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Chapter 3: Numb

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An excuse

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Chapter Three: Numb

Thursday afternoon ended after what seemed like so long. Ryan and Barbara were off doing whatever two high school seniors of the opposite sex did in their free time. Brendon wasn't in school today. I walked bored around the mall. There wasn't much to do. Everyone here was with someone. I had no one. My boyfriend was home sick,my best friend was busy with her boyfriend.

Walking by the fountain I see a couple making out. The girl basically has her tongue down the boys throat. When they come up for oxygen I see a familiar face. "BRENDON BOY URIE!" He cringes. "She..umm..needed CPR?" "Please Brendon that's the oldest line in the book not to mention she was on top of you! I...can't see you anymore" "Kendra,please I beg you wait!" "NO! I will not! Leave me alone"

I stomped out and headed home. After I cried myself into a three hour nap I picked up the phone. I dialed a number. "Hello?" "Babs? It's Kendra, I need to talk to you..."

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