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Different POV. :)

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I got to out meeting area early, hoping I could come up with something cleaver to say to keep her from getting scared off, though she wasn't human either, I still don't want to take the chance.

"JADE!! THERE YOU-!!" She ran towards me but stopped a few feet short, "Whats wrong?? You look weird."

"N-nothings wrong. I'm fine." I smile towards her as my gaze falls upon her beautiful figure. I longed to know her many secrets that she even kept from her boyfriend.

"Well I'm glad I got my bestest buddy back!!" She hugged me firmly, but before I got the chance of hugging her back, she pulled away and looked at me with confusion.

"What?" I was also confused as to why she chose now to notice my change.

"Y-you've changed...To what I don't know." She kept her distance from me as if I was a threat to her. I couldn't help but feel a pang in my heart when it was obvious she felt she could no longer trust me.

"But I'm still me. Just my humanistic characteristics have changed." I smile, maintaining to hide the secret I desperately want rid of. I look at her in a way I have wanted to for so long. I finally let my emotions free, but still in control.

"B-but...What are you now?" I could tell she was too busy trying to decipher the look in my eyes and took the opportunity to pin her firmly to the wall behind us.

The warmth of her body against my own brought a new sensation I couldn't describe, "Sweetie, that's one you have to figure out." I softly nudge her nose with my own with a soft smile before pushing my lips to hers.

I felt her stiffen in confusion and fear, but that didn't stop me. I could also tell her mind wasn't completely on her present situation, but I again didn't care.

I allowed our lips to stay together for a generous amount of time and moved my lips down her delectable skin to her neck. Once there, my new sensations took effect. I was glad when she turned her head slightly, giving me more room to enjoy.

My eyes closed shut as I bit down on her warm silky neck. I shuttered slightly, but didn't release her as I felt her velvety blood lace over my lips and fill my mouth. I hesitated to swallow but did it anyway.

So many new sensations filled me up in the passed 24 hours. I released her neck seconds after I felt her knees start to give, guessing I took it too far.

"S-shit Jade, what have you become." I was licking away what blood had dripped from the wounds as she spoke. I caught her body within my arms as she passed out in slumber. I held her close, hoping she'll wake up soon.

I carefully lift her off the ground and carry her quickly into the shadows towards a haven so I can look after her.

A/N: Okay just to let you all know, these basically scenes come in general three's due to the fact that there are 3 characters. So 3 chapters will be about 1 scene just in 3 different POV's. Review and tell me how I'm doing, all reviews welcome. :)
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