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Party? Psh. It seemed more like a funeral. Frank's funeral.

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Gerard was nervous. He had been for a while now. It had started that morning, when he remembered the party he was being forced to attend. Being about five feet away from Mikey’s doorbell seemed to increase his anxiousness. His hand gripped tightly around Frank’s wrist, holding the smaller boy back from the doorbell and certain disaster. The fact that Frank was looking so hot today—even hotter than usual, that is—didn’t exactly strengthen his grasp. In actuality, it made him want to grab the boy and kiss him with as much love as he could muster. Therefore, it made him want to risk Mikey opening the door to find his seemingly straight brother making out with another guy, which would probably result in an especially disgusted member of the Way family. That would make Gerard wish he’d never open his hazel eyes to the world again. Worse, it would make Mikey wish to never have Gerard open his hazel eyes to the world again. Gerard was absolutely not getting carried away with the thoughts in his head about Mikey’s reaction. Over the scattered years they had lived together, he had learned to understand his little brother...kind of.

For the past few minutes, Frank had been gently attempting to tug his arm away from Gerard. The tries were unsuccessful and too weak to actually work, he knew that. However, he realized how scared Gerard must be. In fact, he could almost feel the dread being carved into his boyfriend’s veins. Oh yes, the sickening panicky sensation which would produce sweat droplets to slide gleefully down the nape of his neck. It would just squeeze his heart until, BAM! Something terrifying and even worse than what he had imagined would strike at the wrong moment. Frank had felt like that only during eighty percent of his nineteen year old life. He could definitely relate.

With a sigh, Frank twirled his fingers around Gerard’s, thankful for the lack of people around as he pulled himself close to the other boy, “Gerard, maybe this was a bad’re obviously not feeling up to you wanna just leave?”

A look of relief fell over Gerard’s pale face, “Yeah...let’s go...”

Frank leaned onto his tiptoes, blushing madly when his lips brushed against Gerard’s cheek. He couldn’t even replace the cause of his self-consciousness this time. He guessed he was just shy by nature. He giggled a little when Gerard slid his mouth over to meet Frank’s lips.

Untangling himself soon, afraid of getting caught, Gerard took a step away from Mikey’s door. Obviously, someone “up there” strongly disliked him; he was less than a yard away when the door creaked open and the devil himself poked his head out, wearing a grin. Loud, heavy music blew out from behind him.

“Gerard! Where’re you going?! Party’s in here.”

Gerard cringed upon hearing his brother’s voice. He quickly spun around, fear dripping back into him. He slowly approached Mikey, forcing a smile. He stammered a hello and then looked over his shoulder to Frank. He mouthed the accursed name, “Mikey.”

Frank stretched his mouth into a smile, a real one, and straightened his t-shirt before walking towards the door. Mikey’s friendly brown eyes hid behind glasses, matching with his equally brown hair. The guy was skinny, like Frank, but was pretty tall as well. Frank was immediately jealous of the height, but shortly decided it made Mikey look a bit on the weak side. Staring over Mikey again, Frank couldn’t help but wonder if good looks just ran in the Way family. Because, honestly...

“Hey, you’re Frank, I’m assuming?” Mikey held out a pale hand.

Frank reached out to give it a shake, “Yup, that’s me.”

After brief attempts at an ice-breaking conversation, the three of them walked indoors. Not many people had gathered inside; the party was dead. A few guests were dancing to whatever scream-ish song happened to be playing at the time. Most, though, hung around near the punch bowl. Mikey weaved his way around a waltzing pair, onto the kitchen. Gerard’s body tensed with every step he took. He wished he could just leave, but he was forced to go on because Frank apparently wasn’t as horrified of Mikey as he was. The bright fluorescent light in the kitchen contrasted with the dim lit area where the actual “party” took place. Gerard squinted, watching Mikey walk around to get a glass of water, which Frank requested. A loud silence drifted into the room

The hush seemed to bother Mikey so he spoke, much to Gerard’s disappointment, “So, Gee, met any hot girls lately?”

“Um...I...uh...not really.” Gerard stammered.

His gazed moved over to Frank, leaning against the kitchen counter. He was certain the smaller boy had been smirking! Smirking at his agony! Was that even legal? He sure didn’t think so. Here he was, going through the worst minutes of his life, and Frank found it funny.

Mikey continued, “Well, speaking of hot girls, my friend’s here, right? And his girlfriend is just a total babe. Oh and you know what? She knows you somehow. I don’t think she realized I was your brother until she actually heard my last name. Funny, huh? Oh! There she is!” he began to wave frantically, “You guys should catch up.”

Gerard slowly turned around to face this mystery girl who knew him for whatever reason. Upon doing so, he regretted it. He blinked, optimizing it to be a mirage. No such luck. It was her.

Frank noticed a terrified expression forming on Gerard’s face and edged closer, trying to figure out what was wrong. Gerard’s lips moved, but no sound came out. His lips mimed the same word over and over again, but Frank still didn’t comprehend. It was then that he realized it had something to do with the girl. Sharply, he snapped his head around. Real horror, not the fake kind in the movies, attached itself to Frank’s trembling body. It wasn’t wasn’t fair. His mind had to be playing tricks on him. He shook his long brown hair, hoping to clear his mind. Unfortunately, his clearly fucked up head rebelled and showed him the same vision. Or maybe she was real. A whimper escaped his mouth as his hand latched onto Gerard’s arm as if it were his beloved life. He clutched even tighter when he realized it was. He couldn’t care less what Mikey thought of this; worries about Mikey were in the past. In fact, the only thing in that entire room his eyes could properly see was the girl; the only sound his ear could pick up was the deafening, erratic beating of his heart. The girl’s cruel green eyes glared at him, weakening him already. Her thin lips had contorted into a bitter smile. Party? Ha! This wasn't a party. It seemed more like a funeral. Frank's funeral. Life as he knew it had just ended.

“W-Wilona,” he whispered in a frail, broken breath.


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