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Girlz Night

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Hilary Mathers is dating the famous Rockstar Joel Madden. They have been dating for about a year and have the perfect relationship a Hollywood couple could have until one day Hilary goes to surpris...

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!!!!!Chapter 1!!!!!

Hilary walked into the big mansion that she shared with her boyfriend Joel Madden. Her friend Kelsey walked in after her. It's been a couple months since Joel has left to go on tour. They walked into the kitchen and Kelsey sat down in front of Hilary,”So tell me whats on your mind” she said

Hilary looked at Kelsey, “It's Joel...hes just been so weird he always calls me to tell me what hes going and shit and he hasn't called me in like 2 weeks” she said

“Maybe Joel is busy with something?” Kelsey said looking at her

“I don't know...maybe” Hilary said and sighed

Kelsey took Hilary's hand and looked at her,”Look Hilary, I know Joel loves you. Hes told Benji and I how much he does...I'm sure hes busy doing something that he cant call you. You shouldn't worry that much hun” she said

“I know Kelsey its just...I don't know” she said looking at Kelsey.

“Hilary you need to stop worrying all the time hunny. Everything is gonna be ok” she said,”How about we watch some movies and eat popcorn and candy and get fat together?” she said and laughed

Hilary laughed and looked at Kelsey,”Yeah that sounds like fun!”

“Awesome!” Kelsey said and ran into the living room while Hilary grabbed all the junk food.

She walked into the living room and sat it all down on the table,”You know Joel would kill me if he found all this junk food. Thats one thing thats not allowed in the house” she said and smiled

“Oh well Joel's not here so it doesn't matter” Kelsey said grabbing some candy

“Exactly” Hilary said sitting down.

Hilary popped in Sleepy Hollow and the girls began watching the movie. Half way through it they started falling asleep.

“Well I don't know about you but I'm going to bed” Hilary said getting up,”you can come sleep in my room with me or you can sleep in a guest room”

Kelsey looked up half asleep,”I'll stay here.. I don't wanna move” she said covering herself up

“Alright I'll see ya in the morning” Hilary said grabbing her cell phone.

She started walking up the stairs with Tinkerbell following her. Tinkerbell was the Yorkie that Joel gave her for her birthday. Hilary picked her up,”Come on baby lets go to bed” she said and walked into her and Joel's room shutting the door behind her. She sat Tinkerbell on the bed and got in under the covers and soon fell asleep.

The next morning Hilary was awaken by Kelsey. “Hilary get up!!” Kelsey said jumping on her bed

“Kelsey go away I'm sleeping” Hilary said pulling the blanket over her head

“Hilary come on I made us breakfast! I don't wanna eat by myself” she said sadly

Hilary pulled the blanket off her head,”Ok ok fine..I'm up” she said sitting up

“YAY!” Kelsey yelled jumping off the bed

Hilary got up,”Omg you're such a child sometimes” she smiled,”but i love it”

“Thanx” Kelsey said leading Hilary downstairs. They got into the kitchen and Kelsey had already gotten everything together.

“Wow Kelsey thanks for breakfast” Hilary said sitting down

“Yup no prob” Kelsey said

The girls sat down and ate. Hilary finished and put her plate in the sink,”Wow that was wonderful” she said and smile

I'm glad u liked it” Kelsey said and smiled,”because I sure did”

“Kelsey you're so weird” Hilary said grabbing her plate and shoving it in the dishwasher

Kelsey laughed,”I know its my nature” she said, ”well I better get going.” she said getting up

“Are you coming over later?” Hilary asked

'Yes i should be. I'll call and let ya no if I'm not” Kelsey said getting up

Hilary nodded,”Alright see ya later”

“Bye” Kelsey said and walked out.

Hilary cleared the rest of the dishes and went into her bedroom. She flipped on the T.V. But found nothing to watch. She turned the T.V. off and decided to go to bed.

“Tinkerbell, baby come up here” she said helping her dog up,”you can go to sleep with mommy” she added

Tinkerbell pounced on the bed and layed down in the spot where Joel slept,”You miss daddy too don't you?” she said picking Tinkerbell up and hugging her.

“Don't worry babe, he'll be home soon” she said setting her down.

Hilary layed down and cuddled with Tinkerbell soon falling asleep.
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