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We Got Him

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2: 45 p.m. Main Entrance to the lab

Nick and Greg walked in just as everyone came out of the observation room. Brass stayed in the interrogation room to talk to Pickard.

"Kacey! Kacey. Pickard did it,” Greg exclaimed as he came towards the girl.

Kacey ran up and hugged him.

“I know Greg. I know,” she said breaking her hug and turning towards Ecklie.

“When will we know why and if he killed my daddy?”

“When Brass get’s done.”

Interrogation room
“Ok Mr. Pickard. Would you please explain why you killed Mrs. Johnson.”

Anthony took a deep breath.

“It was an accident. I went to the house to confront her about giving me the money that Richie owed me from a poker game that he never paid. We got into an argument and she started throwing things at me. I threw some things at her and they kind of made dull thuds then I picked up a book that was sitting on a nearby table and used it to block the items she threw at me. I threw the book at her. Man, I didn’t mean to kill her. It hit her in the head and she fell down. I went over and checked on her and she wasn’t breathing. I panicked. I put everything back on the shelves. I raided the jewelry box to get some things that I thought would amount to the money I never received. Then I fled.”

“Mr. Pickard, our CSI’s didn’t find any of your prints on anything. Why,” Brass asked?

“I was wearing gloves,” the man replied.

Brass nodded.

“Did you kill Richie Johnson?”

Anthony Pickard looked at the detective.

“That was an accident too. I confronted Richie and he tried to run. I pulled my gun out from the console of my SUV and shot him. I tried to slow him down but instead I took his life.”

Jim Brass rubbed his forehead.

“Mr. Pickard. May I please ask how much money Officer Johnson owed you?”

“Yeah, $250.”

Detective Brass looked at the man in front of him in disgust.

“Well Mr. Pickard. Hope your happy because you took the life of a young couple forever scarring their children’s lives just for some petty cash. For your information, Officer Johnson had sent you your money. We looked at old Western Union receipts found in his desk. Officer Johnson mailed it to you since you lived in Reno at the time but it obviously got lost in the mail.”

Anthony Sam Pickard looked at the older man in front of him in horror.

“Now Mr. Pickard you may be spending life in jail because you thought you were being cheated by your best friend. Officer, take Mr. Pickard to lockup,” Brass said looking at the younger man in disgust.

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