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The Suspect With a Name

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12:15 p.m. September 26, 2006
Several police cars silently pulled up in front of 1311 Chamber Road. The one story brick house belonged to Mr. Pickard and his girlfriend. Detective Brass was the first one out of the car. Followed my several other officers he walked towards the door.

“There’s the vehicle,” one of the officers whispered acknowledging the black dented Durango.

Brass just nodded and stood in front of the door.

“Mr. Pickard? This is the Las Vegas Police, open up!”

A tall man of about 30 with shoulder lenghth blonde hair and a pair of black jeans on opened the door.

“Are you Anthony Pickard,” Brass asked?

“Yeah. What do you want?”

“Mr. Pickard your under arrest for the murder of Lacey Johnson.”

A police officer read Anthony his rights while another put handcuffs on him and lead him to the squad car.

While Anthony Pickard was being arrested Kacey had nothing better to do so she just walked around the many labs. The first lab she came to had it’s occupant in it. Bobby Dawson sat on a stool writing something. Kacey leant up against the wall and just watched him. Bobby, getting that inevitable feeling of being watch looked up and smiled.
“Hello. My name is Bobby Dawson. Um are you lost?”

“Kacey Johnson. No. I’m just looking around. So what do you do?”

“I’m the firearm tech. Miss are you supposed to be here?”

“Oh. Well yeah kind of. Greg Sanders came and got me because I don’t feel like going to school–”

“Ah you know that’s not a good habit to get in. Not going to school,” Bobby said eyeing the girl.

“Oh I know. I was about to say because my mom was murdered yesterday and the kids on my bus saw it.”

“Oh I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok. It was nice meeting you Bobby,” Kacey said with a smile as she picked up her bag.

“You too Kacey,” Bobby replied returning the smile and going back to what he was doing.

Kacey was just heading towards the trace lab when her phone started to ring.
“One way or another I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha . One way or another I’m gonna win—”

As she answered her phone David Hodges stuck his head out of the lab and looked at her. In return she just raised her eyebrow and turned around.


“Kacey? This is Jim Brass. We have Pickard in custody. We’re bringing him to the station. Do you think you can find your way to the interrogation room?”

“Um yeah. I think so.”



Kacey hung up and walked up to the nearest lab where our favorite snarky trace tech stood over his microscope. She lightly knocked on the wall to get his attention. After a couple of seconds he looked up.

“Yo, Hodges. Could you please tell me where the interrogation rooms are at,” she asked with a smile?

“Hmmm. I guess I could since you interrupted me. I just hope Sidle doesn’t get too upset when she comes and asks me where her results are and I tell her I’m not finished,” Hodges replied as he walked to the doorway.

“You know, you just wasted more time telling me your little sob story then you would have if you’d just gave me the directions and plus I don’t think a mere 30 seconds will hurt you,” Kacey said looking at the trace tech.

The two of them eyed the other one for several seconds before a rare smile came over Hodges features.

“You know what? I like you. David Hodges,” he said offering his hand.

“Kacey Johnson,” she shook his hand and gave him a slight smirk.

“Now you asked where the interrogation rooms are. Down the hall past Grissom’s office. Then turn left at the large potted plant. You’ll come to a corridor where there are several rooms. Just wait for someone there.”

Kacey nodded.


“Mmhmm,” Hodges replied going back to his microscope.

Kacey was waiting inside the corridor when Detectives Brass and Curtis walked in followed by Conrad Ecklie and Gil Grissom. Brass went in to interview the suspect while the others went in to the next room behind the glass.
“Kacey, this is Conrad Ecklie. He’s the Assistant Director of the Crime Lab,” Grissom said introducing the two.

“Conrad, the vic’s daughter. Kacey Johnson.”

“Very sorry for your losses Miss Johnson. Lost your father last year didn’t you. Something about a poker debt never paid at one of the casino’s I believe. ” Ecklie said.

Kacey, who was watching Anothiny Pickard sit down, cringed slightly.

“Yeah. Oh and just for the record Mr. Ecklie, my dad never like you and neither do I,” she said looking at the man out of the corner of her eye before looking forward again.

A look of surprise and shock washed over Conrad Ecklie’s feature’s as he opened his mouth to say something then thought better of it.
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