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Max Crane

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September 25, 2006 5:00 p.m.

Viva Las Vegas

Nick Stokes pulled up to ‘Viva Las Vegas’ and got out. Walking in the front door he walked over to the counter and ordered a Coke. While he was waiting he scanned the establishment.

“Here you go sir. That’ll be $1.75,” the waitress said.

Nick pulled out his wallet and handed her the money.

“Mam,” Nick paused and looked at the waitress’s name-tag, “Dakota. I’m Nick Stokes, Las Vegas Crime lab. I’d like to ask you if you know this woman,” he asked as he pulled a picture of Lacey with Kacey and Emmy out of his wallet that Grissom handed him .

“Yes. That’s Lacey Johnson. She was supposed to come in three hours ago. Never showed. Why? Has something happened to her,” Dakota asked?

“Well, she was, uh murdered,” Nick replied lowering his voice.

Dakota’s eye widened and when she spoke it was in a hushed tone.

“Lacey? Murdered?”

“Yes mam. Could you tell me if anyone here had a personal relationship or friendship with Mrs. Johnson,” asked Nick?

“Um yes, one of the cooks. Max Cane. She was friends with one of our other waitresses Kari McMurray. She didn't come in today either,” Dakota replied.

“Is he here today,” Nick asked?

“Yes. Yes he is.,” Dakota replied, “Max? Max, come out here!”

While Nick was waiting for Max to come out of the kitchen his text message tone rang. Looking at the phone he saw it was Grissom that sent the message :

‘What type of car does he drive’

“Dakota, could you tell me what kind of vehicle Max drives?”

“Yeah, I drive a 2005 black Dodge Durango, why?”

Turning around Nick stood facing the torso of Max Cane. Stepping back he looked up at his face.

“You Max Cane?”

“Yeah ,who’s askin,” Max replied.

“Max, this is Nick Stokes. He’s asking about Lacey,” Dakota intercepted as she pointed to the owner’s office, “ You can uh, talk in there. She won’t be back till tomorrow.”

Nodding Nick followed Max into the office.

Closing the door behind him, Nick sat down in a chair opposite Max.

“I’ve been told that you and Lacey Johnson had a relationship,” Nick started.

“Yeah, we had a relationship. Started dating about nine months after Richie died. The punk never liked me. She’s part of the reason why Lacey and I broke up. Better watch her, she lies like a dog.”

“The punk? You mean Kacey,” asked Nick?

“Yeah. The punk. You know, the way she dresses with the black converses, ties, and band shirts that don’t match. Actually I’d say she a bit of an emo. Wears black eyeliner and her hair with the unnatural acid green streaks. Yeah she’s a punk.”

“Emo? Emotional right? Yeah well I’d say she has every right in the world to be emotional, Max. The reason I’m asking about Lacey is because she was murdered around 2:00 p.m. I wouldn’t even begin to describe Kacey as a ‘punk’. I'd say she was an outgoing individual teenager," Nick said furious at the other man.

Max’s mouth fell open.

“Murdered? Naw. Are you serious?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding,” Nick asked?

Max’s attitude changed.

“You think I killed her? Well Mr. Stokes I think your badly mistaken because I haven’t talked to Lacey since we broke up. The only time she ever talked to me was when she was giving me a meal order. Anyway I've been here since 1:55. You can ask my girlfriend for verification on that.”

Not liking the attitude of the man sitting opposite of him he concluded the interview.

“Well Mr. Cane, thank you for your cooperation. I wasn’t trying to accuse you of being the murderer. Just trying to do my job and bring some sort of comfort to the Johnson family and the children seeing as both of their parents have been killed within a year of the other one.”

Before Max could add anything Nick walked out of the café and called Grissom.

“Hey Gris, what kind of question was that?”

“Oh what model car he drives? Because Kacey told Hodges and Greg that a black 2005 model Durango was at her house a month ago and the caller, Miss McIntye, told me the same thing. Both said the Durango had a huge dent in the back. Look and see,”

Nick walked over to the Durango and lo and behold he found a large dent in the rear.

“Hey Gris, the Durango has a huge dent in it.”

“It does? Great what about the license plate? Is the first letter/number combo 61Z?”

Nick looked at the plate and shook his head, “Nope. The combos are J53 and K9M.”

“Ok Nick. Thanks,” Grissom said.

“No dice,” Warrick asked as Grissom hung up the phone.

“Nope. But that doesn’t mean the ex-boyfriend is out of the picture. Let’s take this stuff back to the lab. Any idea if Kacey is still with Greg,” Grissom asked as the four remaining CSIs walked back to Grissom’s Denali.

“Dunno, probably is. I haven’t heard any cars come in from that side,” Catherine said as everyone piled in and Grissom pulled away.
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