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I walked around the corner and saw him standing near a bus stop bench. I ran with a smile as I spoke.

"JADE!! THERE YOU-!!" I stopped a few feet short, "What's wrong?? You look weird."

He stood there for a second before responding, "N-nothings wrong. I'm fine." He looks at me with a smile.

"Well I'm glad I got my bestest buddy back!!" I hug him firmly with glee when I sense something different about him and pull away. I look up into his eyes, confused as to his change.

"What?" He was slightly confused to why I had just reacted to his new self.

"Y-you've changed...To what I don't know." I keep a slight distance between me and him, not sure how much I can really trust him with now.

"But I'm still me. Just my humanistic characteristics have changed." He smiles with a strange glint in his eye that I had never seen before.

"B-but...What are you now?" I could tell he was hiding a deep secret in his halfway seductive smile and gleaning eyes. Without me realizing it he had me pinned to the brick wall behind us.

I could feel the warmth of his breath on my icy cheeks. The cold of winter seemed to fade away when his body had me pressed against the wall.

"Sweetie, that's one you have to figure out." He softly nudges my nose with his one, causing my breath to falter.

Jade had never entered my thoughts in this aspect until now, the moment I knew he was no longer human, but similar to me but different in many ways I could not yet explain.

It was when Jade's lips met mine that I froze, unmoving, letting him do the work and could sense another nonhuman being close by. I could not tell whom the scent belonged, my mind was preoccupied with organizing who I desired more, Jade or my own boyfriend, who I suspected to be the ominous figure standing just beyond us.

I gasped for air when Jade's lips finally released mine and trailed down my neck to the vein. I instinctively turned my head to give him better access at my neck, the entire time I kept my hands clenched at my sides, that is where they remained.

Fear and excitement pulsed through me as I sensed the anger of who I was now sure was Jared, my beloved boyfriend, who was obviously watching. I flinched slightly with an uneven breath as I felt double piercings in the side of my neck where Jade's mouth happened to be at.

My knees started to give way as Jade continued. I shuttered when I felt a stream of blood loop from the insertion points on my neck, around my neck and down my chest.

My voice was just barely above a whisper, "S-shit Jade, what have you become." As Jade licked away the remains of the blood that was around the small holes on my neck, my body went limp in his arms.
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