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Frank breaks up with Wilona...Gerard figures out why he likes Frankie so much. Wilona screeches. Possibly the end. Read the end note por favor...

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At first, Gerard had found it pretty damn adorable how nervous Frank was about calling Wilona. As hours and hours skipped on by, though, and even the clock began groaning out of annoyance, his patience was wearing off quicker than a milliliter of alcohol in a sumo wrestler’s body. His weary eyes drooped as he gazed at the telephone which Frank held in his hands. Over the hours, the nervous boy had managed to dial the area code (973) with shaky, blistered fingers. Now, his thumb moved, as if ready to punch in the next set of three numbers. Gerard looked up, this small movement causing an enormous amount of excitement to erupt inside him. He saw Frank breathe in a great deal of air as his thumb moved to a button. His hands clasped together and his mouth stretched into a smile. However, his happiness all faded away when he noted which button Frank reached for. It was the red one in the corner, the end call button. Frank pressed down on it, sighing as he set the phone next to him.

If it had been anyone besides Frank, Gerard would have choked them. All he did, though, was yell impatiently, “FOR GOD’S SAKE, FRANK!”

The poor boy stared back at him with such a feeble expression in his green eyes that Gerard regretted saying even that much. He quickly moved his head closer to peck Frank on the cheek in apology. He grinned once he leaned back. It felt amazing to know that he had the liberty to do that now.

Frank’s whole face reddened as he too began to smile slightly. He supposed it had been hard to admit for him earlier, but he’d kind of liked Gerard ever since that day in the park. He guessed he had Wilona and her family meeting to thank for giving him the opportunity to get out of the house. That single thought of Wilona was enough to dampen his mood. His eyes fell to his feet. He wondered if he really did have to break up with her. It didn’t really matter, did it? He had his beautiful, amazing, sweet, funny Gerard and Wilona had her dickwad of a “hot boyfriend.” On the other hand, he knew he’d never completely get over the girl until he actually did it. His canine tooth crashed down onto his lip as fear filled him. With all his might, he forced the little quantities of bravery in his chest to overcome it. Before it all disappeared, he snatched the phone and dialed Wilona’s number. In slow motion, the ‘talk’ button was pushed down.

Gerard sighed with relief, seeing this action. Quickly, he moved closer to hit the speakerphone button. Loud rings echoed in the silence of the room. He watched as Frank’s chest heaved in and out. He slowly moved his hand closer to clasp the sweaty one of Frank’s. He gave it a reassuring squeeze.

Frank nearly jumped off the sofa when he heard Wilona’s sweet-slicked voice say, “Hey, Frankie, how’s it going?”

“It’s g-going f-f-fine...” he replied nervously.

“That’s great to want to hang out at my place later?” she asked casually, unaware what lay ahead of her in the conversation.

“Um...” Frank looked at Gerard for help but received only a shrug, “W-Wilona...Gerard told me you’re cheating on me. And uh, I believe I just think...that...” he paused, swallowing a giant lump in his throat, “I’mbreakingupwithyoubye.”

He hung up the phone, immediately feeling angry. He threw it with all his might towards the wall. His head automatically fell into his hands as it split into two pieces. No tears formed though, there was only fury. Towards himself, not anyone else. He was so pathetic. He was such a weakling that he couldn’t even be a total bastard to the girl who had broken his heart multiple times, with no regret. He replayed his break-up conversation in his head. He concluded that it was his fault that none of his relationships worked out. Girls probably wanted a strong man; one who could protect them and take care of them. What was he doing, looking for girls who could take care of him? It screamed out pansy. Nobody wanted a fucking pansy. His narrow peripheral vision grabbed ahold of Gerard. He snorted to himself. Nobody except Gerard, anyway. But reconsidering, he reckoned the only reason Gerard liked him was because he was so girlish and weak; someone small whom Gerard could defend and keep locked in the palm of his hand. Frank shut his eyes. Why did he even have to be born if the only thing he was meant to do was wither like a rose?

Gerard frowned at Frank’s reaction to the phone call. He agreed that it wasn’t exactly what he would’ve said to Wilona had they been breaking up. But he thought it had been okay, considering how much Frank seemed to like her in the first place. He just could not comprehend Frank’s sudden rage towards the phone. In any case, he intended to fix that. His arms sneaked around the other boy’s waist and pulled him close.

Frank violently tried to break away, but upon making eye contact with Gerard, froze. He trembled as the cartoonist inched closer, as if to make his longing for a kiss seem all the more deep. His eyes shut when Gerard was less than a centimeter away. He felt air blow into his face, but no lips on his own. His eyes flickered open.

“Frank, why are you so mad at the poor phone?” Gerard asked in a whisper.

Frank chewed on the inside of his cheek, moving his eyes away from his friend...his boyfriend? “I'm not mad...not at the phone, at least...I just...Gee, why you like me?”

Gerard was quite taken aback by the question. He backed away, thinking. Why did he like Frank? A shower of answers produced themselves, but that was just the thing. There were too many reasons. He loved Frank’s eyes, Frank’s nose, Frank’s soft lips... He loved Frank’s laugh, his food-eating mannerisms, and his smile. He loved how good Frank could make him feel about himself, but also hated the power Frank had to make him cry. He loved how sweet Frank could be, and loved the sincerity held in each word the boy said. He loved...everything. That was when it struck.

Gerard leaned back towards Frank, smiling, “I don’t like you Frank...” Frank’s mouth opened in shock but Gerard’s finger arrived on his lips, “I love you. I love everything about you.”

Frank couldn’t help a blush from forming on his cheeks. He looked away, trying to hide the smile that had involuntarily appeared on his face. Gerard’s hand touched Frank’s cheek, turning it to face him. Frank let out a shy, girly giggle as he leaned in for a small kiss. He’d always wanted someone to say that to him, he’d even had dreams about it. The words seemed so unreal...magical...They sprinkled a feeling on him that he’d never had before; confidence. It rushed through his body, creating something else; strength. Strength and confidence (and Gerard) were all he needed to get through life.

“Gerard,” he said quietly, eyes twinkling, “Am I allowed I break up with her again? Better, this time?”

Gerard grinned, “ Well, I’m not gonna stop you.”

Frank slowly, got up, glancing momentarily at the broken phone which lay on the carpet. Thank God for the invention of cell phones. He rushed to his room to pick up his Red Razor. Punching in the familiar number, he walked back to the sofa. He sat himself down as the phone rang. He remembered to press down the speakerphone button, so that Gerard could hear.

“Frank! What the fuck was that all about earlier?” Wilona’s voice snapped as soon as the ringing stopped.

“Oh yeah, that wasn’t exactly what I meant to say...I’m sorry,” Frank said, feigning a meek tone. He was going to have so much fun with this.

“Good!” Wilona responded.

“Yeah...what I really wanted to say,” Frank licked his lips, “Is that you’re a stupid bitch who doesn’t deserve me. You never did," he heard Gerard chuckle at this, "I can’t believe it took me so long to figure that out. I always knew you didn’t love me, I just denied it. Thank God for Gerard Way. Oh yes, I know you hate him. He hates you back. And I hate you too. Now that we’ve got all that cleared up, Wilona Cranford, I can finally say that we’re through. I hope you burn in hell, just like your no good boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I ever would’ve bumped into Gerard if it hadn’t been for your stupid family meeting excuse. So it was really nice to meet you. I just hope I never see your face again.”

Wilona began screaming in a high pitch, squealing out angry words towards Frank. She was beyond angry. How dare that little wimp break up with her? It wasn’t possible, that couldn’t have been Frank Iero, not the Frank she knew. He had changed! Oh, she knew who was to blame. It was that stupid Gerard Way. She began yelling at him too, she knew he’d be listening. She could almost imagine his smug expression. However, she was cut off by a beeping noise from the other end. Her jaw dropped. The stupid freaks had hung up on her. She screeched in a shrill tone to nobody in particular. It wasn’t possible for someone to do this to her!

Frank set his phone down, feeling almost giddy. He bounced in his seat, grinning at Gerard, “That felt so good!”

Gerard smiled happily. That had been the kind of break-up scene that he enjoyed hearing. Wilona's shrieks of anger simply cracked him up. She deserved to be dumped hard for being such a bitch to Frank. Gerard looked at his boyfriend, his very first one and fell in love all over. Frank was a hundred times better looking than any girl he'd ever seen in his lifetime. He threw his arms around the buy, squeezing him tightly. Frank threw his head back and stared up at Gerard with playful, childlike eyes. He had to strain and lean upwards to reach Gerard’s lips. Once he arrived at his destination though, he never wanted to depart. He loved being so safe in between well-built arms. It didn’t even matter if it was a girl-like trait anymore. If all Gerard wanted was someone to protect, well then Frank would be the perfect candidate. Frank smiled with his lips still against Gerard’s. He drew away little by little, leaving his arms around Gerard’s neck.

In a small voice, he whispered, “I love you.”

And like every single time he’d ever said it before, he meant it with all his heart.

Okay! So there's an adorable little chapter for you guys. I kind of have this idea for a next few chapters which will bring in a new character and bring back a certain old one. But, I'm not sure if I should write it or not. So I am asking YOU for your opinion. Is this a good ending? Is this a bad ending? Do you want more chapters to this story? Please let me know.

Oh and...anyone catch a line from a certain new song by The Used in that chapter somewhere? I wanted to disclaim that...I don't own that line...
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