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You Can't Expect Everything To Go Back To Normal

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!!!!!Chapter 6!!!!!

1 week later

Joel arrived back in Los Angeles with the rest of his band. They got off the plane and headed towards the limo waiting outside the airport for them. Benji got in and Joel followed after him.

Benji looked over at him, “so what exactly do you think you're going to do Joel?” he asked

“I'm going to try and get back with Hilary” Joel said looking at him
“Joel you just cant expect her to want you back. She’s pissed at you” Benji added

Joel shook his head, “yes I know but she’s carrying OUR child she can’t just do this to me”

“Well Joel actually she can... you cheated on her” he said looking at him

Joel rolled his eyes, “how many times are you going to bring that up? I told you I'm sorry I did it. I'm stupid for doing it!” Joel said rubbing his face, “I love her I really do”

“Then why the fuck did you do it!” Benji yelled throwing his hands up

“I don't know!” Joel yelled, “Get off my case Benji!”

“Whatever” Benji said rolling his eyes and looked out of the window watching the scenery go by.

Twenty minutes later the limo arrived at Joel's house. Benji and Joel both got out grabbing their luggage. Joel took out his keys and unlocked the door and walked in. Joel set his luggage down and walked into the living room, ”fuck! Benji she left!” he yelled

“Well duh you didn't expect her to stay!” Benji said, “remember you two aren't together anymore” he added

Joel rolled his eyes, “I can’t believe she left! Fuck now how am I gonna fucking talk to her?!” he asked

Benji shrugged his shoulders, “I don't know Joel. You're just gonna have to wait until she’s ready to talk to you.”

“I don't have time to wait I need to talk to her now” Joel said putting his keys down on the kitchen table

Benji walked up to him and grabbed his shoulders, “Joel listen to me.” he said, “remember what I said to you the day Hilary came and found you cheating on her?” he asked

Joel shook his head, “no”

Benji shook her head and sighed, “I told you to give her space. Let her come to you when SHES ready to talk to you, ok?”

“Fine Benji I'll wait” Joel said sitting down at the table

Benji smiled, “good. Now I'm going home. If you need anything call me ok?” he said picking up his luggage.

Joel nodded, ”alright I will. See ya bro”

Benji waved, “see ya” he said and walked up to the door and walked out.

Joel looked to see if Benji was gone. He got up and walked over to the island in the kitchen and picked up his cell phone, ”ha Benji you really thought I was going to listen? I don't think so” he said smirking and dialing a familiar number and put the phone up to his ear while it rang.

Joel sat down in a chair and waited listening, “hello?” a familiar voiced asked

Joel smiled to himself, “Hilary?”

Hilary sighed, “Joel what do you want? Will you please just leave me alone!” she said

“Hilary look I wanna talk this over.. please I'm sorry for what I did.” Joel said looking around

“Joel you cant just expect everything to go back to normal. You fucked it up. I'm sick of it Joel. You hurt me and I don't wanna be hurt anymore” Hilary said softly

Joel rubbed his eyes, “Hilary I know I hurt you and I'm seriously sorry. But you have to remember you're carrying MY child you cant just shove me out of your life” he added

Hilary rolled her eyes, “yes I can. Right now Joel I don't want you part of the baby’s life or mine. You don't deserve it” she said getting annoyed

Joel threw his hands up in the air, “Hilary! I said I'm sorry why wont you listen to me! I love you and the baby please cant we just work this out?!” he yelled

Anger filled her voice, “Joel just leave me the fuck alone! You should have thought about this before you fucking cheated on me! Just because you're a fucking rockstar doesn't mean it’s going to fucking fix everything! Joel you need to fucking grow up! And when you fucking do then come fucking talk to me! Until then I'm fucking done talking to you!” Hilary yelled and hung up

“Hilary? Hilary!” Joel yelled but it was too late. Joel threw his phone, “God damn it!”

Joel shook his head and got up walking upstairs into his room.

At Kelsey & Hilary's

Hilary threw her phone on the couch as Kelsey walked in, “What was that all about? I heard you yelling.”

“Joel just fucking called me. He’s so stupid” she said sitting down

Kelsey shook her head, “I should've seen that coming. He’s not gonna stop anytime soon” she said

“I just wish he would leave me alone. He thinks every thing's going to go back to normal just because he’s back. But its not!” Hilary said putting her face in her hands.

“I know, I know” Kelsey said and hugged her, “I’m supposed to go out to dinner with Benji but if you want me to stay here I will” she said

Hilary looked up, “no Kelsey go, don't let my problems stop you from going out with Benji. I'll be fine”

Kelsey looked at her concerned, “are you sure?”

Hilary looked up and smiled at her, “yes I'll be fine.”

Kelsey hugged her and stood up, ”alright then. I'll be back later but if you need me call me ok?” she said

“Yes I'll call if I need you” Hilary said and smiled

“Alright” Kelsey said standing up grabbing her purse, “I’ll be back later! Take care Hilary”

“Have fun Kelsey! Bye!” Hilary said waving watching Kelsey leave.

At the Restaurant

Kelsey arrived at the restaurant and walked up to the front desk. A young man was standing there, “Can I help you?” he asked smiling

“Um I need Benji Madden's table. He's expecting me.” Kelsey said and smiled

The waiter looked at the book, ”you must be Kelsey” he looked up and smiled, “I’ll show you to your table” he said walking out from behind the desk and grabbed a menu and started walking. Kelsey followed him. Kelsey looked over and saw Benji sitting at the table waiting for her. The waiter walked up to Benji, “Mr. Madden you're date has arrived.”

Benji stood up smiling, “Kelsey!” he said and walked over and hugged her, “I’m so happy to finally see you!”

“I know! This is so exciting!” she said smiling and pulling away

Benji pulled her chair out and Kelsey sat down, “thank you Benji” she said and smiled

Benji sat down, “no problem.” he smiled, “Oh yeah I already ordered for us. I hope you don't mind” he added

“No that’s fine. I trust you” Kelsey said and smiled

“That’s good to know” he said and smiled, “So anything new?” he asked

“Yes actually there is” Kelsey said and looked up at him, “did you know you're brother called Hilary today?” she asked

Benji looked up at her, “are you fucking serious? I told him to leave her alone!” Benji yelled softly

“Well that boy doesn't like to listen. Yeah I heard Hilary screaming at someone on the phone and it turned out to be Joel Madden you're brother.” Kelsey said and sighed.

Benji shook his head, “I don't know what I'm going to do with him. I strictly told him to let her come to him when SHES ready. Of course Joel doesn't listen.”

“Well that’s Joel for you. Man... he’s never gonna listen.” Kelsey said looking at Benji

“Nope. Well I'll talk to him later about this. For now lets enjoy our dinner together” Benji said and smiled

Kelsey smiled, “I totally agree.”

The waiter walked up to them with their food on a tray. He set the food in front of them, “is there anything I can get you two?” he asked

Benji looked at him, “nope I'm good. Kelsey?”

“No I'm good. Thank you for asking” she said looking at the waiter

The waiter smiled, “no problem miss” he said and walked off with the tray.

Benji and Kelsey started eating their food and were soon done eating. The waiter came and got their plates and handed them the bill.

Kelsey looked up at Benji, “So who's paying? Do you want to go half?” she asked

Benji grabbed the bill, “no I've got this” he said

“Are you sure? I can pay half” Kelsey said looking at him

“Kelsey don't worry I've got this” Benji said taking out his wallet and setting the money down.

Kelsey watched him and smiled, “Aww Benjamin you're so nice!!”

“I know” Benji said and laughed

Kelsey grabbed her purse, “well I guess we can go then”

Benji stood up grabbing the bill and his money, “lets go” he said as they walked up to the front desk. Benji handed them the money and Kelsey and him walked out of the restaurant.

They walked up to Kelsey's car. Kelsey turned around and looked at Benji, “thanks for asking me to dinner it was really nice! I had lots of fun” she said taking his hands into hers.

Benji smiled and took his hand and brush the hair out of her face and placed it behind her ear, “no problem Kelsey, I love having you around.”

“Aww!” Kelsey smiled and hugged him

Benji hugged her back and pulled away looking at her, their faces just inches away from each other. Benji put his hand under her chin and brought her closer to him. Kelsey closed her eyes as Benji's lips came crashing into hers. They kissed for about two minutes and Kelsey pulled away and smiled, “That was amazing!” she’s said and giggled

Benji laughed and hugged her, “I’m glad you liked it!” he pulled away and gave her a peck on the lips

Kelsey started blushing, “Benji stop it!” she said and smiled

“I'm sorry am I embarrassing you Kelsey?” he asked teasing her

“Yes so stop!” she said and smiled

Benji smiled, “alright ill stop! I gotta go find Joel anyways. I'll see you tomorrow ok?” Benji said giving her another hug

“Alright. See ya later” she said pulling away. Benji waved and started to walk away but Kelsey grabbed his hand and pulled him back over to her and kissed him. She pulled away, “Sorry! I had to do it just one more time!” she said blushing

Benji shook his head, “you’re horrible. But that’s ok” he said and kissed her once more, “ill see you later” he said and gave her another peck on the lips walking away

“Bye Benji!” Kelsey called after him. She smiled to herself and got in her car and started driving back to her house she shared with Hilary.
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