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Happy Birthday Beautiful

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!!!!!Chapter 8!!!!!

Two Months Later

Hilary sat in the living room watching TV when the doorbell rang. Hilary rolled her eyes and got up, “God who is it now?” she asked herself walking towards the door. She opened the door revealing a young man, “can I help you?”

The young man smiled, “I have a delivery for Hilary Mathers”

“I'm Hilary” Hilary said looking at him

“I was told to deliver these roses, candy, and balloons to you” the young man said handing her two dozen roses, candy, and lots of balloons

“Oh wow” Hilary said grabbing the roses from the guy, “Ill be back” she said walking inside and setting them down on the kitchen table and walked back to the door and grabbed the balloons and candy from him and walked back inside setting them on the table next to the roses and went back to the door once again, “are these from Joel Madden?” she asked looking at him

The guy smiled, “I have no idea miss. I was just told to deliver them to you”

Hilary smiled, “thanks so much” she said, “have a good day”

“You too” he said and turned around and left

Hilary walked back inside and walked into the kitchen. She walked up to the table and took the card from the flowers. She took it out of the envelop and read it to herself, “Hilary, I know you wont talk to me so I sent you flowers, candy, and balloons. Its my way of saying I'm sorry for hurting you and that I still love you. Happy Birthday beautiful. Love Joel” Hilary looked up with tears in her eyes and kept reading the card over and over in her head.

She put the card down on the table and walked back into the living room and sat down on the couch. She started watching TV to try to get the card and Joel out of her mind.

“Hilary? Are you home?” Kelsey yelled as she walked through the door

“Yeah I'm in the living room!” Hilary yelled back

Kelsey walked into the living room seeing Hilary lying on the couch rubbing her tummy. She smiled and walked up to her and sat down, “Happy Birthday Hilary!” she said

Hilary looked at her and smiled, “thanks Kelsey!”

“Yup no problem!” Kelsey smiled, “I got you some flowers and balloons! I set them on the island in the kitchen”

“Thanks! I love you!” Hilary said and hugged her

“I love you too!” Kelsey said and smiled, “I see you got some flowers, candy, and balloons. Who are they from?” she asked

Hilary looked up at her still rubbing her round belly, “Joel”

Kelsey smiled, “I should've known”

Hilary smiled but frowned, “Kelsey I don't think I can go out to eat tonight with everybody...”

“Why?” Kelsey asked confused

“I mean I don't mind everybody but I don't wanna see Joel. He’s making this so hard” Hilary said looking up at her getting teary

Kelsey looked at her concerned, “Hilary what happened?”

Hilary looked away, “I got the balloons, candy, and flowers.... I looked to see who they were from and it was from Joel and the card was so.. I don't know...”

“What did it say?” Kelsey asked waiting for Hilary to answer her

Hilary got up and walked into the kitchen and returned with the card and starting reading it out loud,” Hilary, I know you wont talk to me so I sent you flowers, candy, and balloons. It’s my way of saying I'm sorry for hurting you and that I still love you. Happy Birthday beautiful. Love Joel.” she looked up at Kelsey with tears in her eyes

Kelsey walked up and hugged Hilary, “I know that Joel is making this hard for you but please Hilary come with us tonight. It’s your birthday and Benji, Billy, and I really want you there. Joel does too.”

Hilary wiped the tears away, “you’re right. I don't want to let Benji and Billy down. I know Billy is excited to see me”

Kelsey smiled and hugged her, “good its final you're going! Plus we can’t celebrate your birthday without you!”

Hilary smiled, ”yeah you're right!”

“Lets go get ready!” Kelsey said grabbing her hand and pulling her upstairs.

At Joel's

Joel walked up to the mirror looking at himself to make sure he looked okay. He smiled at himself and walked out of his room, ”Benji are you ready yet?” he yelled

“Yeah just a second!” Benji yelled back

Joel walked downstairs and sat down on the couch waiting for Benji to come down. Ten minutes later Benji walked downstairs. He walked up to Joel, “is Billy meeting us there?”

Joel nodded, “Yup”

Benji grabbed his keys, ”alright lets go then. The girls will be coming soon. Were supposed to meet them there”

Joel got up, ”alright” he said following Benji out the door. He looked the door and walked up to Benji's car and got in. Benji did the same. Benji pulled out of the driveway and headed to the restaurant.

At Hilary & Kelsey's

Hilary came walking downstairs in a black short dress. She had her hair curled and her make up done perfect. She walked up to the mirror and looked at herself. The dress showed off her baby bump since she was three months pregnant but Hilary didn't care. She'd cover it up with her coat. She studied herself. She smiled and looked at the stairs, “Kelsey are you coming?” she yelled

“Yeah give me like five minutes” she yelled back

“Alright” Hilary yelled as the doorbell rang. She walked up to the door and opened it. A different young man stood in front of her with more flowers and balloons in his hands, “can I help you?” she asked

The young man smiled, “yes I have a delivery for Hilary Mathers.” he said

Hilary smiled, ”That’s me!” she said taking the flowers and balloons from him, “thanks”

The guy smiled, “no problem Miss.” he turned and started walking away

Hilary shut the door with her foot and walked into the kitchen as Kelsey came walking down “more flowers and balloons! Who are they from?” she asked

Hilary sat them down on the table and looked at the cards, ”Benji and Billy” she said and smiled

“Aww how cute!” Kelsey smiled as she grabbed her purse

Hilary smiled and grabbed her purse as well, “I know! I love them boys”

“Me too!” Kelsey said

“Lets go” Hilary said grabbing her keys and walking out the door with Kelsey behind her. The girls got into Hilary's car and headed to the restaurant.

Ten minutes later the girls arrived at the restaurant. Hilary parked the car and the girls got out and headed towards the restaurant door. They reached it and walked in and looked around for the boys. They spotted the boys sitting at a table talking. They walked up to them, ”Hey boys!” Kelsey said smiling

“Happy birthday Hilary!” Billy said getting up and hugging her

“Thanks Billy!” Hilary said hugging him. She pulled away, “Thanks for the flowers and stuff guys. I really appreciated it!” she added

Benji smiled, “no problem! You deserved them”

“Aww thanks” Hilary said and sat down next to Kelsey

The waitress came walking over and stopped in front of them, “what can I get you guys to drink?” she asked

Billy looked up at her, “can we get some champagne please. We're celebrating a birthday”

The waitress nodded, “I sure can. So that’s five glasses then?”

Joel shook his head, “no we only need four. Hilary can’t have any”

Hilary looked up at the waitress, “Do you have any sparkling champagne? I can’t have real champagne because I'm pregnant”

“Yes we can get you some.” the waitress said and smiled

“Okay thank you so much” Hilary said

The waitress nodded and walked off

“Damn Hilary I keep forgetting your pregnant sometimes” Benji said and smiled

Hilary grabbed her glass of water, “well I don't” she said taking a sip of it and sat it back down on the table

Billy looked at her, ”yeah well you're reminded of it everyday I guess huh? He said and smiled

Hilary nodded, ”yup pretty much”

Joel didn't say anything. He just sat there watching them as the waitress walked over with the glasses of champagne. She sat champagne down in front of everyone but Hilary and set her glass of sparkling champagne in front of her. They all thanked her and she walked away.

Joel grabbed his glass, “I think we should give a toast to Hilary.” he said as they looked at him, “its been great knowing you. You're an awesome girl and fun to be around. I wish you the best of luck with everything in life. And just know that we all love you and we're here for you if you ever need us and you’re the hottest pregnant woman on this earth! And all I can say is Happy Birthday Hilary!” he said holding his glass out

Benji, Kelsey, and Billy grabbed their glasses, “Happy Birthday!” they said holding their glasses up

Hilary held her glass up and they all hit their glasses together, “Thanks guys” she said

They all nodded and started talking in their own conversations. Hilary sat there watching them. She was too uncomfortable to say anything. She sat there rubbing her round belly waiting for the food to arrive.

Kelsey watched her as she shifted in her seat because she was uncomfortable. Billy looked over at Hilary watching her rubbing her belly, ”how’s the baby?” he asked

Hilary looked up at him still rubbing her belly, “the baby's fine. Just growing by the day. That’s about it.” she said

“Do you know the sex of the baby yet?” Joel asked looking at her

Hilary shook her head, “no not yet. I'm not that far along yet. I still have another month or two before they know” she said looking down.

“Can you feel the baby move?” Billy asked

Hilary smiled, “yes I actually can. It’s amazing! It’s so weird though but I love it because I'm carrying my precious little baby in my tummy! I can’t wait to bring him or her into the world”

“Wow you've given this a lot of thought huh?” Benji asked looking at her

Hilary nodded, “me being pregnant is giving me a lot of time to think about what I'm doing. I'm starting to realize what its like to be a mom and how my life is going to change. I'm really excited and can’t wait to give birth.”

Billy smiled, “wow you're gonna be a fucking perfect mom Hilary!”

“Thanks Billy” she said and smiled

Benji smiled, “and I can’t wait to spoil my niece or nephew to death!”

Joel looked at Hilary, “and I can’t wait until I get to meet my son or daughter. I'm really excited!”

Hilary smiled as the waitress walked over with their food and placed it in front of them. They all started eating and having a good time.
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