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You Chose It To Be This Way...

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!Chapter 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple hours passed and Hilary woke up with Kelsey next to her. She had fallen asleep. Hilary's phone started ringing. She picked it up and looked at the screen. Joel Madden appeared on it. She started getting teary as the memories of what happened a few hours ago came rushing to her mind. She took a deep breath and pushed talk and put the phone up to her ear, “what do you want Joel?” she asked trying not to cry.

“I want you Hilary...” Joel's voice said on the other end of the line

Hilary shook her head, “Joel stop lying to me! You don't want me! If you did you wouldn't have cheated on me damn it!” she screamed as tears filled her eyes

“Hilary look I'm sorry...” he tried saying but got cut off by Hilary

“No you're not! Joel leave me alone! I hate you!” Hilary screamed in the phone and threw her phone across the room and broke down crying

Kelsey woke up and sat up quickly, “Hilary omg what happened?” she said pulling her into a hug

“I just wanna go home.. Please Kelsey I just wanna leave” she said still crying

Kelsey hugged her tighter, ”ok Hilary. Lets just go to Benji's and tell Joel and then we'll leave and head back to Los Angeles ok?” she said rubbing Hilary's back trying to comfort her.

Hilary sat up, ”ok lets just go get this over with.” she said getting up off the bed wiping the tears away but more kept falling.

Kelsey got up off the bed and started gathering their stuff together. Hilary grabbed her Louis Vuitton suitcase and handbag and started walking to the door with tears still falling. Kelsey grabbed her matching Louis Vuitton suitcase and handbag and walked out after her. They walked down the hall down into the lobby. The people took their bags and walked out with them. The girls got into the limo while they put their bags in the back. Kelsey looked at Hilary and hugged her and then looked at the driver, “To the five star hotel please” Kelsey said and hugged Hilary. He driver nodded.

A few minutes later they arrived at the five star hotel. Kelsey helped Hilary out of the limo and they started walking towards the hotel doors. They got inside and Hilary took a deep breath as they got into the elevator. A few moments later they reached the third floor that Benji and Joel's rooms were on. They started walking, “So do you want me to go with you or do you want to do it by yourself?” Kelsey asked

Hilary looked up at her, “I’ll do it by myself...”

Kelsey smiled a little and looked at her, ”alright... if you need anything call me or yell down the hall and ill be right there ok?”

Hilary nodded, “Yup I got ya” she said

Kelsey stopped in front of Benji's room and went inside as Hilary started walking towards Joel's room. She reached his door and knocked waiting for him to answer. She heard footsteps on the other side. She waited and looked up as the door opened revealing Joel standing there.

“Hilary, omg I'm so happy you're here” he said as he tried to hug her

Hilary pulled away, “I came here to tell you something and then I'm leaving...” she said walking past him.

Joel closed the door behind her and walked into the living room area and sat next to her, “Look Hilary I'm so sorry.... I didn't mean to hurt you...”

“Well you did!” Hilary said coldly, “Joel do you want to know why I came here in the first place?” she asked

Joel nodded and looked at her waiting for her to answer

“I came here because I wanted to tell you something...” she paused and looked at him, “Joel I came to tell you that I'm... Joel I'm..... I'm pregnant Joel.” she said looking down at the floor.

“What?” Joel said and looked at her, “Hilary that’s wonderful!” he said smiling

Hilary looked at him and glared, “No its not Joel! When I found out it was wonderful then I come here and you're fucking some other girl?! That’s not fucking wonderful Joel!” she yelled

“Hilary I said I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you! Please accept my apology I don't know why I did it.. Hilary I love you... please...I'm sorry' he said taking her hand and looking at her with sympathy in his eyes.

Hilary pulled her hand away, “Joel it’s not that easy! You think just because you're a rockstar you can have whatever you want! Well guess what you cant! You chose who you want.. you want that whore you were sleeping with behind my back!” she screamed ,”what did I ever do to you Joel? Huh? Tell me what the fuck did I do to deserve this?!” she said as tears flooded down her cheeks.

“Hilary please..” Joel said grabbing her hand, “Hilary I love you... I love you so much..” he was cut off

Hilary pulled her hand away, “Joel if you loved me you wouldn't have cheated on me! Joel how could you hurt me? I gave you my heart and soul.” she paused as fresh tears came flowing down her cheeks, “You were my everything... Joel I lived for you! And look at what you did to me? I never thought id walk this earth without you... Joel you had the key to my soul...”

Joel looked at her with tears in his eyes, “Hilary you're my everything... please just don't leave me.. please let us work this out.. Hilary please... for the sake of our relationship..” he paused and looked into her eyes, “and for the sake of our baby”

Hilary sniffed the tears back, “Joel you chose.. you chose her not me...” she said standing up and started walked towards the door

Joel turned around and looked at her, “Hilary please don't leave me! I'm sorry for what I did please just stay here with me!” Joel plead

Hilary grabbed the doorknob and looked back at him with tears falling down her face,” Joel you should've thought about that before you did what you did... Joel you chose it to be this way.” she looked down and looked at him, “I love you Joel but the hurt you put on me is more than I can bear.” she opened the door and walked out.

“Hilary!” Joel yelled after her as she shut the door. Hilary walked down the hall and stopped in front of Benji's door, “Kelsey I'm ready to leave now!” she yelled through the door.

The door opened and Kelsey walked out as Benji and Billy followed, ”Alright lets go hun” she said

Hilary turned to the boys, ”hey boys I'm sorry we're leaving already I just need to get out of here”

Benji pulled her into a hug, “its ok Hilary I understand. Kelsey told us everything”

Billy pulled her into a hug after Benji did, “when we get back home we'll come see you. Ok?” he said looking down at her

“Ok! I can’t wait!” Hilary said and smiled

“Just take care of my little unborn niece or nephew” Benji said putting his hand on her stomach.

Hilary laughed, “don’t worry ill take care of the baby. Kelsey will be there to help me”

Kelsey smiled, “got that right!”

Hilary yawned, “Well we better head back. We're gonna end up missing our plane. Bye guys take care” she said hugging them and walked away with Kelsey. Benji and Billy watched until they disappeared into the elevator.

Joel came running out of his room, “Hilary!” he yelled as he ran up to Benji, “Benji where is she?” he said grabbing his shoulders

“Joel she’s gone” he said looking at him

Joel fell to the ground, ”Benji I cant believe I fucked everything up! God I'm so fucking stupid.. I love her I really do” he said as tears came falling down his face, ”Benji what do I do?” he said putting his hands covering his face

Benji knelt down and hugged Joel, “Joel for now just give her some space ok? Let her think things over... that’s all you can do right now at this moment” he said trying to comfort him.

“Benj I love her.. I can’t believe I lost her.” Joel looked up at him his eyes red and puffy, “I lost the love of my life”

“Come on Joel lets go inside” he said helping Joel up and inside his room and shut the door.
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