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So the story goes...

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f i f t e e n.

"Trav! Yeah, man, that's little Penny Stump. Just got her today," Patrick said enthusiastically, hugging the man that I had yet to meet.

"And who might this be?" he asked as he gave me the once-over. He was a bit intimidating, but he looked very interested when he was looking at me.

"Oh, sorry. Trav, this is Lane. Lane, this is Travis," Patrick said, looking uncomfortable. He saw the way that Travis was looking at me and shot him a warning glance.

"Oh, yeah, Joe was telling me all about you. He said you were pretty, but I didn't imagine you being this pretty," Travis said, kissing my hand. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable myself. Patrick cleared his throat.

"Well if you don't mind, Lane has to help me set up Penny's stuff, and then she should spend some time recovering from best friend bonding day," Patrick said, leading us inside. I followed him, still uncomfortable with Travis walking behind me. We got to the living room and Pete instantly greeted the puppy while Joe frowned.

"You know, Trav, it might be considered impolite to walk behind a lady for the sole purpose of staring at her ass," Joe commented sarcastically. I flushed crimson and Travis shrugged a bit sheepishly.

I helped Patrick set Penny's bed and food bowls up and played with her a little before Travis had the wonderful idea of making a video with Penny. Originally, he wanted all of us in it, but we all declined his invitation to be in it. He started making the video when my phone went off. I excused myself and answered it in the hallway.

"Hello?" I said uncertainly, as I didn't know the number.

"Hey, Lane? This is Stephen," I heard from across the line.

"Oh, hi Stephen. What's up?" I replied.

"Well, I've been helping backstage with this play that's in the city for a few weeks, and I was wondering if you wanted to come this Saturday," he said nervously. I mentally debated the pros and cons of going. "I mean, Patrick and Delilah are already going and stuff, I just wanted to know if maybe you wanted to see it and stuff."

"Oh, yeah, that sounds fun," I said. At least Patrick and Delilah would be there with me. I liked Stephen, but I didn't really know him that well, and I tended to be shy around acquaintances.

"So I guess I'll see you there then. I'll get another ticket to Patrick," he said, sounding relieved. I thanked him and we said our goodbyes. I walked back into the room and sat down next to Patrick who looked at me curiously.

"Who was that?" he whispered under Travis' ganster talk.

"Stephen," I replied nonchalantly.

"And...?" he said, a mischievous grin in place.

"I guess I'm going to see a play with you and Delilah Saturday night," I said. He raised his eyebrows but said nothing more.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around and hanging out. I noticed that Andy hadn't been home for a while, but I pushed the thought to the back of my mind as I watched Joe and Travis battle on Guitar Hero. I learned that Travis was in a band too, called Gym Class Heroes, and apparently Patrick was producing their next album. I forced the guys to watch Fantasia with me (once it caught my eye from the shelf next to the TV) at almost midnight, and surprisingly, Patrick, Travis and Pete had all fallen asleep. Pete was notorious in the house for not getting much sleep, so when he finally did fall asleep, we let him lie. Joe moved to sit next to me so we could talk as the movie wore on.

"Yeah, I pretty much just laid around the house all day. What'd you guys do?" Joe asked.

"Well I met Delilah and Lucy and Stephen, and they seemed nice enough," I said.

"Yeah, they're pretty cool. You do anything else?" he said, trying to sound cool. I noticed his face darken when I said Stephen's name.

"Well we got Penny and all her stuff. Then you pretty much know the rest."

"Hey Lane?" he said after a long pause. I nodded. "You know earlier, in the kitchen?" I nodded again. He sighed and I waited for him to finish what he was saying. "I...Nevermind," he muttered, a defeated look on his face as he looked past me. I tried to turn and see what he was looking at, but he directed my attention to the TV, saying that this was his favorite part and I had to watch the pegasus things. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that someone whose name started with an "A" and ended with an "ndy" had just tried to sneak in. So I let Joe put his arm around my shoulders timidly, and I ended up falling asleep on his shoulder. And I found myself hoping that Andy was watching.
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What will happen between Lane and Stephen? What will happen between Lane and Joe? What will Travis do when he gets bored again and little miss Penny is around? Find the answers in the next few chapters! :)
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