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"Will you two stop it!" Said Mikey looking irritatedly at Shannon and Ray talking science.
"Geez." He then added annoyed.
"What?" Said Gerard being interrupted from his world of thoughts.
"What?" Repeated Mikey looking at him raising an eyebrow.
"You said Gee." Added Gerard.
Mikey: "No I didn't."
Gerard: "Yes you did."
Mikey: "No..."
"He said Geez." Tracy explained.
Gerard: "I swear I heard someone say Gee..."
"Oh for the love of god!!!" Interrupted Ray. "Let's just talk about the tour."
"Shit, we have to tour tomorrow." Said Mikey turning to Tracy.
"So long for that beach party we thought we were going to." She replied.
"You really don't plan for anything that is further than 5 minutes to the future." Gerard told Mikey.
"Not true." Disagreed Tracy.
"What? Do I plan for something?" Asked Mikey, looking at her confused.
"All the times you'd hurt yourself to go to the hospital to see me." Said Tracy. "That was a plan to ask me out. A weird one, but still a plan." She added.
"You used to hurt yourself?" Said Gerard looking at Mikey surprised.
"Yeah like when I glued my hands in that bowl." Explained Mikey grinning.
"Ray?" Said Gerard turning to Ray looking mad.
"Don't blame me I did my best trying to watch over him!" Said Ray."Poor Frank." He then added looking to his left, trying to change the subject.

"Frank?" Said Lynn. "Where?".
Mikey started laughing looking at Frank who could be seen from far, then he said: "Poor me, pizza will be late."
"It's always about you isn't it." Said Tracy humorously poking Mikey. "Go help him." She added.
"The fans are all over him." Ray said. "Why didn't we get the security with us again?" He asked looking at Gerard.
"This is a NORMAL day out." Said Gerard. "One of the girls need to go and get him out of this or at least get those pizzas from him."
"Why the girls?" Asked Tracy.
"They wouldn't recognize you." Said Gerard "If I went there, I'll be stuck with him as well."
"I'll go." Said Lynn standing up. This was the least she could do for him.

She walked up to where he was, he had put those pizzas aside to sign some papers as the camera cellphones were surrounding his face.
She could hear them yelling and screaming "Aww Frankie!" , "Can I call you Fiero?" , "I want to have you babies Frankie!" , "Sign mine first PLEASE!" , "Could you please say hello to my friend on the phone Frankie."

Lynn looked rather scared, she didn't really want to interrupt them, she looked as if she was one of them and they were so many, how is Frank ever going to recognize her.
She then tried to step closer to them but they were too many, surrounding him. She could notice this one girl, standing there, being quiet, just watching them.
Maybe I could ask her help to get to him, Lynn thought to herself walking up to her.
"Hey." Lynn said making the girl turn to look at her.
It looked as if this girl was about to say hello back but her eyes got so big and rounded as she looked at Lynn.
"HEY GIRLS!!!!" She shouted.
"What happened to the calm quite little girl." Mumbled Lynn to herself.
"GERARD'S GIRLFRIEND IS HERE!! OH MY GOD!!" That girl added making some of the fans turn and focus their screams at her.
"What? No!" Lynn said walking backwards. "I'm not...." She was about to add, to be then interrupted by a girl screaming: "YES!!! I SAW HER WALK OUT THE HOTEL WITH HIM THE OTHER DAY!"
"OH MY GOD!!!!" Another one added running towards her as she made some others realize someone else Frank is there.
Lynn was overwhelmed with their comments as more and more were turning from Frank to her.
"No, really, I'm not his girlfriend..." Lynn was trying to explain. They didn't seem to hear though, they were too busy saying what was on their minds instead:

So they've seen me coming out of the hotel with him, Lynn started thinking, why do they jump into conclusions so fast. "I'M NOT.." She tried to shout again to be interrupted by Frank who finally noticed her and said: "Hey Gerard's girlfriend."
"I'M NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND!!" She shouted getting angry. "BACK OFF DAMN IT!" She then unconsciously yelled, it was too crowded she could barely hear herself.
"Ok, guys we need to go now." Said Frank quietly.
Lynn looked at him frowning, wondering how he could be so calm in front of such a raging crowd.
"Ok, bye guys." Frank added as he took Lynn by the hand and pulled her away with him.

"They sure listen to you." Said Lynn surprised with how they all let him go.
"They're fans not criminals." Said Frank. "But you're trapped now." He added as they were walking back to their table.
"What do you mean?" Asked Lynn.
"You've been seen with us, they took pictures of you now which will be all over the world." He paused then smiled and added: "Welcome to our world."
"But they think I'm Gerard's girlfriend!" Lynn added.
"Aren't you?" Said Frank as they got to the table where everybody was.
"Where are the PIZZAS!" Said Mikey looking at Frank's empty hands.
"Shit the pizzas" Said Frank. "I forgot where I placed them to sign some posters."

"Is everybody stupid in here?" Said Ray getting pissed off.
"Chill Ray chill." Said Frank patting him on the shoulders. "I'll go get new ones." He added.
"I'll go with you." Said Lynn.
"You stay with your boyfriend." Added Frank turning to leave.

"Your boyfriend?" Said Gerard looking at Lynn as she took her place back next to him.
Lynn: "Some fans thought I was your girlfriend and Frank is already upset with me so..."
"I'll go talk to him." Said Gerard standing up.
"Good luck with that." Added Lynn stressfully, placing her elbows on the table to rest her head in her hands.
Gerard caressed her hair smiling and said: "I'll take care of it." To then step away and follow Frank.
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