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Goodbye Memories

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!!!!!Chapter 5!!!!!

Hilary and Kelsey returned to Los Angeles. Hilary walked into the house she shared with Joel. She stopped and looked around, “Kelsey this house is filled with so many memories”

“Yeah you're telling me. So many things have happened here” Kelsey said sitting down at the kitchen table

Hilary sat down in a chair, “we had so many happy memories here. I just don't get what went wrong. We were so happy... at least I thought we were” she said

Kelsey looked up at her, ”yeah well things happen out of no where these days... Hilary you can come stay with me. Id love to have you!” she said and smiled

“Thanx Kelsey. I just need to get out of here. Everything in here reminds me of Joel.”

Kelsey walked up and hugged her, “It’ll be ok Hilary”

Hilary sighed, ”Yeah I know. Well let’s go get some boxes tomorrow. I'm way too exhausted to start tonight”

Kelsey smiled, “well you are pregnant so yeah I can see why you're tired”

Hilary smiled,”yeah.. damn tiredness” she said and laughed

Kelsey smiled, “well I guess I'll stop by tomorrow and I'll bring some boxes ok with me ok?”

“Alright I'll see you tomorrow then. Thanx for everything Kelsey!” Hilary said hugging her

Kelsey hugged her back, “no problem Hilary! I'll see you tomorrow bye” she said and walked out the door.

Hilary walked upstairs and walked into her bedroom she shared with Joel. Tinkerbell ran in the room and jumped on the bed. Hilary walked up to the bed and sat down next to Tinkerbell and started petting her, “Well Tinkerbell this is our last night here. There’s no more mommy and daddy”
Tinkerbell just sat there looking up at her. Hilary walked into her walk in closet and grabbed her pajamas and changed. She walked out of the bathroom and went back over to the bed and got in under the blankets. Tinkerbell joined her but getting under the blankets and laying down next to her. Hilary soon fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning

Kelsey came running into the room and started jumping on the bed, “Hilary get up! I got boxes!” she yelled

Hilary woke up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, “Kelsey it is so early in the morning! You're crazy!” she said

“I know but you want to get out of this house don't you?” she asked

“Yes but I need my sleep too you know.” she said and smiled

Kelsey smiled and sat down next to her, “well I was thinking we could pack some stuff, then go eat breakfast, and then come back and pack more, then go out for lunch, then come pack more, then go out to dinner!” she said smiling.

“Sounds great! I'm starving!” Hilary said getting out of bed.

“I knew you'd like that idea!” Kelsey said and smiled

Hilary got dressed and came out,”Alright lets pack some stuff. You start downstairs I'll pack up here. Sound good?” she asked

Kelsey nodded, ”Yup sounds great! I'll meet up with you in a few hours” she said and walked out.

“Alright” Hilary said grabbing a box and started packing.

Kelsey started packing everything downstairs while Hilary stayed upstairs and started packing everything in her and Joel's room.

Kelsey got done and walked upstairs into Hilary and Joel's room. Hilary was sitting on the bed with a picture frame in her hands, ”hey Hilary I'm done...” she said sitting next to her

Hilary look up with tears in her eyes, ”This is so hard...” she set the picture frame in the box, “I didn't think it would be this hard.” she said and smiled

“Yeah I know what you mean. This is for the best right now Hilary” Kelsey said looking at her

“I know... well lets go I think I'm done” Hilary said getting up, “I’m starving”

Kelsey got up, ”yeah me too. Lets go feed that baby!” she said smiling, “we’ll go eat then we'll come back and get everything in our cars”

“Sounds like a plan” Hilary said grabbing her purse

Kelsey followed. The girls walked out of the house and got into Kelsey's car. They reached the restaurant and walked in and sat down. The waitress came and took their order and they sat waiting. Kelsey looked up at her, “you want to know the reason why I'm getting you out of the house?” she asked

Hilary took a sip of her drink and looked at her, “why?”

“Because Joel will be home in a couple days. In about a week.” Kelsey said looking at her

Hilary shook her head, “you have to be kidding me. I thought they were there for another month!”

“Yeah they're supposed to be but since you told Joel you're pregnant he wants to come back here and work things out with you.” she said taking a sip of her water.

“Why wont Joel just leave me alone. I don't want anything to do with him. He hurt me! I'm trying to mend my broken heart back to normal” Hilary said rubbing her eyes

“He knows he fucked up and wants to work things out. Especially since he’s going to be a daddy....” Kelsey said watching her.

Hilary sighed, ”Yeah well I don't want him here. I just want him to leave me alone”

Kelsey nodded, “I know but you know how Joel is...” she said, ”Benji called me last night and gave me the heads up. I guess Joel's been a wreck and not doing so good with the concerts they've been having.”

“Well he should feel bad. Look what he did to me. He made me feel like shit, like I didn't fucking mean anything to him this whole time. It
makes me wonder how long he's been cheating on me. So much for my true love! Love sucks... and I ended up pregnant out of it all. Nice way to leave.” she said shaking her head

“Well that’s what you get for having sex with him!” Kelsey said and smiled

“Well I can’t help that he’s amazing at it!” Hilary said and laughed, “I won’t be getting any more of that. That’s one thing I'm sure gonna

“Hilary you're horrible” Kelsey said smiling.

Hilary smiled, “I know”

The waitress came with their food and sat it down in front of them and left, “Well lets eat and get my stuff out of the house before Joel comes” Hilary said beginning to eat

“Sounds like a good plan” Kelsey said starting to eat her food.

Awhile later the girls got done eating. They headed back to the house. They walked in and started carrying boxes out to the car. Hilary couldn't carry that heavy of boxes since she was pregnant. “Kelsey I'm gonna go check and make sure I got everything” she said walking into the living room

“Alright ill just load the rest of the boxes up” she said walking out

Hilary walked through the house to make sure she got everything. She walked into her room that she once shared with Joel and looked around. She walked over to the dresser and grabbed a stuffed animal that Joel gave her and sat down on the bed looking around thinking.

Kelsey walked in, “well are you ready?” she asked sitting down next to her

Hilary hugged the stuffed animal and looked around, “I can’t believe this is it. All the memories I have with Joel will be left behind in this house. I'm leaving behind the past and moving on to the future.” she said getting up Kelsey following her.

Kelsey nodded as they walked up to the bedroom door, “Goodbye room!” she said and smiled.

Hilary turned around and looked into the half empty bedroom, “Goodbye bedroom” she said shutting the door behind her. The girls walked downstairs and headed towards the door. Kelsey opened it and walked out. Hilary turned around and looked into the half empty
house, “Goodbye house... Goodbye memories...” she said getting teary and shut the door after looking inside one last time.
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