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Frank was standing in the doorway, eyes brimming, "How could you?" he yelled.

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Wilona’s mouth stretched even wider, hearing Frank’s stammer and noting the terrified expression on Gerard’s face. This was it; her perfect shot at sweet revenge. With what she was about to do, both Gerard and Frank would pay miserably. It was more than what she could ever have hoped for. Glancing over her shoulder, she assured herself that Vince was nowhere nearby. Once certain, she strutted over to Mikey and swung an arm around his shoulder playfully. The reaction she received from him enlarged her head like air being blown into a balloon; his face turned redder than the vermillion dress she was wearing. She laughed out loud when she saw Gerard’s tenseness change into anger, clutched inside his fist. God, this was funny.

“Hey! Get away from my brother you fucking bitch!” Gerard snarled, snatching away his arm from Frank and taking a step forward.

Wilona giggled and pressed her artificially colored lips onto Mikey’s cheek.

A bewildered Mikey moved away immediately and stared from Gerard, to Frank, to Wilona. He sensed an uncomfortable conversation ahead and internally shot himself. Awkward situations were just so... awkward. The mere thought of one made him want to curl up in fetal position and scream. He was never too good with handling problems. Whenever something went wrong, he tended to rush to his older brother for help. However, this time Gerard seemed to have the problem. Mikey didn’t like the thought of this, especially not during one of his apparently “cool” parties, but it wasn’t his choice. It was his responsibility as a good brother to assist Gerard. He supposed it would be useful to know what exactly was happening.

Clearing his throat, he was able to find some sound, “Um...does anyone want to tell me what’s going on?”

“Gladly!” Wilona grinned once more and locked her green eyes into Mikey’s brown ones, “Mikey, what do you know about your brother’s love life?”

“I...uh...I dunno,” Mikey said, confused.

“Well, I think it’s important for you to know that—”

“Shut the hell up, Wilona!” Gerard cut her off, “Why can’t you just accept the fact that Frank doesn’t like you anymore? Leave him alone!”

Wilona’s head snapped over to face Gerard, “I don’t give a shit if Frank doesn’t like me anymore. It’s not like he ever meant anything to me. This isn’t about Frank, though, is it? It’s about you being gay.”

There was an audible gasp from Mikey.

Gerard staggered backwards and bumped into an extremely silent Frank. He barely felt anything, though. His mind only held room for his brother’s widened eyes. His body trembled, under pressure. He couldn’t handle this; he couldn’t handle whatever his brother’s reaction would be. He didn’t want Mikey to know about him and Frank; that he was a fucking faggot. A freak who actually liked a guy. Tears sprung up into his eyes, which made even more tears form. Now he was going to cry. He would not only be gay, he’d be a gay pansy. It wasn’t fair. Nothing was fair. In a horrible moment of truth, he realized he would have loved to just drop dead right there. Had it not been for fear, he would have grabbed a knife from the nearby counter and just sort of stabbed himself. Anything to take his brother’s disgusted expression away from his eyes. But all he could manage to do was burst into a mess of tears.

Frank didn’t do anything. He could have wrapped his arms comfortingly around Gerard, but he didn’t, not yet. He simply leaned against the wall, cheek pressed against the cold paint while he stared at Wilona. Despite himself, he had to admit that what Mikey had said earlier was true. She was a total babe. He wondered why she had to be such a bitch. He sighed, moving his gaze to Mikey. The boy didn’t look disgusted or anything, just surprised. And there was absolutely nothing wrong with that; what he had just learned was a startling piece of information. Frank had no idea why Gerard was getting so worked up over it. He guessed each person was different, because he was feeling quite the contrary. He was feeling completely apathetic towards the whole situation. He had probably already used up all the nervousness his body could possibly produce earlier. Now, he could care less what the hell happened with Mikey. He didn’t even care that he thought Wilona looked extremely hot. He thought a lot of girls were hot, but it still didn’t mean a thing. All he knew was that, God, he loved Gerard...more than anything. Reaching his hand forward, he grabbed his boyfriend’s palm and squeezed tightly, leaving it there for the world to see.

Mikey’s mouth twitched upon seeing this. It was a bit weird...but not...wrong. His lips were glued tightly together, but he still didn’t mind. He knew he had to say something. Instead, he was standing there like an idiot and just watching his big brother, his best friend cry like a baby who had a horrible diaper rash.

His head cocked over to Wilona, “I really don’t give a fuck if he’s gay. Hell, I wouldn’t even care if he liked cats. You need to get a life and stop involving yourself in my brother’s. Fuck off, Wilona.”

Three different reactions greeted his ears. Frank laughed. Wilona shrieked. Gerard let out a surprised ‘What?!’

“You can’t say that! He’s a fucking faggot! He’s a freak! He’s dating Frank!” Wilona screamed.

Mikey flipped her off, making Frank laugh again. In an angry gruff, Wilona stormed out. The kitchen was left in hush, interrupted only once by a sniff from Gerard.

Mikey felt the need to break the uneasiness, “Gerard, stop crying, I honestly don’t care. C’mon, you’re my brother. Why does it matter to me who you like? You know where the bathroom is, go wash your face. Don’t look dumb in front of your boyfriend.”

Gerard’s round face lit up into a weak smile, “Mikey...thank much.”

Mikey simply smiled. Before Gerard could make his way to the bathroom like Mikey suggested, Frank felt a need to do something. He grabbed the taller boy down by the collar and smashed their lips together. He felt Gerard smile in between the kiss, and that was when he let go.

“I fucking love you,” he whispered.

Gerard’s blush was reply enough. Continuing to turn redder as he faced his brother, he darted to the bathroom.

Frank smiled, both to himself and to Mikey. He had a hopeful feeling in his chest that more problems wouldn’t arise any time soon.

Gerard was literally skipping up the stairs on his way to the bathroom. Happiness couldn’t have described how he was feeling. Everything was so perfect, like a fairy tale ending. He had his prince and the evil witch had been squished into the dust by a brave knight by the name of Mikey Way. There was no way anything could go wrong anymore. He swung the door to the bathroom open and danced inside. He grinned at the reflection in the mirror, although tears stained his pale cheeks. Quickly shaking his shaggy black hair out of his face, he pulled open the faucet. Water poured out, humming a happy tune which could harmonize with Gerard’s heartbeat. He splashed the water onto his face to wash away all hints of his previous glumness. He dried his face with a towel while singing some random song he couldn’t even remember the name of. He was still going on when he pulled the door open. His singing, as well as a part of his cheerfulness disappeared upon spotting Wilona.

“What the fuck do you want?” he snapped.

Wilona sighed, looking down at the hardwood floor, “Gerard, I just wanted to say...I’m sorry...”

Gerard was taken aback, “You’re what?”

Wilona looked up, emerald eyes shining, “Sorry. And...I know you’re with Frank now...” she moved closer to him, “But I just wanted to let you know...that the only reason I did what I did...” she was so close now that Gerard could feel her breath on his face, “Was because I like you.”

Gerard stumbled away, half with surprise and half with fear. She was lying, he knew it. She had to be. It wouldn’t even matter if she wasn’t lying, though, because he had Frank and would never in a million years leave him for Wilona. But he supposed he would have considered her to be attractive...had it not been for the bitchiness. It didn’t matter, it really didn’t. He cringed when she stepped closer to him again. Her eyes were powerful and caused him to freeze in place. He was paralyzed when her cold hand touched his cheek.

“You’re not really gay, are you Gerard? You like girls. Frankie’s just an exception,” she said in a voice laced with sugar.

“G-go away,” Gerard stuttered, making no attempt to make her do so.

He could understand now why Frank had stayed with Wilona for so long. Even when there was no doubt about the lie she was weaving, being so close to her made it believable. He was trapped in some sort of an invisible straitjacket now. What he really wanted to do was punch Wilona in the face, but he just... couldn’t.

“God, Wilona,” Gerard said as firmly as his throat would allow, “Get away from me. I don’t like you, not even a little bit. Just...leave me alone... you have your boyfriend, I have mine. Why can’t you just—”

He was broken off when Wilona unexpectedly latched her lips onto his. He could have sworn he screamed loudly, with her mouth against his. Her arms were around his neck in a choking grasp. He tried to push her away with all his strength, but it was pretty difficult while being practically strangled. Grabbing the sides of her face, he attempted to sharply move her head away. Each time his mouth would break loose, Wilona would drag him backwards. They finally hit the wall, with Wilona’s back against it. Gerard let out muffled protestant noises, still trying to get away. They were not only pointless, but also made at the worst time possible.

Frank stood at the doorway, eyes brimming, “How could you?” he yelled.

Wilona pushed Gerard away from her, making it look like he was the one kissing her. She panted and morphed her face into one of someone who’d been mouth-raped. On the inside, she was cheering. Her plan had worked out perfectly.

Gerard babbled out some incoherent sentences until he could finally say what he meant to, “Frank! I swear it was her! I’d never...Frank, stop crying, it wasn’t me!”

Frank shook his head, crying harder. As fast as possible, he rushed away. He wanted to be far from Gerard. He stumbled out of the front door, ignoring Mikey’s shouts of “What happened?” Hurrying down the front steps, he tripped and fell. Tears embracing the grass, he lay sprawled on the ground. This ultimate betrayal was something he never would have expected... Gerard didn’t have any idea what effect his actions had. Frank’s heart had burned out into a small pile of ashes. Gerard had been his last resort and was gone. Hope was gone. He was better off dead.


Hey, sorry it took a while to update. My band and I were trying to get ourselves known, y'know? Didn't exactly work out as planned, but it was still fun. Anyone want to review this chapter?
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