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You Did Some Studying Didn't You?

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!!!!!Chapter 9!!!!!

Benji, Hilary, Joel, and Billy all walked out of the restaurant after celebrating Hilary's birthday. They all stood in a circle talking. Hilary stood there and looked at them, ”Hey guys I'll be back I'm going to go to my car quick” she said walking away and heading towards her car. She got to the car and opened the door.

Kelsey walked off after her, “Hilary are you ok?” she asked

Hilary put her purse on her car seat and looked behind her, ”yeah I'm fine.” she turned around and faced Kelsey, “I was just thinking and I'm thinking that I'm being unfair to Joel. Do you think I should stop being mean and start being nice?”

Kelsey signed, “I think that you should start being nice to Joel. I know he cheated on you and that it was wrong but you can tell he regrets it. He actually feels really bad about it. Just do whatever you want.”

Hilary nodded, ”alright” she said

Kelsey smiled and walked away towards the boys. Kelsey watched Joel as she talked Benji and Billy.

Joel looked at Hilary who was still at her car and started walking towards her. He walked up to and leaned up against her car facing her, ”Hey Hilary” he said softly

Hilary looked over at him, ”hey Joel” she said and smiled and went back to what she was doing

Joel looked at the ground, “Hilary. I want to tell you something”

Hilary looked over at him, “okay what?” she asked

“I... I just want to say that I'm sorry for what I did. I really feel bad about it but you wont listen to me.” he looked down and then back at her, “if I could go back and turn back time I wouldn't have done what I did”

Hilary sighed and put her hands on her hips, “Joel I'm sorry for not listening to you, its just that I was so angry I didn't want to listen to you make up lies.” she looked up at him, “I’m sorry for not listening Joel.”

Joel smiled, “its ok Hilary. If I were you I probably would've done the same thing. I just want to know that we're cool”

Hilary smiled, “we’re cool Joel don't worry” she walked up and wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him

Joel wrapped his arms around her waist hugging her, “thanks Hilary.”

“No problem Joel” Hilary smiled and pulled back and kissed him on the cheek. She turned back to her car and shut the door

Joel watched her smiling as the others walked up. Benji looked at him, “are you ready to go Joel?”

Joel nodded, ”yeah I'm ready. Lets go” he said

Hilary walked over to Benji giving him a hug, “thanks for coming out guys”

“No problem Hilary” Benji said hugging her

Hilary pulled away and walked up to Billy giving him a hug. Billy hugged her back and Hilary pulled away and walked over to her car and opened the door. Kelsey hugged everyone and walked over to the passenger side and got in. Hilary looked over at Joel and waved, “see ya Joel”

Joel waved, “See ya Hilary”

Hilary got into her car and started heading home.

1 week later

Kelsey came walking into the house with a magazine in her hand, “Hilary look what’s in the magazine!” she said walking over to the couch sitting down.

Hilary walked in and sat down putting her hand on her stomach, “what?” she asked

“it has you and Joel in here again” Kelsey said opening the magazine up, ”here’s what it has to say.” Kelsey said and started reading out loud, “Joel Madden A Daddy? Reports have been made that Hilary Mathers the ex girlfriend of Joel Madden is pregnant with Maddens baby. Pictures have surfaced on the Internet of Hilary in a short black dress clearly showing off her baby bump. Could this clearly be the reason why Madden and Mathers broke up?”

“Wow...” Hilary said looking at Kelsey, “I wonder if Joel has seen this”

Kelsey looked up at her, ”yeah I'm sure he has... or will be soon”

Hilary nodded, ”yeah probably.”

Kelsey looked back at the magazine, “There’s more” she said and started reading out loud, “Rumors are also going around that Maddens ex girlfriend Mathers isn't pregnant with Maddens baby but with someone else's baby. So the question is... is the baby Madden's?

Hilary looked at Kelsey shocked, ”oh my god they're making me look like a whore! I'm so upset right now!” she said getting teary

Kelsey walked over and hugged Hilary, “its ok Hilary. The media is just making you guys look bad”

Hilary shook her head, “its not ok! I'm so upset right now” Hilary pulled away, “I’m going upstairs to my room” she walked away and went upstairs to her room

Kelsey signed, “god damn media!” she stood up and walked off

At Benji's

Benji walked into the living room with a magazine in his hand, ”Hey Joel here’s an article about you and Hilary in this magazine”

Joel sat down and looked at Benji, ”what does it say?”

Benji sat down next to him reading out loud, “Joel Madden A Daddy? Reports have been made that Hilary Mathers the ex girlfriend of Joel Madden is pregnant with Maddens baby. Pictures have surfaced on the Internet of Hilary in a short black dress clearly showing off her baby bump. Could this clearly be the reason why Madden and Mathers broke up?” Benji looked up and then back at the magazine,” Rumors are also going around that Maddens ex girlfriend Mathers isn't pregnant with Maddens baby but with someone else's baby. So the question is... is the baby Madden's?”

Joel rolled his eyes, “of course the baby's mine! Are those people fucking stupid or something?”

“Joel the media will do anything to make you and Hilary look bad.” Benji said setting the magazine down.

“Hilary's going to be the one to get hurt out of it all!” Joel said sitting up, “I don't want Hilary to get hurt! She’s already hurting from what I did to her she doesn't need anymore!” Joel yelled getting frustrated

“Joel I know. She doesn't need anymore stress put on her” Benji said looking at him.

“They can attack me all they want but they have no right to attack Hilary!” Joel yelled standing up, “I’m gonna have to put an end to this bullshit” he said

Benji got up, “Joel please think this over before you do something stupid. I know it’s not right for them to attack Hilary but I don't want you to do something stupid ok?”

“Yeah yeah” Joel said grabbing his keys, “I’m going out to lunch with Hilary. I'm gonna talk to her and see what we're going to do”

“Alright but Joel” Benji said, “don’t do anything stupid ok?”

Joel nodded, “yes Benji I wont” he grabbed his MADE hat and put it on, “I’ll be back later” he walked out the door heading towards his car. He got in and backed out of the driveway and started making his way to Hilary house.

Joel pulled up to Hilary's house about ten minutes later. He got out and walked up to the door and knocked. He sat there waiting. He heard footsteps coming towards the door. He looked up as the door opened revealing Kelsey, ”hey Joel!” she said standing aside for Joel to walk in.

Joel walked in, ”hey Kelsey. Where’s Hilary?” he asked looking around
Kelsey closed the door and walk into the living room where Joel was, ”She’s upstairs in her room. She’s upset about the article in the magazine I got today.”

Joel looked at her, “she knows about it? Damn... I don't want her stressed”

Kelsey nodded in agreement, “I don't either.”

“We’re supposed to go out to lunch together but that may not be happening now” he said sitting down

“Ill go get her” Kelsey said getting up and walking towards the steps that lead upstairs. Kelsey reached the top and walked down the hall and knocked on Hilary's door before walking in. she walked in seeing Hilary lying on her bed, “Hilary?”

Hilary looked up, “what?” she asked

“Joel is here. He said you two are supposed to be going out to lunch together” Kelsey said sitting down on the bed next to her.

Hilary rolled over, “I really don't want to but I guess I better. We have things to talk about I guess”

Kelsey smiled, “Good because Joel was worried you wouldn't want to go. You need to get out and go have fun instead of sitting around here all day doing nothing”

Hilary nodded in agreement, ”yeah I know...” she sat up, “I don't wanna change out of my pj’s though”

“I know pj's are so comfy!” Kelsey said getting up

“Yeah totally” Hilary said getting up off the bed and walked towards her closet, ”wanna help me pick out an outfit?”

Kelsey got up, “yes! I'd love to!” she walked over to the closet and started going through her clothes. She pulled some clothes out and handed them to Hilary, “here you go!”

Hilary grabbed the clothes, “thanks Kelsey!”

“No problem” Kelsey said smiling

Hilary smiled and walked into the bathroom. About ten minutes later she out wearing pink terry cloth sweatpants with a pink terry cloth hoodie that zipped in the front with a white t shirt underneath it. She had her hair curled and her make up on. She looked in the mirror, “oh my god look at my little baby bump!” she said

“Its so cute though!” Kelsey said walking up to her

“Yeah I know! I love being pregnant sometimes!” Hilary said turning around and grabbed her purse and headed out the door with Kelsey.

The girls walked downstairs and walked into the living room where Joel was waiting. Hilary smiled and walked up to Joel, as he stood up, “hey sorry I wasn't ready but I am now!”

Joel smiled, “that’s ok.”

“Alright well lets go then” Hilary said turning to Kelsey, “I’ll be back. If you need anything call me”

Kelsey nodded, “don’t worry I will! Have a nice time”

Hilary nodded and smiled at her as she walked out the door with Joel. They got into Joel car and headed to the restaurant. Fifteen minutes later they arrived. They got out and were bombarded with paparazzi everywhere. Joel grabbed her hand and hurried their way into the restaurant before the paparazzi could ask any questions. They ran inside and walked up to the front desk.

The waiter looked up, “can I help you?” he asked

“Yeah I made reservations. Its under Joel Madden” Joel said looking at him

the waiter looked at the list and grabbed two menus, “Follow me I'll show you two to your table” he said walking off with Joel and Hilary following him. The waiter stopped in front of a table and Hilary and Joel sat down, “can I get you anything to drink?” he asked

Joel looked at him, ”um get me a diet coke please”

“I'll take one too” Hilary added

The waiter nodded and walked off.

Hilary looked at Joel, “that was so crazy! They're gonna like kill us one of these days”

“Yeah really. They'll do anything to get pictures and to ask questions” Joel said looking up at her

Hilary nodded and looked at her menu she had in her hands. The waiter walked up with their drinks and placed them down in front of them, “are you two ready to order? Or do you need more time?”

Joel looked up from his menu, “I’d like a veggie burger and some fries please” he looked at Hilary, “do you know what you want Hilary?”

Hilary looked up at the waiter, “I’m really craving Fettuccine Alfredo! I want some Fettuccine Alfredo please!”

The waiter smiled and wrote down their orders and picked up their menus and walked off.

Joel looked at Hilary, “Kelsey told me that you were upset about the magazine article and I just wanted to apologize for it.”

“Joel why do you have to apologize? You didn't write it. The stupid media did” Hilary said looking at him

“I know but they shouldn't be attacking you. They can attack me all they want but I don't want them attacking you” Joel said looking to the side then back at Hilary

Hilary sighed, “I know but I knew this was coming. I mean if you’re involved in a celebrity’s life you got to expect the media to bash you. Yeah it hurts but I knew it was going to happen sooner or later”

Joel sighed, “I know but it hurts me to know you’re hurting because of them. You're already stressed and I don't want you stressing anymore since you're pregnant.” he looked at her, “I don't want our child’s life in danger because of them. You have to remember Hilary that you're still in your first trimester of your pregnancy and anything could happen”

“Yes Joel I know but I try not to think about it” she looked up at him, “you did some studying didn't you?” she asked smiling

“Oh course. I have a child on the way I got to do some studying.” Joel smiled, “I got to know what to expect when the baby comes”

Hilary nodded, ”yeah that’s true. I'm going to be starting Lamaze classes and I wanted to know if you wanted to come with me”

Joel smiled, “of course! Id love to go!”

Hilary smiled watching him, ”ok! I knew you would want to. I have many other things to do too”

“Like what?” Joel asked watching her

Hilary sighed, “well I have Lamaze classes, childbirth classes, I have to chose a hospital, I have to chose an obstetrician and pediatrician, I have to take educational classes on being a new mom and what to expect during and after pregnancy, I have to take fitness classes, get enough exercise, have dental check ups, prenatal check ups, read up on my nutrition so I know what to eat, take prenatal vitamins and supplements, what medications to take and which ones not to take, buy baby clothes, get the furniture for the baby nursery, paint the nursery, and all that good stuff.”

“Wow you have a lot to think about” Joel said looking amazed, “if you need any help let me know.”

Hilary smiled, ”oh I will. My next doctor’s appointment is next week. You can come if you want.” Hilary looked up at Joel, “I’m having an ultrasound done on the baby”

Joel face lit up, “awesome! Just remind me a day before and I'll come” he said as the waiter came walking up

The waiter walked up with a tray with their food on it. He sat their plates down in front of them and walked off after Hilary and Joel said thank you.

About an hour later Hilary and Joel were done eating. They paid for their bill and headed towards the doors to walk outside. The paparazzi were outside waiting for Hilary and Joel to exit. Hilary clutched onto Joel's arm as they walked out of the door as paparazzi came running over to them yelling out questions and yelling out insults to Hilary as they reached Joel's car. Joel opened Hilary's door and let her get in before closing it. Joel turned around and headed towards the drivers side to get in his car before he turned around to deck the paparazzi. He made his way to the driver’s side and got in. Joel backed out of the parking lot and made his way down the road.

Joel kept his eyes on the road and looked over at Hilary who was quiet. Hilary was looking down at her hands. Joel looked back at the road, “Hilary are you okay?”

“Yeah” Hilary said her voice shaky

Joel looked at her and placed his hand on hers, “Hilary I'm sorry about that. Please don't cry” he said

“Well its kinda hard” Hilary said looking at him with tears in her eyes, “I’ve never been so insulted in my life” she said looking back down

Joel took her hand in his and started rubbing her hand, “its ok Hilary I'm here for you. I promise it'll get better ok?”

Hilary nodded her head as tears rolled down her face. Joel pulled into Walmart parking lot and parked. He looked over at her and wiped the tears away with his thumb, “come on Hilary lets go get you what you need for the baby ok?”

Hilary just nodded not looking at him. Joel got out and walked around to the passenger side and opened the door helping Hilary out. Joel started walking with Hilary putting his arm around her to comfort her. They were about to walk into Walmart when his phone started ringing. He stopped taking his phone out, “Hello?”

“Hey Joel where are you?” a familiar voice asked

Joel looked around, ”hey Benj I'm at Walmart with Hilary. We just got here” he answered

“What the hell are you doing at wally world?” he asked and laughed

Joel looked at Hilary who was looking around with tears still running down her face. He pulled her into a hug with is free arm, “we came to get Hilary some stuff for the baby”

“Oh I see” Benji said and stopped, “what is that sound that I hear?”

Joel sighed, ”Hilary’s just upset because we had a run in with the paparazzi... I'll tell you about it later ok? But I got to go so I can get this stuff done” he said still hugging Hilary

“Alright well just come to Kelsey's I'll be there waiting for you ok? And tell Hilary its ok and we'll figure this shit out” Benji said

Joel sighed, ”alright I'll talk to you later. Bye Benji” he said hanging up the phone and putting it back in his pocket. He hugged Hilary and pulled back wiping the tears away, “come on Hilary lets go get the stuff we need okay?”

“Yeah lets go so I can get back home” she said wiping the tears away as they walked into Walmart.

They grabbed a cart and started walking around Walmart to find everything that they needed. About and hour later they walked up to the checkout with lots of prenatal vitamins and supplements and everything else she needed for now. They checked out and grabbed everything walking back to his car and got in and headed to Kelsey's and Hilary's.
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