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A/N: I had this brilliant idea while finishing up the story. The story itself is supposed to be in retrospect so that's why the epilouge is set in a year that hasn't happened.

Epilouge: August 2013

Anthony Sam Pickard received 99 years in prison and is now 35. Just 94 more to go.

Kacey Johnson skipped two grades and graduated from Durango High School on May 15th, 2008 at the age of 16. Gil Grissom’s CSI’s were in attendance as well as almost every police officer who knew her father. She has since then graduated from LVU and is now working on the grave yard shift under Catherine Willows as DNA technician and is now 21.

Catherine Willows became the grave yard supervisor once Grissom left. She is now a proud grandparent of her daughter Lindsey's daughter, Melody Karia Willows-Jones.

Conrad Ecklie transfered from LVPD to LAPD, much to the relief of both the day and graveyard shifts.

Sofia Curtis took Brass's postition as Head Detective.

Jim Brass retired from the LVPD in 2012 and now plays the role of grandfather to Ellie’s daughter Nevada.

Gil Grissom retired from the Las Vegas Crime Lab and now teaches at Williams College. His picture now hangs on the wall next to Kacey’s grandfather.

Cale Johnson died in his sleep on October 13, 2013 due to a stroke at 75.

Eleanor Johnson followed her husband three days later from a heart attack. She was 73.

Emmy Johnson is an 11 year old who lives with her sister in an apartment who is beginning to follow in her sister’s footsteps.

Nick Stokes and Sara Sidle married on May 12, 2012 and are expecting their first child, a girl, Kacey Marie Stokes in September.

David Hodges is still the same old snarky trace tech but with a much better pay.

Warrick and Tine Brown are the proud parents of twins Gil and Trace.

Greg Sanders finally became a CSI 3 this year that he celebrated with Kacey by taking her to a Radiohead concert.

Oh yeah, Kacey and Greg began seeing each other when she turned 18, was 35, and he plan’s on proposing tonight after the Marilyn Manson show. How romantic.
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