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Media... Its Part of Being A Celebrity

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!!!!!Chapter 7!!!!!

At Joel's

Benji pulled up to Joel's house about twenty minutes later. He parked his car in the driveway next to Joel's car. Benji got out and locked his doors as he walked away from his car heading towards the door. Benji arrived at the front door and knocked before walking in. Benji set his keys on the kitchen counter, “Joel? Are you here?” he yelled looking around

“Yeah I'm in the living room” Joel yelled

Benji walked through the kitchen and into the living room. Joel was sitting on the couch watching TV. It looked like he was watching MTV. Benji walked up and sat down by him.

Joel looked up at Benji, ”hey what’s up?” he asked

Benji shrugged his shoulders, “Not much. I just got back from having dinner with Kelsey.”

“I see. Did you have fun?” Joel asked looking at the TV

“Yes I did. And while I was talking to her she told me something” Benji said as Joel looked at him, “Kelsey told me that you called Hilary”

Joel looked away quickly, “no I didn't. She’s lying” he said

Benji rolled his eyes, “Joel stop lying to me. I know you called her. Why didn't you listen to me? I told you NOT to call her and you go and do it anyways!” Benji yelled in frustration.

Joel looked at him, “I couldn't help it! You know how I am!” Joel yelled in defense

Benji shook his head, “you’re stupid that’s what you are! I'm done giving you advise because you never take mine” he said

“Benji I'm sorry! Geez” Joel said rolling his eyes

“Whatever” Benji said picking up a magazine. He started reading through it, ”Damn the media already knows you and Hilary are broken up”

Joel looked over at him, “what! Are you serious?”

Benji nodded his head, “Yup. Here’s an article. Joel Madden and Hilary Mathers Splitsville? Joel Madden has reportedly broken up with girlfriend Hilary Mathers, the daughter of famous rapper Eminem, recently. The reason for the break up? It has been reported that Joel Madden has cheated on Miss Hilary Mathers. The couple was last spotted a couple months ago before Joel and his band left to go promote their album “Good Morning Revival”. Reports have been made that Hilary went to Orlando to go see Joel and was spotted running out the hotel he was staying at crying. Is this the end of Joel Madden and Hilary Mathers? Will they make up? We'll have to wait and see!”

Joel rolled his eyes, “god how do people find out about this shit? I haven't said anything to anyone and I'm sure Hilary hasn't either. There’s like a spy running around or something”

“Well that’s part of being a celebrity Joel.” Benji said putting the magazine down and picked up another one.

“I know but it fucking sucks!” Joel said rubbing his hands over his face

“Uh huh” Benji said skimming through another magazine

At Hilary & Kelsey's

Kelsey arrived at the house and got out of her car locking it as she walked up to the door. She walked in and looked around, “Hilary are you here?” she yelled looking around

“Yeah I'm in the kitchen” she yelled back

Kelsey walked into the kitchen seeing Hilary sitting down at the table. Kelsey walked up and sat down by her, ”oh my god you would never believe what happened!” she squealed

Hilary smiled and looked at her, “what?! Tell me! Come on dish it out!”

Kelsey took a deep breath and smiled, ”Benji kissed me! And I kissed him!” she screamed

“Oh my god Kelsey! That’s so awesome! I knew it would happen sooner or later! I'm so happy for you!” Hilary said getting up and hugged her

Kelsey hugged her back, “I know!! It was so amazing!”

“I bet! I mean if Joel is amazing I'm sure Benji is too” she said and laughed

“Oh yeah!” Kelsey said and smiled, “so did you hear out of Joel again?”

Hilary shook her head, ”nope. He must have gotten the point for now. I'm sure I'll hear out of him tomorrow”

“Yeah probably” Kelsey said and rolled her eyes, ”Benji told him not to call you but he does it anyways”

Hilary sighed, ”yeah well that’s Joel. He’s always doing that kind of stuff”

Kelsey nodded, ”Yup. Figures..”

Hilary looked up at Kelsey, ”oh yeah the media already knows that Joel and I broke up”

“Really? How the hell do they know?” Kelsey asked

Hilary shrugged her shoulders, “I don't know. Someone probably said it happen or whatever. I read it in the magazine I got today. I'm sure Joel hasn't said anything.”

“Damn media” Kelsey said looking at Hilary, “I’m sure they'll know about me and Benji by tomorrow. But oh well I don't care” she said smiling

Hilary smiled, ”yeah the media has their ways with everything”

“Got that right” Kelsey said and smiled, “Next thing they'll find out is you being pregnant”

“Yeah probably...” Hilary said and looked at Kelsey, “and Joel stalking me!”

Kelsey smiled, ”oh my god now that would really funny! Joel stalking his ex girlfriend. Ha!”

Hilary started laughing, ”Yeah that would be pretty funny! Well he wont leave me alone!”

“And they're gonna know about me kicking his ass if he doesn't stop” Kelsey said smiling

“Oh yeah! And a restraining order against him or some crazy shit like that” Hilary said smiling

Kelsey nodded, ”yup”

Hilary stood up, “well I think I'm gonna go to bed. My baby's got to get some sleep!” she said yawning

“Alright good night Hilary” Kelsey said and hugged her

Hilary hugged her back, “Good night Kelsey” she said and walked off upstairs to her room

Kelsey yawned, “I think I'm going to go to bed too” she said grabbing her purse and walking upstairs into her room to go to bed.
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