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Well...I'm continuing... SS #14: Wilona schemes, Mikey calls, Frank rolls, and Gerard gets nervous.

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Revenge. Payback. Vengeance. These words, along with many violent thoughts filled Wilona’s brain, a few minutes after her little shriek-fest over the phone. She still could not believe the fact that she had been dumped, like a sack of fucking clams; especially by that little... dork. However, she knew it wasn’t entirely Frank’s fault. It was that stupid party-pooping Gerard Way. He deserved to be torn limb from limb and tossed into a cauldron of boiling water until he shriveled up like the raisin he was. He would regret the day he ever decided to help Frank. The only problem was, Wilona’s evil, scheming mind was sketching nothing but a blank. Her Gerard-information-book contained less than two pages of data. There seemed to be no way to blackmail the guy.

During her long pondering session, her cell phone began to vibrate against her thigh. She remained annoyed until she realized who it was—Vince. Her heart fluttered up around the fluffy clouds in the sky. Hearing his voice was like feeling his touch, soft and beautiful. The words didn’t matter; she never really listened anyway. Bits and pieces of sentences drifted into her ear, only to exit out the other one. But some parts of his seemingly never-ending speech automatically lodged themselves in her brain. She heard something about a party tomorrow...

“ my friend, Mike’s house. Can I pick you up at five?”

“Baby,” she drawled as a response, “I don’t want to go to a party. Let’s spend the night alone...”

Vince chuckled, “You know I’d love that. But I haven’t seen Mikey in ages. We don’t have to stay for long...please?”

Wilona sighed and gave in, “ tomorrow at five you said?”

“Yeah...I’ll see you then.”

Wilona hung up without saying goodbye. Her attention was back on her revenge plan. Ideas remained absent. With an annoyed groan, she fell onto her back. This was impossible.

Gerard had excused himself to brush his teeth merely minutes ago, and Frank was already missing him. It surprised him a little, how his feelings for Gerard had just suddenly pounced onto him. He feared that he liked Gerard too much. Falling like this for anyone couldn’t possibly be healthy for him. However, when Gerard’s visage popped into his brain, he couldn’t help but produce a small giggle. The nose, the eyes, the mouth, they were all perfect beyond words. He brought his finger to his own lips, tracing the shape. He noted that they were way too thin. Gerard’s, on the other hand, were normal sized, soft, and constantly begging for someone to kiss them. Frank’s hand now moved to his cheek and ran over the surface. He felt all the small blemishes and the stubble. Gerard’s cheek was flawlessly smooth, no stubble and not a hint of even one tiny zit. Frank sighed longingly. He wanted to touch that perfect cheek. He wished he could just break down the bathroom door and leap onto Gerard; smother his kissable lips with what they persistently pleaded for. Groaning at the creepy thought, Frank stood up.

Slowly, he took steps towards Gerard’s bedroom. The door creaked open as he made his way inside. The bed sheets lay wrinkled, the comforter scrunched down into a giant heap in the center of the bed. Ignoring his uneasiness, he jumped onto the bed. With a swoop, he pulled the comforter over himself. He inhaled the scent; Gerard’s scent. It filled him with immediate giddiness. He wrapped the sheets and the comforter around himself, surrounding himself with Gerard’s sweet smell. He rolled around and around, pretending the other boy was actually there. Anyone watching might have found this a little bizarre, but it was fun, and that was all he cared about at the moment.

His mind jolted back into his tense state upon hearing a voice, “Frank? What are you doing?”

Blushing madly, he shot up to stare at Gerard’s curious expression. He mumbled a feeble excuse for doing what he was doing. Gerard sat down, laughing. Frank bit down on his lip, melting in Gerard’s eyes. They were like chocolate fondue; creamy and deep. Frank let out an overly emotional breath. It was almost like a moan. Gerard’s mouth twitched into a grin, as if he knew the exact thoughts running through his Frank’s mind. Frank suddenly felt blood rush to his cheeks. He stared down at his thighs bashfully.

Gerard smiled again, “Oh God...Frank Iero, I swear, you are the most adorable guy on the planet.”

Frank’s face turned redder than before, defying the laws of reality. He wished he could actually respond to Gerard’s comment. A personal ventriloquist seemed to be needed every time Frank wanted to talk without stumbling. Right now, Frank the ventriloquist was on break, leaving Frank the dummy to just sit there and transform his face into a tomato. In order to hide the goofy grin that was creeping up onto his face, he sharply moved his head towards Gerard. Unfortunately, this only resulted in heads bumping and a certain cartoonist yelping in pain. Frank could have broken down in embarrassed tears. He stammered apology, sitting on his hands and biting his lip to restrain himself from doing anything else to humiliate himself. It was official—he was a complete loser.

“It’s fine, Frankie, just relax,” Gerard comforted.

This only lowered Frank’s stability level. His hands itched to fly out and grab Gerard. Fear of accidentally slapping the other boy controlled his urge. He protected himself with an imaginary straitjacket. It held him in place for short while, but Gerard refused to keep it that way. Frank’s eyes widened as he saw Gerard scoot closer to him. He dodged the kiss that came for him, causing Gerard to fall onto a pillow.

“I’m so sorry!” Frank apologized again, “I keep doing things like that! I’m just really, really nervous...that I’m going to screw everything up. I already did, didn’t I?”

Gerard smiled; one more of those magical grins and Frank would have fainted. “Frank, you didn’t screw up. You could never screw up. You know why? Cause you’re perfect. Just perfect.”

Frank’s response was oh-so predictable; a bright red blush. He practically fell into Gerard’s arms. His breathing was heated as he felt Gerard move closer to him. A thousand overjoyed sensations tingled against his skin. Just when he reached the point where his stomach tied itself up in knots and his eyelids dropped shut over two glistening green orbs, a sound met his ear. He could recognize the tune as something by Iron Maiden. He opened his eyes to see Gerard back away with an annoyed look on his face.

“Damned cell phone,” Gerard muttered.

Frank stared as the black-haired boy leaned over to the nightstand to pick up a very cool looking phone. His eyebrows furrowed, noticing a troubled look form on Gerard’s face. It was as if all of Frank’s nervous emotions had jumped on over to Gerard. Like diffusion; from higher concentration levels to lower concentration levels.

Gerard gazed at his phone for a few seconds. A bead of sweat trickled down the back of his neck. The name that had popped up on the small screen scared him a little bit. It was a name whose owner he had not seen or heard from in almost a month. He considered simply ignoring the call and reverting his attention back to Frank. The person calling wasn't one he could easily forget about, though. Refusing to pick up could cause him sleepless nights. In a spur of the moment impulse, he found the phone against his ear, hearing an old voice.

“Gee! How’s it going? I haven’t seen you in months!” the voice said excitedly.

Gerard nearly had a heart attack before he could respond, “H-hi...Mikey...”

“You doin’ okay? I stopped by your apartment earlier but the dude said you moved out. Where’re you stayin’?”

“Oh uh yeah...I’m staying with um...Frank.” Gerard replied as vaguely as he could.

“Frank? Frank who? Do I know him?” Mikey asked.

“No,” said Gerard brusquely.

“Oh. Well, whatever. Anyway, I’m having a little party at my house tomorrow. Can you make it?”

“No, sorry Mikes,”

“Aww, please? I know you don’t like parties, but you don’t have to stay for long.”

“Listen, Mikey, I don’t know if I’m even free. I mean, I’m hanging out with Frank tomorrow.”

“Great! You can bring him too. So I’ll see you at five thirty tomorrow.”

“Wait, Mikey, hold—” Gerard began to protest.

Mikey cut him off, “Thanks for agreeing, Gerard. See ya!”

“No! Mikey! Michael!” Gerard shouted into the beeping noise from the other line.

He slammed the phone down on the nightstand angrily. Mikey was the last person he wanted to see on Earth. He was sure it would only wreck his happiness.

By this point, a monster in Frank’s brain had crawled down to his heart and began chewing away on the ventricles. Who was this Mikey guy? He had noticed Gerard get a little anxious at the beginning of the conversation...and now, the sudden annoyance...and keeping his face purposefully turned away from Frank. The only explanation he could think of was that Mikey was some sort of old lover or something. He knew he was probably just jumping to conclusions, but the expression on Gerard’s face was starting to convince him otherwise. He feared the reaction he would get, but he reached out for Gerard’s shoulder anyway.

“Gee,” he whispered softly, “Who’s Mikey?”

Gerard turned around, rubbing his temples, “Mikey? Mikey’s my brother...he wants us to go over to his house for a party tomorrow.”

Frank nearly laughed at his own stupidity. Brother...duh! That made sense! However, he still had Gerard’s upset expression to worry about, so he held back the smile.

“Well, what’s wrong, Gee? I don’t mind. It’s not like we have anything planned, right?” he asked.

“I don’t know...I just...his ideas...well, I’m not...he...” Gerard stumbled over his words hopelessly before letting out a sigh, “I’m just not sure if he’d be okay with... us.”

Frank bit his lip, “Well...we don’t have to tell him, do we? We don’t really have to tell anyone...unless we wanted to...I mean...of course, there’s nothing really wrong about...this...but like...” he shrugged, as if that would complete his sentence, “He doesn’t have to know.”

“Yeah, but it feels wrong to keep such a huge part of my life from my own brother, you know?”

Frank chewed on the inside of his cheek, “You don’t have to hide it from him forever...just temporarily...until you feel like telling. Because honestly, I'm not exactly used to this either. You know, dating a guy. I think I'd feel a little more comfortable not telling anyone for now..."

Gerard let out another sigh, but nodded. He sneaked his arms around Frank’s body and pulled him close. He snuggled into the warmth, attempting to ignore the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. It kept poking at the walls he tried to keep it stored in; kept pestering him. Intuitively, he sensed something would go terribly wrong tomorrow. Yet, he chose to simply let the feeling pass, edgily waving it away from his mind. The goodbye didn't last too long.
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