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And yet another one for you :) This may seem a little filler-ish, but whatever.

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s i x t e e n.

The next morning, I woke up to voices that sounded like they should have been hushed, but weren't.

"Whatever, man, I still say that they're adorable," Pete's voice said.

"It would be more adorable if she wasn't so hot," Travis grumbled in reply. "I like seeing Joe happy, but she has such a nice ass. I mean...she's a very nice person." As soon as I heard that little amendment, I knew that Patrick must have glared at Travis.

"I'm just afraid that this will turn into another Andy situation. Like Joe will do something stupid and then she'll be hurt again, and I really don't want to have to hit Joe," Patrick said. I found myself wondering what exactly had happened to Andy while I was locked away in my room. I shifted a little and heard them all shushing each other as I "woke up." Then I saw what they were talking about. I was between the back and the arm of the couch, and Joe had his head on my shoulder and his arm around me.

"Um...hi," I yawned at the three. They all smiled and said good morning. "Why is there an afro-ed Jew on me?" I asked, not really complaining.

"I can honestly say that I don't know," Pete replied, trying to hide the small smirk that was forming. "Maybe you could tell us?" I rolled my eyes.

"If I could have told you, why did I have to ask?" I said in a bored tone.

"She's got you there, man," Travis said with a smile. Pete's smirk fell and he crossed his arms.

"Just give it up, Pete, you know she'll beat you," Patrick said as he saw Pete trying to come up with something to throw back at me.

"Fine," Pete sighed. "There's coffee in the kitchen if you want some."

"Thanks, but I've still got a slight situation. How do I get to the kitchen without waking him?" I said, gesturing to Joe. Pete's mouth formed an O shape and he thought for a bit.

"Okay, I've got it!" he said. "Now, you try and wriggle your way out while we all hold him up, and before he falls onto the seat and wakes up, one of us will take your place. But who?" Patrick and Travis looked at each other before pointing at Pete. "Aww come on!"

"Face it man, your body is like a girl's but with a penis," Patrick said. I giggled. "And yes, I do know about the penis part, because he has a tendency to not wear underwear and then change right in front of me."

"Hey man, I told you. Underwear is like a goddamned leash," Pete said, holding his hands up. "But fine, I'll be Lane's stand-in. Except I'm afraid that Joe will notice my lack of boobs."

"He won't be staring down your shirt, he'll be sleeping, you dipshit," Travis said scornfully.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but can we stop picking on Pete and try and remedy my coffee-less situation?" I said. Pete smiled in appreciation at me.

"Thank you Lane!" he said triumphantly. Then his eyebrows furrowed as he thought about it for a bit and saw Patrick and Travis biting back smiles. "Hey wait! What?" I rolled my eyes. "Fine, let's start the operation." I don't even know how we did it, but we pulled it off. Pete was making puppy dog eyes at Joe and I was getting my coffee. I walked back to see Pete with that stupid expression on his face and Joe waking up, seeing that it wasn't me that he was leaning on, and jumping up with a strange and slightly girlish shriek.

After assessing the situation and seeing all of us laughing our asses off, Joe cleared his throat and calmly said, "Well good morning everyone." We all burst into laughter again.

"Can you please shut up? Some people are trying to sleep," we heard a muffled voice say. Patrick stopped and looked at me, and I shrugged, wanting desperately to forget that there was another person in the house.
A/N: Slightly filler-ish, I suppose. But it's another update.
Coming up: The night of the play. What will happen then? Will Lane be able to live with Andy? Oh, the suspense!
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