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Love Will Come Through

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Caffeine-high and sleepiness, fluff, too!

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15. Love Will Come Through

Mikey flipped shut his phone and dumped it unceremoniously on the wrinkled sheets of his bunk bed. He had been talking on it for a solid two hours and his throat was dry. He got up and made his way to the kitchenette silently. He didn’t want to wake anyone up, he knew that everyone was exhausted from the show of that night.

His eyes widened as he took in the dimly-lit front lounge. Someone was up? At 3.30 am? Now, that was strange… Scratching the back of his head, he made his way to the refrigerator and grabbed a can of coke. Opening it hastily with a faint tssss sound, he took a few large gulps.

“Hey” greeted a voice from the booth nearby.

“Hey” he said, moving to sit at the table covered with torn and wrinkled sheets of paper. “What’re you doing up so late?” he asked, raising his eyebrows in emphasis.

She smiled, swaying back and forth on her seat, playing with the pen in her hand. “I’m on a caffeine-high.” she announced. “I guess I had too much coffee and chocolate before bed. I couldn’t sleep.”

He gave her a sympathetic look and then chuckled as he remembered something. “Oh, so, this was what Devon was talking about.” he said.

She frowned at that.

“Devon’s just a big moron” she grumbled, annoyed, but still jumpy on her seat.

“But he told you to go easy on the brownies, didn’t he?”

Defne huffed and toyed with the mess of hair on top of her head that she called a bun.

“If he hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have eaten so much of them out of sheer spite and I wouldn’t be here bouncing on my seat like a hysterical cheer-leader.”

“I don’t think you look like a cheer-leader.” he said frowning.

“Whatever…” she muttered, violently crossing out some words on the piece of paper in front of her and scribbling something else in their place.

Mikey took a swig from his coke and as the acidy-liquid burned his throat he studied her closely. “Nah, really, you’re not cheer-leader material.” he said, smirking. He wanted to fool around a bit.

She shot him a nonchalant look. “I’d prefer to be playing basketball instead of cheering for the players with those stupid pom-poms, anyway…”

The bassist couldn’t hold back the laughter that built inside him. “You play basketball?” he squeaked.

The indifference disappeared from her face and her tone hardened a bit, her fingers gripping the pen tighter. “Yeah, something wrong with that?” she asked.

“Nope.” he answered innocently. He tried to give her the big eyes, but failed.

She raised a brow at him.

He dropped his gaze shyly and muttered. “You seem to be just a tad bit short to play basketball, I mean…”

She gave a quick nod. “Oh, I won’t forget that Mikey! The first time we come across a hoop, we’re gonna see if I can play or not. You and me. One on one.

He grinned. “Yeah, okay.”

“I’m gonna hold you to that.” she said “And I’m gonna kick your ass so bad!” she continued smugly.

He scoffed and shook his head. “We’ll see.”

She gave a final nod of agreement and went back to working on her paper. She added a few lines and read the whole thing over, crossed out and scribbled some more.

Mikey sat there silently all that time. He had learnt not to bother people while they were writing or drawing – both from not-very-pleasant encounters with Gerard, the number-one-drama-queen himself. When he finally got the feeling that she was finished and just reading the lines over and over again to see how they tasted on her mind, he spoke.

“Are those lyrics?”

She nodded distractedly. “Yeah, we’ve been working on these for some time, now. And I thought since I couldn’t sleep, maybe I could put my mind into words… I think I’m nearly finished with them.”

“Can I read it?” he asked curiously.

She rolled her dark eyes at him. “Nooo” she drew out lazily “They’re not finished, yet!”

“Aww, c’mon! I just wanna know what you can create in such a jumpy, prancy state of mind.” He was smirking as he crushed the now-empty can of coke in his fist.

She huffed and tossed her head, freeing her face off her bangs. “Now, you’re never gonna read them!”

The head toss moved Mikey to another reality. Those dark, straight locks of hair flied around freely and his mind drifted off to the wonderful person he had been talking to on the phone, before. Alicia was also on tour with some band, herself. It had been nearly three and a half months since he last saw her. Months since he hugged her tight and kissed her pale neck. Being on tour was great, but if she could have been there, the whole thing would have been just perfect. Of course, in the end, coming home to her was perfect, too. Taking her in his arms and squeezing the breath out of her, refusing to let go.

Just before hanging up, he had told her about the show that night. He had explained everything in detail and told her how lucky he thought they were to be able to feel such feelings. He’d said that he only wished she was there to watch them – and of course he wished that they could make out in the dressing room, too. She’d laughed at his enthusiasm and melted a bit at the smoochie part and she’d said that she might be able to escape to him for a couple days, during some time the following week – his heart was still flippy-floppy about that near-promise.

Intrigued by his silence, Defne raised her head up to see if something was wrong with Mikey. She was met with the softest look she’d ever seen on his face. He seemed to be looking at something over her shoulder, but his eyes were a bit out of focus and also heavy-lidded. He might have seemed sleepy if it wasn’t for the weird candle-lit glow of those dark eyes. Normally, people absorbed light with their eyes in order to see things. They took in everything that surrounded them to get to know the world. But at that moment, Mikey’s eyes radiated a warm shadow of a beam. It was clear that he wasn’t seeing anything, he wasn’t aware of anything. Instead, he was giving off something to his surroundings. He didn’t need to get to know the world for he already knew enough. And he was emitting that knowledge to the world to see.

Defne studied the affection on his face. She caught the faint parting of his lips and the flutter of his eyelashes. She watched his whole face light up from the inside, somehow, that he seemed like he was glowing. And she suddenly wanted to reach out and touch that flicker of light in his eyes, she wanted to wrap that warmth around herself and stay like that forever. But of course that warmth wasn’t meant for her and she doubted it would last long if she tried to snuggle against it. She knew what – or rather who – had caused all of this. She’d seen Zack’s own version of this kind of bizarre illumination. She could only imagine how it felt like for she was sure she had never experienced such a thing, before. Did that mean she had never been in love? Or was this something different? Was it even possible for someone to love like that or to love someone like that? To be so sure of your feelings that that clear certainty reflected on your face along with the affection, the love or whatever you’d like to call it. She thought Alicia was such a lucky person to have Mikey, or the other way around – or both.

When she couldn’t bear being face to face with such an ethereal emotion anymore, she went back to working on her lyrics. She’d succeeded to feel lonely at the most ungodly hour. Grabbing her pen, she added a few lines to the end, then read it all over again, realizing those lines had nothing to do with the rest of the song but everything to do with how she felt right then. She scowled and crossed them out.

Finally, she decided she was done for the night – or for the morning since there was probably less than an hour to sunrise. As she was gathering the papers scattered around the table, Mikey traveled back to their dimension with a deep sigh.

“Oh! Ummm… Are. Are you f-finished?” he asked, stuttering, embarrassed to have slipped into Alicia-verse to forget about the person in front of him.

She seemed to consider it for a moment. “Nahh…” she said frowning “But I guess I’m just gonna call it a night.”

“Got writer’s block or something?” he asked sympathetically.

She shook her head. “Nahh…” she said once again. “I’m… I g-guess I’m j-just. Umm…” she paused to think of the word. “Distracted. I guess.” She frowned deeper. Her English seemed to fail her a bit. The words that came to her so naturally just stopped flowing abruptly. Was it because she had been awake for over 20 hours?Or was it because she felt like she had somehow invaded Mikey’s privacy by sitting there and watching the emotions chase each other around on his face? Was she embarrassed? Shy?

“Sorry.” Mikey murmured in a near inaudible tone. “I-I didn’t m-mean to –”

She let out the breath she had been unconsciously and unnecessarily holding in. She strained to smile in order to relieve the sudden tension that had built. “Umm… It’s okay. Not your fault that I can’t seem to gather up my thoughts anymore… I blame coffee, actually.” Her smile grew bigger as she regained her ability to form real sentences.

“You sure?” he asked, his eyes huge.

“Totally.” she nodded.

“I thought I fucked up your concentration coming here and talking to you.”

“No way!” she said. “And if anyone fucked up my concentration, that would be Zack talking on the phone with Cathy for who knows how long…” she added grudgingly.


“Umm. Catherine – Zack’s fiancée.”

“Oh, is he engaged?” he asked, intrigued. He wasn’t the only one missing their fiancée then.

She nodded hastily. “Yeah, didn’t you see his ring?” At the shake of his head, she muttered to herself, rolling her eyes. “Well, you probably didn’t. Normal people don’t go around staring at people’s hands to see if they’ve got a ring or not…”

He grinned. “I didn’t hear him talking before. He must’ve hung up before I did. Maybe he hung up ages ago and you were actually hearing me, huh?”

“Nooo.” she said with an air of certainty around her voice. “I can recognize his voice from a mile. Besides I probably didn’t hear you because your bunk’s one of the farthest from here. But his is really close and I kept hearing that constant murmuring for ages, you know? I don’t know when he actually hung up, I’d started humming to myself after some time.”

“Why didn’t you just tell him to shut up? I’d think that would be what you’d do…” he said, smirking.

She glared at him for a moment but her gaze softened after that. “Well, yeah, that’d be what I’d normally do but... but I know he. Ahhh. He n-needs t-to. Talk to her. H-hear the sound of her. Voice. Because he misses her and she can’t be here. So.” She dropped her gaze on the table in the end. Just talking about it made her feel weird. And lonely.

Mikey watched her fascination with the table for some time before speaking. “Yeah. I know. It sucks.”

For how long they sat there silently, neither of them knew.

But they both woke up from their trances as the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing echoed in the silence. They blinked up at each other and turned to see the newcomer.

Again the sound of the door opening and closing. The light switch being turned off.

And then, Gerard padded into the front lounge. Yawning and rubbing his eyes sleepily. After a while, he pulled his fists out of his eyes and noticed the two figures looking up at him wordlessly. “W-whaaatt teh hell ahh ya doin’ up so laaate?” he drew out lazily, his voice thick with sleep. It appeared more than half of his mind was still dozing off somewhere and he sounded more Jersey than ever.

“We couldn’t sleep.” answered Mikey simply. A wide grin appeared on his face as he watched his brother try to process that information, his perfectly shaped brows furrowing. One of his hands shot up to ruffle his hair, as the other scratched at his t-shirt covered torso.

In the end, he couldn’t come up with anything more than “Wataahhh” and he nearly sleep-walked to the refrigerator. He pulled out a bottle of water and started gulping it down.

Defne couldn’t help but giggle silently at the sight in front of her. Gerard was just so adorable all sleepy like that. She noticed he was wearing the t-shirt she’d gotten him for his birthday. It was black with various bright colors splashed on the front and read “I just killed a clown.” in white letters over the colorful background.

Her chest felt all warm and mushy with the realization that Gerard was sleeping in something she’d bought for him. Her heart fluttered, thumping against her ribcage excitedly – like a little hyper puppy bouncing around, thumping against the front door, exhilarated to go for a walk.

Gerard padded barefoot towards the booth they were seated at, still carrying his precious bottle of water. Defne felt the slight blush creeping to her full cheeks. Mikey just shook his head, sometimes he wondered if Gerard really was the elder brother amongst the two of them.

The carotic vocalist sagged on to the seat next to the slowly-blushing one. He stared at all the papers in front of her for sometime until his sleep-ridden mind functioned enough to signal his vocal chords. “Ya writin’?” he asked.

She chuckled at the innocent look on his face.

“Yeah, I was writing.” she responded. “But I’m gonna go to sleep, now.”

A lock of raven hair fell over his eyes and Gerard blinked rapidly to get them away from his lashes. “Hmmmm” he murmured, nodding. And then he started snuggling against the girl next to him. “Let’s sleep.” His eyelashes fluttered and rested against his round cheeks as his eyes finally closed.

Defne blinked once as Gerard settled against her and pressed his shoulder into her side. Twice as his head dropped to her shoulder. She blinked a third time as he let out a deep, relaxed sigh and dropped his bottle to hold on to her left arm with both hands.

She blushed furiously but couldn’t keep her traitorous right hand from stroking the messy raven locks all over her shoulder and neck.

Mikey laughed at the scene before him mercilessly, not making an attempt to get his brother off of the innocent girl. He got up to go let his head fall into his soft pillow, ignoring the pleading look the awake vocalist sent his way. Just before entering the hallway, he turned and looked back. Defne whispered a hushed bunch of desperate “Gerard!”s to wake him but not getting any response other than the sleepy man snuggling against her tighter – burying his nose in her neck in the process, she gave up and rested her head on top of his, placing her right hand on his hands that were gripping her left arm.

Sighing, Defne settled more comfortably against Gerard, nestling her head in his soft dark locks. Gerard was warm and he was so close to her that she inhaled his unique scent with every breath she took. He was so close that strands of his hair flew around with every breath she exhaled. He was so close that her arm was a mess of tingling nerve-endings where his soft pale hands were wrapped around. She let the pleasant feelings ride her and surrendered to the unaware man beside her. She didn’t feel lonely, anymore. His warm touch had instantly cured her frostbitten heart. She sighed again and closed her eyes, feeling warm and safe. And. Content.

A knowing smile found its way to the bassist’s lips as he shook his head and turned of the light, leaving the two intimate figures in the dark with the exception of the street lights that shone through the few windows.

A/N: Sorry it took me a while longer to post this chapter. But the spring semester has started and I’m not home much, not like before, anyway. But I’ll still try to update at least once a week. Oh, and the title is a beautiful Travis song.

I’d be so glad if you tell me what you think about this one. It’s a bit fluffy, I know. But good fluff or bad fluff? I’ll be here waiting for the answer.

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