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"Gee!" Screamed Lynn in excitement seeing him in there, on the couch as she was standing by the door.
"Oh my god, are you okay?" She added after she got in and took a closer look at him.
"I'm okay." He replied, trying to smile.
"Oh no, what have they done to you?" She added concerned, looking at his bruised face, Gerard was severely injured.
"Don't worry, I'm okay now." He added trying to comfort her as she seemed to be at the verge of crying.
"I'm glad you're alive though" She then said. "I read the letter." She added.
"I thought Eliza had it." Said Gerard confused.
"Doesn't matter now, I know everything." She interrupted.
"Your uncle spared my life." Said Gerard.
"I must talk to him." She added standing up to go get the phone.

Gerard couldn't let her do that as he grabbed her arm and said: "I promised I won't tell you about him."
"Is that why he didn't eventually kill you?" Asked Lynn.
"He also wanted his money back." Added Gerard.
"Then let go of my hand, I have to talk it through with him." She added freeing herself as she walked to the phone mumbling: "Though I fucking hate him now."
"So you want him to kill me?" He shouted to her in pain.
"You think Eliza won't eventually tell him?" Added Lynn.
"Eliza's dead." Said Gerard.
"What!?" Lynn then exclamed.

What she just heard somehow stopped her from dialing her uncle's number as she just stood there waiting for Gerard to explain.
"Come here, Lynn." He then said offering her his arms.
"What happened Gee." She said, scared, sitting close to him.
"She tricked him with some deal and got the whole benefits for herself." Added Gerard.
"Oh my god, he's a monster!" She said bursting into tears, covering her head in his chest.
"Come on, where's my strong girl." He then said, running his hand through her hair, trying to comfort her.
"I can't believe this, this is just too much, if I don't have him, what do I have?" She added through her tears.
"Hey...hey.." Said Gerard holding her head up. "You belong with us now, I'm here."
"Look at what he has done to you, I hate him." She added.
"As long as he doesn't know so." Added Gerard kissing her head.

"Oh, hey Lynn." Said Ray walking in the living room with a bag of ice in his hands.
"Hey." Replied Lynn wiping her tears off. "Sorry." She then added.
"Did he tell you what happened?" Said Ray handing the bag to Gerard. "I can't believe falling down the stairs can be so dangerous." He added.
"Yh--Yeah." Said Lynn as she realized that Gerard made up a lie, still hiding everything from the band.
"You don't look so well either." Ray said looking at her. "Have you been crying?"
"She was worried about me." Interrupted Gerard.
"Is something going on here?" Questioned Ray suspicously.

"It is a mathematical explanation for the way that things attract." Shannon's voice was heard as she went in with Mikey.
"What?" Said Mikey raising an eyebrow.
"Isaac Newton?" Added Shannon, trying to make him understand.
"What?" Mikey repeated.

"The law of gravity." Interrupted Ray, looking at Shannon.
"Yeah." Shannon said lowering her voice.
"I'm Ray." He added walking up to her, to then shake hands, as she simply nodded, being too shy to even pronounce her name.

"Somebody likes Shannon!" Said Mikey humorously, trying to tease Ray.
"Oh shut up Mr I used to blow myself up to get a date with Tracy the nurse." Replied Ray.
"Shit, Tracy!" Said Mikey with eyes rounded big.
"What." Exclamed Ray frowning, thinking it was still about him and Shannon.
"SHIT!" Repeated Mikey looking at his watch.
"What's wrong Mikey?" Asked Lynn getting concerned.
"I have to go." Mikey added heading to the door. "I forgot her at the mall." He said rushing his way out.

"Idiot." Mumbled Ray.
"He forgot her at the mall?" Said Gerard.
"It must have been when Frank called him." Explained Ray. "He said it was urgent so.."
"Where's Frank?" Interrupted Lynn suddenly realizing how rude she was to him.
"How should I know?" Replied Ray to then turn to Shannon and say: "So, did you know how it is required to change the speed or direction of something that is moving?"
"Yes, actually." Shannon finally managed to say.
"We will have to discuss that over a cup of coffee." Said Ray. "I just made some." He added leading her to the kitchen.

Gerard then looked at Lynn, she seemed so quiet, drifted away with her thoughts.
"I know you, Lynn." He said making her focus her sight at him. "You feel weak at first, like you want to give up, but then you snap out of it and decide to do something about it. You're a fighter." He then added.
Lynn looked at him and smiled lightly, he knew what he was talking about...Or did he?
"Look at everything you've been through since the day you got here." He added. "You always managed to move on, didn't you?"
Lynn simply nodded as now, all she could think of was Frank.
True, she was still lost.
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