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Surprise of a Lifetime

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!!!!!Chapter 3!!!!!

“Yes finally we're here!” Kelsey said walking off the plane

“You’re telling me” Hilary said following Kelsey, “you have no idea how many times I've puked...” she added

“I don't wanna know” Kelsey said and smiled, “So where are we gonna go first? The hotel?”

“Umm.. Yeah lets go there first to drop our stuff off and figure out where the boys are...I know they have a show tonight at 7 so we can go have some fun and stuff while we wait.”

Kelsey nodded, “Sounds like a good plan to me!”

The girls grabbed their suitcases and headed towards the limo. They got in and headed to the Hilton Hotel. The girls reached the Hilton and got out grabbing their suitcases. They got inside and headed to their rooms. The girls walked in and sat their suitcases down on the beds. “I'm so hungry” Hilary said sitting on the bed.

“Yeah... lets go eat or something.. Its like 4:30” Kelsey said grabbing her purse.

The girls grabbed their things and headed out the door. They walked out of the hotel and got into the limo. The limo took them to the restaurant. The girls sat down and placed their orders. “I miss Joel so much right now.. I just wanna go see him and hug him!” Hilary said looking at Kelsey smiling

“Yeah you'd like that wouldn't you?” she said smiling

Hilary smiled, “totally! Maybe we should go see Joel before the show... I really wanna see him and tell him the news!”

“Yeah we can do that! I wanna see Benji anyways... he’s so adorable” Kelsey added.

The girls ate and went back to the hotel to change. They changed and headed to the five star hotel that the boys of Good Charlotte were staying. The girls got out and were greeted by paparazzi and fans waiting outside. They walked through the mass of people and got inside the hotel they walked up to the main desk and waited. The lady looked up and smiled, “can I help you?” she asked

Kelsey smiled, “yes we would like the room numbers of Benji and Joel madden.”

“Hmm let me check” the lady said searching the computer, ”ha here we go.. Benji is room 310 and Joel is 312.”

“Thank you so much” Hilary said

The girls walked over to the elevators and go on. They reached the third floor and go out walking down the hall towards the boy's rooms. They walked up to room 310 and knocked. Benji opened the door, ”hey girls!” he said hugging them

“Hey Benji! We so miss u guys!” Kelsey said hugging him

Hilary smiled and hugged Benji, ”I agree we miss you guys soooo much!”

Benji let the girls into the room, “I’m happy to hear that we're missed.” he smiled

Hilary looked at Benji, ”so is Joel in his room?” she asked as Billy walked into the room, ”Girls!!” he yelled hugging them.

Benji smiled and looked at Hilary, “I think he is. As far as I know he should be in there”

Hilary pulled away from Billy, ”ok thanx!” she headed towards the door walking out. She walked down the hall until she reached room 312. She stood outside the door and knocked. She waited but Joel didn't come to the door she knocked again and still no answer, “what the hell?” she said to herself. She put her hand on the door handle and turned it to see if it was open. It was. She turned the knob and opened the door slowly walking in, “Joel?” she said walking through the living room. She walked through the living room and heard voices and walked towards the door. She opened it and pushed it open. Her mouth dropped, “JOEL! OH MY GOD!” she screamed and slammed the door shut. Tears started flooding down her face as she ran towards the door. Joel came running out, “Hilary?! Wait I can explain” he said running after her.

Hilary stopped in front of the door and turned around to face him, “Explain? What the fuck is there to explain? How could you do this to me? Huh?! What the fuck have I ever done to you!!” she screamed and turned to walk out of the door

Joel grabbed her arm, “please Hilary let me explain”

Hilary turned around and slapped him, “Don’t fucking touch me!” she screamed and opened the door and started running down the hall. Joel opened the door and looked out, “Hilary!!” he yelled. Hilary kept running down the hall past Benji's room.

Meanwhile Benji, Kelsey, and Billy heard the commotion out in the hall and opened the door seeing Hilary running into the elevator. “What the hell?!” Kelsey yelled as she ran out of the door to try to catch Hilary but the door closed before she could reach her. Benji and Billy ran out after her. “What the hell happened?” Benji asked

Kelsey ran towards the stairs, “I don't know but I'm gonna find out! Ill be back” she said running down them. Kelsey reached downstairs and started looking around for Hilary. She looked around but couldn't find her. She walked into the bathroom and saw Hilary sitting up against the wall crying. She ran towards her, “Hilary omg what happened?” she asked sitting next to her.
Hilary looked up with tears running down her face and her make up smeared she tried to speak but kept crying. Kelsey hugged her, “Hilary you gotta tell me what happened so I can help you.. what happened?” she said looking back at her

“Joel.. he..” she stopped and started crying harder

“What did Joel do?” Kelsey asked hugging her and looked at her waiting for Hilary to answer.

Hilary pulled away and looked up at Kelsey, ”I… I caught Joel... Joel's... he’s...” she stopped and continued crying. She looked up at Kelsey, “Joel’s been... ch... cheating on me!” she screamed crying even harder.

Kelsey's mouth dropped, “What?! You have to be fucking kidding me!”

Hilary shook her head, “I walked in on him in his room with another girl! I cant believe he did this to me...what did I do to him? I should've known he was cheating on me because he was acting so different...what did I do to deserve this?” she asked still crying

Kelsey hugged Hilary, “I’m gonna fucking kill him!” she screamed still hugging Hilary trying to comfort her.

“Kelsey? Hilary?”

“We’re in here” Kelsey yelled. Benji and Billy ran in. “Omg what happened?” Benji said bending down by them.

“You're asshole of a brother is cheating on Hilary! Did you know about this Benji?” Kelsey asked looked at him

Benji's mouth dropped, “What? Are you fucking serious?” Benji said and looked at Hilary, “Hilary babe, I'm so sorry... I'm so gonna fucking kill him!”

Billy shook his head, “You’ve got to be kidding me! Why would he do that?” he added

“He’s a fucking asshole that’s why!” Kelsey yelled. She pulled away and looked at Hilary, “come one hun lets go back to our room ok?” she said wiping the tears away but more kept falling

Hilary nodded, ”ok..” she said and got up.

Benji walked up to her and hugged her, “Hilary I'm so sorry... if u need anything let me no” he said rubbing her back

Kelsey grabbed her hand, “lets go Hilary” she said and the girls started walking towards their hotel room.

~~ In Their Room ~~

The girls walked in their room and headed towards the bedroom. Hilary laid down on the bed and Kelsey crawled in after her. She held Hilary in arms trying to comfort her. Hilary kept crying. Kelsey ran her hands through her hair, “Hilary you need to stop crying you're putting stress on the baby..”

“I cant help it I'm so hurt right now... I can’t believe I'm pregnant... I was so happy to have Joel's baby....” she said

“Hilary did you tell Joel?” she asked looking at her

Hilary shook her head, “no I didn't get the chance because I walked in on him having sex with another girl!” she said crying,” I guess I meant nothing to him this whole time...”

“Hilary please try to calm down I don't want you to lose the baby... just lay down and sleep for a couple hours and then we'll go tell Joel ok?”


Kelsey laid down next Hilary still holding her comforting her. Hilary finally fell into a sleep.
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