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Best Friends In the Making

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Disclaimer: I own nothing except names that aren't associated with CSI.

September 25, 2006 4:50 p.m.

Inside of Greg’s Denali

“So, Kacey. Where do you go to school at,” Greg asked trying to start a conversation with the teen.

“Durango High. I’m a freshman,” she replied.

“Freshman huh? I remember my freshman year it was all right. Any extra curricular activities?”

“I sing in the chorus, am on the scholar’s bowl team, and student council. I take honors science and I can’t wait till I can take chemistry and biology," Kacey said.

“Wow. You like science huh,” Greg asked?

“Yup, I’ve always wanted to be a CSI or probably more a lab tech. Yeah,” Kacey said more to herself.

“So aside from science and singing what else do you like,” Greg asked as they neared the CSI HQ.

“Uh, I love the Police, AC/DC, KISS, Queen, The Beatles. Classic rock bands like that. I enjoy going to home football games, photography, and hanging with my friends. “

”The Police huh? Their pretty cool. You like Radiohead or Rage Against the Machine?”

“Um I like Radiohead and some of Rage’s stuff. Hey, there’s Viva Las Vegas. In about 30 minutes my mom would be coming home, “Kacey said, “My mom.”

Looking at the café and the empty parking space where her mom’s black Durango would be, Kacey began to cry. Softly at first. Then as the tears began to flow more freely she placed her head in her hands. Shortly the vehicle stopped causing Kacey to look up. Greg looked at the girl sympathetically and handed her some tissues.

Kacey gratefully took then and mumble thank you before blowing her nose. Using the sleeve of her ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ jacket she dried her eyes.

“Kace, we’re here,” Greg said softly placing his hand on her shoulder.

“Ok,” she replied. Picking up her bag she got out of the Denali and followed Greg.

After weaving through several hallways and saying ‘Hi’ to Mandy Webster the Finger Print Technician, Greg introduced Kacey to David Hodges.

“Hodges, this is Kacey Johnson. She is the daughter of the newest vic. Kacey, this is David Hodges one of our resident lab technicians. Grissom said she had some stuff to show you.”

“Uh yeah here. I took these about a month ago. The tire treads are from a black Durango with a sizeable dent in the back. A 2005 model. Could be stolen. Las Vegas tag first number/letter combo is 61Z. Can you do anything?”

David Hodges stood there, mouth open, staring in awe at the teen in front of him.

“Um yeah. Sure. I’ll look up. What about the shoe imprint,” He asked looking at the picture.

“Looks to be size 10 maybe and the shoe could be a skate shoe. Can’t tell.”

“Right,” Hodges replied, “Hey Greg I think that’s all. You can take Miss Super Sleuth with you while I do this.”

Kacey’s eyes widened at this comment. Greg saw this and even though he’s only known her for a half hour he knew there was a comeback just waiting to happen so he escorted her to the break room where he started to brew himself some Blue Hawaiian coffee.

“Hey Kacey, just to let you know, Hodges can be a smart-ass and just ignore him if he starts to bug you,” Greg said, pulling out a coffee mug.

“Sure, and you can call me Kace. What are you brewing?”

“Uh. Coffee, Blue Hawaiian,” Greg said pouring some into his mug and extending it toward Kacey , “Wanna taste?”

“Um, sure,” she said taking the mug and sipping it, “Hey that’s some good stuff, G.”

Greg laughed as he poured Kacey a cup.


“Yeah, kind of a short term nickname. I might come up with a better one later,” Kacey said reclining slightly in the chair and taking a drink of the coffee.


“Yeah Kace?

“Why can’t there be a world with no violence, no hatred? I mean what is there to gain?”

“I dunno. I guess it’d be too simple. Too easy.”

Kacey nodded as a single tear slid down her cheek and into the mug of Blue Hawaiian.
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