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Catherine and Warrick's Interview

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A/N: I have no clue if there is a place in Las Vegas called ‘Viva Las Vegas’ if so , this is a mere coincidence. I don’t own CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Nor do I own any of the characters. Sadly. I asked for the cpyrights for my birthday but all I got was a bunch of NASCAR books and dvds.

September 25, 2006 4:45 p.m.

Warrick Brown and Catherine Willows walked up the cobble-stone front walk and stood in front of the front door. Catherine looked at Warrick,who made a disgusted sound and shook his head, and leaned forward and rang the doorbell. A minute or so later a short gray-haired woman answered the door.

“May I help you?”

“Mrs. Johnson,” Catherine asked?

“Yes .I am. Why have you got my granddaughter. Are you the police? Oh my what happened,” Mrs. Johnson replied.

“Mam, please calm down. I’m Warrick Brown and this is Catherine Willows. We are apart of the Las Vegas Crime Scene Department. May we come inside?”

Nodding the grandmother took Emmy out of the male CSI’s arms and led them into the living room.

“What has happened?” Mrs. Johnson asked again getting worried.

“Mam, your daughter-in-law has well, been murdered,” Catherine said with sympathy showing in her eyes.

“Murdered?,” Mrs. Johnson said with disbelief.

“Yes mam,” Catherine said.

“Cale? Cale!,” Mrs. Johnson called.

“Yes Eleanor,” Cale Johnson replied coming into the living room.

“Pawpaw,” Emmy cried climbing out of her grandmother’s lap and jumping into her grandfather’s arms.

“Hey sweetie,” Cale cooed at his granddaughter before focusing back to the two strangers in his home, “Hello. I’m Cale Johnson and you are...?”

“Warrick Brown and this is Catherine Willows,”Warrick answered.

“Cale, Lacey has been, she’s been murdered,” Eleanor Johnson said.

“Murdered? When? How?By whom?” her husband asked?

“Well sir the coroner has approximated her death to have happened around 1:45 to 2:00 p.m. and we’d like to ask you some questions,” Warrick said.

“Ok,”Cale replied sitting down with his granddaughter in his lap.

“Did you see or hear from Lacey at anytime today?”

“No, but she was supposed to bring Emmy over around two though but since she didn’t we figured Lacey just decided to take the day off,” Eleanor said.

“Take the day off? Where did Lacey work at,” Catherine asked?

“Viva Las Vegas,” Eleanor answered.

“Oh the coffee shop/gift store. Local favorite, tourist hot-spot,” Warrick answered.

“Has anyone ever had any problems with Lacey that you know of?”

“No. Lacey got along with just about everybody. I can’t think of any time when she or Richie had any disputes with anyone,” Eleanor answered.

“Richie,” Warrick questioned?

“Our son. He was a Las Vegas police officer and was shot last year,” Eleanor said.

“Wait. There was that one instance El when Richie was playing poker and what’s-his-face tried to say that Rich owed him money when he didn’t,” Cale informed.

“Oh, that’s right. Yes this man who used to be a friend of Richie and Lacey’s accused our son of owing him money , right in the middle of the game. Caused an uproar it did,”Eleanor added.

Catherine and Warrick looked at each other before Catherine questioned them once more.

“Do you remember the man’s name?”

“No, forgot his name but I remember what he looks like,” Cale said.

“Really, can you tell us,” Catherine said as she pulled out a pad of paper and a pencil.

“He always wore something black. Either a hat, shirt, pants, something. He was tall : between about 5'11'’and 6'3'’ , had an average build, caucasian, and he had long blonde hair. Below his ears I think and bright green eyes. Almost feral.”

“Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. You two have been a great help,”Warrick said standing up and shaking both of the couple’s hands.

“Your welcome Mr. Brown, Mrs. Willows. By the way, where is our eldest granddaughter at,” Cale asked suddenly remembering Kacey.

“She’s fine Mr. Johnson. She is on her way to CSI headquarters with one of our CSIs , Greg Sanders. We’ll have her back soon,” Catherine said as she stepped out of the front door and followed Warrick down the driveway.

The walk back to the crime scene was done in silence as Catherine looked over the details the grandfather gave them.

“Well let’s see tall caucasian male approximately 6 foot tall. Always wears something black and has feral green eyes, “ she said.

“Yeah and a love for poker too. By now he’s probably cut and dyed his hair though,” Warrick added as he bent down under the crime scene tape and lifted it up for Catherine.

Catherine sighed, “ Yeah.”
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