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It's a Lot Like Christmas

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3:15 p.m. December 25, 2006 Johnson family living room

Kacey Johnson sat in the floor with Emmy as they played with the four year old’s new toys. As Kacey was getting up to retrieve something the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” she replied.

“Me too,” said Emmy as she followed her sister.

Kacey opened the door to find six CSI’s on the doorstep.

“Nick! Greg! Catherine! Warrick! Sara! Uh, Mr. Grissom!,” Kacey exclaimed seeing them, “Come in.”

The CSI’s followed her into the living room.

“Mr. And Mrs. Johnson,” acknowledged the older couple.

“Mr. Grissom, “Cale Johnson nodded as the other man sat down.

“Well Kacey, Emmy. Did you have a good Christmas,” asked Nick?

“Yup,” Emmy replied as everyone laughed, “I got a fwensics kit.”

Grissom’s CSI’s all looked at Kacey who blushed.

“I couldn’t help it. It’s a magnifying glass, a little note pad, toy camera, finger printing “powder” and brush. Yeah, I had to get it.”

“Ah, well here you go Emmy this is from all of us. And here’s yours Kacey.”

Emmy opened her gift, said thank you and went to her room to go play with it. Kacey slowly untied the bow and sat it to the side. Upon opening it she gasped.

Inside was a new crime lab ID and a necklace with a camera shaped pendant on it.

“Wow, thank you. I mean really,” she replied hugging each and everyone of them.

“Your welcome sweetheart, “Grissom said offering a rare smile to the teen, “ With that ID your welcome at any time at the lab. It won’t expire.”

Kacey looked at the old man and smiled.

“Thank you Mr. Grissom,” she replied as she hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
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