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Grissom's Interview

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September 25, 2006 4:45 p.m.

While Catherine and Warrick were heading towards Kacey’s grandparents with little Emmy looking over Warrick’s shoulder, Gil Grissom walked across the street to the house of the neighbor who had called the police.

Stepping over some toys in the yard he made it over to the front door and rang the doorbell.

Ding Dong Diiing Dong----

“Hello,” a young girl answered the door.

“Kesley, who is it,” a young woman in her mid-twenties asked as she came out of the kitchen.

“Mam, I’m from the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Gil Grissom,” he replied offering his hand.

“Jaime McIntyre. Come right in,” Jaime said as Grissom walked into the entrance hall and followed the young woman into the living room.

“Miss McIntyre, the police have informed me that you are the one who called them, am I right?” Gil asked as she nodded her head, “Can you tell me what happened?”

“Yes sir I can. I wasn’t feeling so hot last night so I woke up this afternoon around 1:30 because my little cousin, who answered the door, was hungry. So I came downstairs and began fixing her some oatmeal. Well where the kitchen is over there,” Jaime pointed, “you can clearly see the Johnson’s driveway and front door without it being obstructed by that tree. Well anyway I noticed that there was another black Durango in the driveway besides Lacey’s. I thought it looked familiar but other than that I didn’t give it another thought. Well I served Kesley her oatmeal and then I went outside to get the mail and the newspaper. As I was coming back in I heard sounds coming from the Johnson’s home.”

“What did the Durango look like? Any distinguishing features?What kind of sounds Miss McIntyre,” Grissom asked making mental notes.

“Well it was a newer model and there was a huge dent in the rear. I couldn't see the tag thought. Sounds like things being thrown, yelling and I heard a scream. After that there weren’t any more sounds. Then I heard the front door opening and whoever opened it swore, by this time I was in the house trying to call the police, and the man got into the Durango and left”

“Can you tell me what the man was wearing? What he looked like?”

“He was wearing a pair of black jeans, long sleeved brown shirt and a solid black beanie pulled down over his eyes,” Jaime stated.

“What about hair color,” the CSI asked?

“Couldn’t see his hair. It was hidden by the beanie.”

“Ok. Thank you miss. Oh by the way, did you see the baby at any time?”

“Emmy? No I didn’t see her. Lacey was supposed to take her to her in-laws at about two so she could go to work.”

“Work? Where did Mrs. Johnson work at?”

“Viva Las Vegas. She had some friends there. She sort of had a thing with one of the employees, Max, at one point. He was kind of bitter around her after she broke up with him. He used to be a friend of the family. He used to play poke with Richie.”

“Mmhmm. Thank you very much Miss McIntyre.”

“You welcome Mr. Grissom. By the way, how are the girls?”

“Their fine. The older sister is with one my CSIs right now and the baby is with her grandparents.”

“Good, I’m glad their fine.”

Grissom walked back across the street as Nick Stokes met him halfway.

“Nick, I want you to go over to ‘Viva Las Vegas’ and interview some guy named Max. Miss McIntyre across the street has informed me the our vic and Max had a relationship once and that after the break up he was somewhat bitter.”

“Ah ok. Right on it,” Nick said as he walked to his vehicle and got in and headed for ‘Viva Las Vegas’.
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