's as if they were waiting for a big fight to happen. Tracy was holding on to Mikey's arm as Shannon almost hid under the table.
Lynn, on the other hand, was worried. She knew Gerard was acting this way to get the truth out of Bob's mouth, but she could now see Gerard as a volcano about to explode. His face turned red as the glare in his eyes was somehow getting more frightening.

"What? What is it Gerard? Are you speechless now?" Bob then said with sarcasm.
"You're not making it any easier Bob." Said Ray as he tried to get between them.

Lynn had her eyes wide open, watching Gerard closely, she saw him biting his lip, she could feel he got so mad he was about to attack Bob as he violently pushed Ray aside heading towards Bob.

"GERARD!" She yelled getting off of her chair.
"Oh my god." Mumbled Shannon covering her eyes.

Ray tried to stand in the middle again but Gerard just pushed him harder the second time making him fall on the ground.
"What? You want to have a fight now?" Said Bob stepping backwards, watching Gerard breathe heavily, getting angrier each second.

"Gerard man..." Mikey tried to say.
"Shut the fuck up." Gerard replied agressively focusing his sight at Bob.

Even though Lynn was suspecting that Bob might have something to do with the whole drug dealing process, she just had to stop Gerard from starting a fight, they had to start the tour the very next day, she couldn't possibly let things go further between them or else everything would be ruined and they will both be hurt so she stepped next to Gerard and said: "Gee..." As she saw his tightly closed hand, she knew he was about to hit Bob so she added: "Gerard, stop!" But Gerard didn't seem to have really heard her.

"Lynn just move away you'll get yourself hurt." Said Ray, giving up on stopping them from fighting.

She took him by the hand, trying her best to keep him from using it. She was surprised at how tight it was when she saw it and how lose it became when she held it.
"Gerard just let go...He's your friend." She then whispered to his ear as his steps towards Bob had stopped but the glare was still there.
"NORMAL, day out, Gee." She added whispering making him then look at her realizing what he was about to do.

"I don't have to take this shit." Said Bob getting pissed off as he hastily walked pass Gerard and left.
Lynn was the only one to understand what Gerard was going through and why he was about to snap at Bob. So as everyone started blaming Gerard for everything that was about to happen, Lynn simply gave him a hug.
"I'm sorry, Lynn." Gerard whispered to her ear as she was still in his arms.
"I understand sweetie." She whispered back.

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