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Orlando Here We Come

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hey guys i dont no if im gonna continue this story. its sucking! lol let me no what u think of it!!

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!!!!Chapter 2!!!!

A couple days had passed and she still hadn't heard from Joel. Hilary was sitting in bed because she wasn't feeling very well when the phone rang.

Hilary reached for her phone and picked it up,”Hello?” she said

“hey baby” a familiar voice said

“Joel! Omg baby i miss you” she said sitting up

“baby i miss you too” he said and laughed,”So babe how are you?”

Hilary looked to the side,”Ive been ok..i just really miss you and wish you were with me right now...” she said

Joel sighed,”baby i wish i could too but I'm out here for another month.” he said,”Is everything ok?” he asked

“yeah every thing's ok except i haven't been feeling good lately...i think its from eating all that junk food with Kelsey” Hilary said

Joel laughed,”baby what did i tell you about eating junk food?”

“I know, i know but i was sad because you never called me for like almost 3 weeks.” she said sadly

“i know baby I'm sorry its just we've been really busy...look babe i gotta go I'll call ya later tonight ok?” he said

Hilary sighed,”alright baby. I love you”

“I love you too.. bye babe” Joel said and hung up.

Hilary hung up her phone and threw it on the bed next to her. She layed down and fell asleep. A couple hours Hilary woke up and ran into the bathroom and threw up. She got up and grabbed her phone and dialed Kelsey's number she waited and her voice mail came up,”Hey you've reached Kelsey..i cant come to the phone right now but leave a message and if you're important I'll call you back!” BEEP!

Hilary smiled listening to the message,”Hey Kelsey its me.. I'm not feeling very well and i want you to come take care of me...bye” and she hung up.

Hilary got back into bed and was about ready to fall asleep when Kelsey came running through the door,”Omg Hilary are you ok?” she said sitting next to her feeling her forehead.

“I don't feel good” she said,”I just got done throwing up.” she added

“ don't feel hot.” Kelsey said

Hilary looked at her,”Kelsey...” she said and stopped

Kelsey looked at her,”omg do you think?” she asked

“I don't know...” Hilary said and then she started tearing up

“Hilary babe whats wrong?” Kelsey asked hugging her

“I don't wanna be pregnant.. what if Joel doesn't want the baby?” she said crying

”Hilary don't be silly of course Joel will want the baby hunny” Kelsey said hugging her,”Hun just lay down and go to sleep ok? Then we'll discuss this when you get up ok?” she said

“Ok..” Hilary said laying down,”thanx Kelsey”

“No problem” Kelsey said smiling and covered her up. Hilary soon fell asleep.

~~ A couple hours later~~

A couple hours later Hilary woke up to Kelsey sitting on the bed watching T.V.

“Hey sunshine” Kelsey said

“Hey.” Hilary said sitting up,”Hey Kelsey i just thought of something.” she said

Kelsey looked at her, ”what?”

“Maybe we should go down to Orlando cuz the boys have a show down there and tell Joel the good news!” Hilary said looking at her.

“omg that would be awesome!! lets go!” Kelsey said jumping up on the bed

Hilary smiled,”But we cant call him because i wanna surprise him” she added

Kelsey jumped down,”of course!” she said

“yay lets go get packed!” Hilary said pulling her suitcase out.

The girls looked at each other, ”Orlando here we come!!!”
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