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And now for the bonding time :)

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f o u r t e e n.

The car ride was pretty much silent the entire way. It wasn't necessarily an awkward silence, more like two people thinking and not saying anything. I was thinking about what had almost happened in the kitchen before we left, and I had no idea what Patrick was thinking about. I wearily pushed thoughts of Joe and kitchens out of my mind, not wanting to think about my complicated love life right then. Patrick stopped the car in front of an apartment complex and we both got out.

Patrick punched in the third floor button as soon as we climbed into the elevator and then looked at me curiously. "You okay?" he asked. I nodded. "You just seemed a really quiet in the car." I shrugged and he bit his lip. "Listen, if you don't want to do this, we can just go home right now," he said. I turned to look at him.

"Don't worry Patrick, I'm fine. Thanks for taking me out like tihs, you're a really good friend," I said, hugging him briefly. The elevator opened and we stepped out. Patrick led us to number 317 and knocked twice. A tall blond girl with two different colored eyes smiled and kissed Patrick when she opened the door.

"Hey babe, this is Lane, my new friend," he smiled when they came apart. She turned her attention to me, and I saw that one eye was green and the other was blue.

"So this is the Lane we've all heard so much about. I'm Delilah, and as you could probably tell, I'm Patrick's girlfriend. But come on in, everyone's dying to meet you," she said, ushering us into the apartment. Everyone turned out to be another girl with dark red hair and a guy with chocolate-colored hair and eyes to match. They both stood up when we walked in, and Delilah rushed to get us all seats. I ended up in a chair next to the guy, and Patrick, Delilah, and the other girl were seated comfortably on the couch. Patrick's head was resting on Delilah's shoulder and their hands were entwined.

"Okay, I believe some introductions are in order," Delilah said after a short silence.

"I'm Lucy," the girl with the red hair said. I smiled at her.

"Stephen," the guy said, flashing me a smile as well.

"I'm Lane. It's nice to meet you all," I replied.

"Lucy's one of my best friends ever," Delilah explained. "And Stephen grew up with Trick."

"Yeah, we were pretty good friends through high school, weren't we Trick?" Stephen said. Patrick nodded and smiled, almost as if he was reminiscing, but didn't say anything.

We spent some time getting to know each other after the strange and slightly awkward introductions. I learned that Lucy was training to be a nurse and was apparently also a closet singer, Delilah was a psychologist who loved to dance, and Stephen was an actor. He didn't really have much work at the time, but according to Patrick, he was pretty awesome. In turn, I told about the accident and how it was interesting living with the guys. I think that Patrick might have told Delilah about me and Andy, but if he did, she didn't show it. All in all, I figured that these were pretty nice people that I could have a good time with, and they helped me to forget about my little falling out with Andy.

After a couple of hours, Patrick decided that it was time for our next stop. So after giving everyone my cell number and a very lengthy goodbye kiss that Delilah and Patrick shared, we were off again. "So? What'd you think?" Patrick asked nervously. I smiled.

"They were nice. I like them," I replied. "And Delilah is really pretty. Why didn't you ever tell me about her?" I demanded. Patrick smiled and blushed.

"Well, she was out of town for about week and a half right after you got here, and I was more concerned with what was going on with you, to be honest," he replied sheepishly.

"Thanks, Patrick," I mumbled. He gave me a confused look. "For being such a good friend and all."

"Oh come on, don't make me blush even more," he said jokingly. I smiled at him, and we stopped outside of a mall. "So I was thinking, since Joe and Pete have dogs and stuff, and Delilah has always adored them, you wanna help me pick out a puppy?" he asked. I smiled and we jumped out of the car and sped into the mall.

About two hours later, Patrick found a Pomeranian puppy that he said Delilah would love, and so he bought her and named her Penny. And then we found toys and a bed and food for her, laughing and going completely crazy through the pet store. We ended up buying what was probably considered as way too many toys, but it was okay. We finally decided that best friend bonding day would have to draw to a close after Pete called Patrick's phone and said that someone was at the house to see us. We walked inside carrying Penny's bags and laughing about how much stuff we had gotten for her. Deciding to let her loose so we could have less trouble carrying in the bags, we unlatched the little kennel she was in and she went crazy. Someone very tall with a medium-sized afro and glasses picked her up and looked at her curiously, then looked at us.

"Someone lose a dog?" he asked.
A/N: So I asked for two people, and instead of waiting around for another, I just decided to make one up. Here you go, and hope this pleases you.
The infamous Penny Stump appears, as do four other new characters. You may know who the last character is even though he wasn't named. And there's a plot twist coming up that I'm sure you'll probably hate me for.
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