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Day Out,

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"How about a day out." Gerard said.
"A day out?" Replied Lynn.
"Yeah." He added. "A normal day out, no problems, no working, no crying."
"Sounds like a good idea." Lynn admitted. "I mean today is a holiday..."
"I'll tell the others." He said standing up...
"You look in a really bad shape though." Lynn added
"Don't worry about me, I'm okay." He said as he then left to the kitchen to talk about it to Ray and Shannon as Lynn sat there realizing she made the same mistake with Frank again and didn't let him speak.

Maybe I should stay here and wait for him. She started thinking to herself, I must talk to him, I have to try and explain everything, I thought he had something to do with my uncle.

"We're meeting Mikey and Tracy at the mall." Declared Gerard walking back with Ray and Shannon after him.
"I'm not sure, maybe I should stay here." Replied Lynn.

"Please! You need to go!" Shannon said.
"You guys go, I need some rest anyway." Answered Lynn
Shannon then stepped towards her, sitting on the couch next to her to whisper: "Something is going on between me and Ray here, but I really need you with me."
"Come on Shannon!" Replied Lynn. "Just go for god's sake."
"Lynn I've been trembling since the minute I got in, you know how I am around them." Shannon begged.
"Do we need to get Frank to carry you?" Said Ray trying to convince her.
Gerard laughed, they all knew how Frank always carries her around, he then added: "Let her just go and Frank will take it from there, come on."
"Frank is there?" Interrupted Lynn suddenly.

"Yeah, I guess." Added Gerard. "Come on, you need some time out." He insisted taking her hand, pulling her with him.

In the limo, Shannon and Ray sitting on one side discussing scientific matters and theories, as Lynn and Gerard on the other side were both busy, each lost in their own world.

"Your letter was sad but sweet." Lynn finally decided to whisper to Gerard.
He looked at her and beamed lightly.
"A lifeless smile, but still a smile." She added staring at him.
They were both afraid of Stanly now and none of them knew what they should do but they still decided to run away from everything, even though it was just for one day, they really needed a break.

"Do you know what was the last thing Stanly told me before he let me go?" Gerard then whispered keeping his beam.
"What?" Lynn asked with eyes wide open.
"He said." Gerard paused and added: "It's mostly because it would hurt Lynn."
"What would?" She said in a low tone.
"Killing me." Gerard added.
"Please don't say that." She said getting disturbed.
Gerard: "It's okay, I just wanted to say..."
"Just don't okay." She interrupted.
"I was happy." He continued. "Not because he spared my life, but because I realized I mean something to you."

What he had just said made her stare, she didn't know what she was supposed to reply as she was afraid she didn't get him right.
What does he mean? She started wondering, does he love me? She asked herself, because I'm not sure how I feel, but it's true, he does mean something to me.
She started thinking of it. She thought of it too much she couldn't help but eventually frown to his face.

"I know what you're thinking." Added Gerard. "I just know you too well."
Lynn rounded her eyes as she looked at him, hoping he really wouldn't know what she was thinking about.
"I love you so much, Lynn." He then whispered.
Hearing made her thoughts rush in her head all at once, she felt like screaming a big 'Noooo!!' and feeling this way even shocked her.
Gerard then smiled and added: "But I'm not in love with you."
The expressions of her face changed as she heard him say it, she was suprised with herself for being so relieved.
"Falling in love just isn't for me." He then said. "At least not right now." He paused to then add: "But I do have you, I can relate to you so much, and so far you are my everything."
"That's the last thing you said in the letter." Lynn mumbled.

"Do you know how you became my everything?" Gerard added.
"I tried to help you?" She said trying to figure out.
"No." He replied.
"Because you know everything about me since I was a little girl." She added thinking she guessed.
"No." He repeated.
"What, then?" She asked giving up.
"You'll find out on your own." He said smiling.

"Thank you." She said as the limo finally pulled over by the mall.
"What for?" He said getting ready to get out.
"I could see clearly now." She exclaimed happily, thinking of Frank as she then stepped out of the car.
"I think I'll give Jane a call when this whole shit is over" Said Gerard following her out.

"Guys, Mikey said they'd meet us at the usual place." Said Ray to then go on talking to Shannon.
"Usual place?" Asked Lynn.
"A cafe where we used to hang out." Said Gerard putting his sunglasses on. "Let's go." He then added.

Meanwhile, Mikey was waiting for them at this cafe with his now girlfriend Tracy.

"I caaan't......draw!" Said Mikey trying to find something he can't do as Tracy had dared him he would do barely anything.
"You drew me perfectly the other day." Replied Tracy with a large smile on her face.
"I caaan't....." Mikey paused to think then added: "Act smart?"
"Oh I think you've been smart enough with those visits to the hospital to see me and finally ask me out." Added Tracy with her smile getting wider.
"Then I caaan't...Find something I wouldn't do." Mikey said trying to be smart.
"You just did." Said Tracy cracking up.
"Wait, I'm lost." Added Mikey frowning making her laugh even more.

"Are we interrupting something?" Said Gerard standing by their table.
"Thank god you guys are here, she was making me think!" Said Mikey moving away to give them some space to sit.
"Hi, I'm Tracy." She said standing up to greet them.
"Is he being an idiot again?" Said Ray shaking her hand.
"No, he's so adorable!" Added Tracy looking at Mikey grinning. "Let's say he knows how to make me laugh."
"I'm Lynn." Said Lynn stepping up, introducing herself.
"We've met before." Said Tracy smiling. "In the hospital?"
"Right." Answered Lynn beaming as they joined them at the table.

Lynn looked around searching for Frank but she couldn't see him.
I thought he was going to be here she thought to herself in disappointment. He's probably so mad at me he can't stand to see the sight of me, I don't blame him anyway, I probably don't deserve a guy like him.
"Where's Frank?" She finally decided to ask Gerard as he was sitting right next to her.
"I don't know." He answered. "Frank and Bob aren't here." He added.
"Bob is on his way here with his girlfriend." Interrupted Mikey. "That girl he's been sleeping at her place lately." He added.
"And Frank?" Said Lynn . "What about Frank?".
"Pizza." Said Mikey.
"What?" Asked Lynn longing to know where he was.
"He's getting us some pizzas." Explained Tracy. "He should be here any minute now."
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