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2:05 p.m. Anthony Pickard’s home

Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders walked around the perimeter of the Pickard house.

“Shortest amount of time we’ve ever gotten a warrant in, Greggo. Frankly I’m surprised,” Nick said as he opened the front door.

“Yeah. Cath said when the judge heard it was about the murder of Lacey Johnson she didn’t waste any time in writing it out,” Greg added as he pulled on his latex gloves.

Nick walked into the master bedroom and began looking for a brown article of clothing, probably a shirt of a jacket, matching the piece of brown cloth Kacey found on the mantle.

While Nick was searching the bedroom Greg was in the living room for anything and everything. Since the light in the living room was blown he opened the flap on his vest and pulled out the flash light. While scanning the room something on the nearest shelf sparkled and caught his eye. Walking over to the shelf he picked it up and upon examining it he gasped.

Observation room

Doc Robbins walked into the room and handed Grissom a paper.

“What is this,” Grissom asked?

“Picture of our vic. Seems she had internal bleeding in her head,” Doc Robbins replied.

“Thanks, Doc,” Gil said as Doctor Robbins walked out of the room.

Interrogation room

“Mr. Pickard, can you tell me why you were at the Johnson’s home last month and yesterday afternoon,” Jim Brass asked?

In the next room Kacey moved closer to the window.

“I haven’t been to that house since Richie died," Anthony replied.

“Oh but his daughter and next-door neighbor say different. Kacey said she saw your vehicle pull in shortly after her mother’s a month ago while the neighbor said she saw your vehicle yesterday in the driveway.”

“I told you I haven’t been there for over a year,” Pickard repeated.

“Then sir, tell me how your 2005 black Dodge Durango with the dent in the rear with license tag 61Z-5YO9 was at the crime scene at the time of Mrs. Johnson’s death. Hmmm?”

“Detective Brass...” Anthony Pickard’s lawyer began.

Brass didn’t say a word but raised his hand.

“Kacey said that? Kacey actually remembers who I am?” He began to laugh.

“Mr. Pickard, please tell what is so funny?”

“That kid has got to have the worst memory for a fourteen-year old I’ve ever known. The neighbor too. Their about as ditzy as you can get. Surprised she remembers seeing me yester–” he stopped short and muttered any obscenity.

Brass’s eyes lit up and he looked at the glass separating the room and gave Kacey a thumbs up.

“Who are you motioning too,” the lawyer asked?

Brass grinned.

“The ditzy forgetful fourteen year old.”

Pickard’s house.

“Nick, look what I found,” Greg called.

Nick walked into the living room carrying a brown jacket with a snagged spot on the sleeve.

“What,” he asked?

Greg held up several necklaces and rings.

“A locket with Kacey’s parents inside. A birth-stone necklace. Some rings. All with the family’s names on them. Oh this too, a small mantle clock.”

“Great. I found the jacket he was wearing. Pickard is definitely are guy. Come on Greg,” Nick said walking out the door.

Observation room

Kacey stood there with her mouth hanging open. Catherine, who had followed them in, hugged her from behind.

“Kacey. We found him, honey. We got him!”

Kacey just nodded as she began to cry.

“Yeah. We did.”
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