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“Just drive me home, Gerard,” Frank said quietly, “You need to pack your stuff anyway.”

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Gerard’s face was completely expressionless for almost a minute. In the background, he could hear Wilona laughing hysterically. There were no other noises, no pleasant ones greeting his ears. His plans were clear to him; run after Frank. Before doing so, he decided he might as well do something which he had been wanting to for a really long time... Turning himself sharply away from the deserted doorway, he faced Wilona. Her face was amused for only a moment. It twisted into a mix of agony and shock when Gerard swung his fist at her nose, punching it with all the strength and anger he’d ever felt. She staggered backwards and fell, but luckily for her, was cushioned by her large butt. Gerard did not like big butts and he could not lie.

“Stupid bitch!” he spat, kicking her, “I fucking hate you!”

He fled, not caring for her response. He didn’t want to hear it. He didn’t even care that he had hit a girl, a law every man had to follow. He needed urgently to find Frank. Knowing how the guy could be a bit on the melodramatic side, Gerard knew he didn’t have much time before Frank did something stupid. Rushing at his fastest speed, he paid no attention to all the people he was bumping into.

Frank was trapped. He was trapped outside Mikey’s house with no way of reaching home, or a bar, or anywhere. More importantly, though, he felt like he was trapped on the inside. He loved Gerard so much. The emotion was strangling his heart and lungs, making it difficult to breathe. He wished he could just go ahead and loathe Gerard's guts. This situation was worse than any love-related mess he had ever been in. At least with Wilona, his relationship had lasted for more than two days. Gerard had really screwed up. Frank remembered the promise he had made; “I won’t mess up. I promise. I’d never ever hurt you.” Lies, it was all just lies. Every inch of Frank’s body was hurting now with the pain of handling unfaithfulness. In a way, Frank blamed himself for this happening. Gerard was practically a stranger to him; they’d known each other for barely four weeks, and three of those weeks had been spent giving each other the silent treatment. Why on Earth had Frank trusted him? Simple, he had fallen in love. Frank wished he hadn’t. Love hurt. He stared at Mikey’s front door. Gerard wasn’t even going to come outside and apologize. As if just to prove him wrong, the door burst open, revealing none other than his cheating, lying, (beautiful) boyfriend. Or ex-boyfriend, he guessed was the title now.

“Frank, thank God!” Gerard rushed to his side, crushing him in a hug.

Frank roughly shoved him and stood up from his place on the ground. Backing away slowly, he was forced to stop when he hit a tree. Then, he proceeded to send millions of death glares in Gerard’s direction.

The cartoonist rose as well, and approached him, “Frank, you know I’d never kiss that bitch, right? It was her, I came out from the bathroom and she told me the reason she told Mikey about us was because she liked me. So then, I tried to push her away but she sorta just kissed me. I promise, I was trying to get her off, but I couldn’t. She did it on purpose Frank, she knew you’d come up looking for me. I swear, after you left I punched her and came right out to you. Please just believe me. I’m not lying; I’d never lie to you. Frank, I love you. So much.”

Frank turned his head away, wearing a determined expression. He wasn’t going to cry this time. He knew it sounded like something Wilona would do, just for the sake of ruining someone else’s life. But how was he to know for sure? He couldn’t know anything, anyone for sure. The only person he could trust now was himself. His face turned to Gerard, eyes immediately softening. Nobody would ever know how much he wished to kiss those lips. He closed his eyes imagining the sensation. He made believe that Gerard touched his cheek, grazed it with his mouth. In his mind, their lips collided into a smooth, flawless kissing; biting, licking, enjoying each other’s tastes. He pretended it was Gerard’s goodbye. Gerard and him were breaking up. This thought in his head was for his own good, or so he managed to convince himself. When he opened his eyes, the taller man was staring worriedly.

“Just drive me home, Gerard,” he said quietly, “You need to pack your stuff anyway.”

Gerard’s eyes widened, “Don’t you trust me? I’m not lying...I promise...” when it seemed apparent that Frank wouldn’t respond, he could only bring himself to choke out, “But I love you.”

Frank blinked instead of letting out the tears in his eyes fall out, “I love you too.”

Gerard frowned, confusedly, “Then what’s the problem? Why do I have to get my stuff?”

“Can you handle living with me if we’re not dating?”

Gerard took Frank’s hand and squeezed it, “I love you, and you love me. Why would we not be dating if we love each other?”

“Because...Gerard, I don’t know if I... But I love you, I really, really do. I’m not lying about that But I...she....” his voice faltered, unable to get his emotions out. He gazed at Gerard for a long moment and erased the thought of them breaking up; he couldn’t have handled that anyway, “You know what? Never mind, Gee. Just forget it. Let’s just forget this thing with Wilona ever happened okay? Kiss me.”

Gerard leaned forward to do so. He brought his hand behind the smaller boy’s head and ran through the coffee brown waves. Gently, he pushed his tongue through Frank’s parting lips. He smiled slightly when he heard a little moan. Through it all, though, he felt something missing from Frank’s side. It had been there only maybe ten minutes earlier, when Gerard was leaving to go to the bathroom. Now, it had just disappeared and kind of left a large space between him and Frank; figuratively, of course. He slowly broke the kiss in half to stare at Frank. In those droopy olive oil eyes, he once again saw something absent. He was finally able to replace it. Trust. Frank didn’t trust him anymore. It sounded cheesy, even as he thought it but a relationship wasn’t any good without faith binding it together. He slowly moved his hands along to cradle Frank’s face in it. The boy was smiling, but it looked fake. Sighing, Gerard tilted his head forward to kiss his boyfriend again, hoping maybe it would come back this time. Unfortunately, it didn't.

“Ew, look Ma, they’re kissing!” there was a sudden voice from the nearby sidewalk, “Faggots.”

Gerard hurriedly moved away from Frank to see a girl of around twelve, being scolded and rushed away by her parents. He frowned slightly, but it wasn’t because of what the little girl had said. He couldn’t have cared less what some random kid thought about him kissing his boyfriend. No, it was more of a thoughtful frown. He stared from the parents of the girl, to Frank. He did this a few more times before grinning. With an excited laugh, he grabbed Frank, picking him up off the ground momentarily.

“Whoa!” Frank exclaimed with a weak smile, “You’re really happy all of a sudden.”

Gerard nodded and dragged Frank forward for a third kiss. He nibbled on the other boy’s lip gleefully, all prior disappoinment gone. He knew exactly how to win back Frank’s trust. All he needed now was some money...


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