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Dirty Little Secret

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Title: Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects :)

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!!!!!Chapter 10!!!!!

Hilary and Joel pulled up to Kelsey and Hilary's house and parked his car. Hilary and Joel got out and headed towards the door. Hilary opened the door and they walked in. They walked into the living room and looked around for any sign of Kelsey and Benji. Joel walked up to the island in the kitchen as Hilary walked into the living room. She walked in seeing Benji and Kelsey watching TV.
Kelsey and Benji looked up as Hilary walked through the door. Hilary walked in and looked at them with tears in her eyes. She walked over to Kelsey and sat down next to her and hugged her, “Kelsey hold me!” she said trying to hold back the tears

Kelsey hugged her, “Hilary what’s wrong? What happened?”

“The paparazzi are so horrible!” Hilary said as her eyes welled up with tears

“Oh gosh Hilary what did they do?” Kelsey asked looking at her

Joel walked through the door and sat down in the chair by them, “they were saying really nasty things. They were like insulting her and stuff. I wanted to turn around and knock every one of them out!”

Hilary looked up at them wiping the tears away, “I’ve never felt so insulted in my life! I didn't do anything to them! They don't even fucking know me and they're yelling out rude and mean things!” she started crying, “I cant do this...”

Benji got up and walked over and sat by her and hugged her, “I know Hilary. You don't deserve this. I'll find a way to fix everything ok?”

“Benji no matter what you do they're not going to stop and you know that” Hilary said pulling away, “I’m going to my room. If you need me you know where I'm at” she said getting up and walking out of the room towards her bedroom.

Kelsey looked at Benji and Joel, “I hate seeing her this way. Especially since she’s pregnant. It’s not good. She has so much stress on her right now”

Benji nodded, ”yeah I know its not good at all”

“Yeah its not” Joel said looking up, ”Benji we got to go do a rehearsal with the band”

“oh shit we do” Benji said getting up, “I’ll call you when we get done to see how Hilary's doing” he said looking at Kelsey

Kelsey smiled, ”alright talk to you boys later”

“See ya” the boys said together as the walked out of the door

Kelsey sighed and looked around, “I better go see Hilary” she said herself. She got up and headed upstairs into Hilary's room. She got to her door and knocked and walked in, “Hilary are you ok?” she asked walking up to her and sitting down by her

Hilary looked up at Kelsey, “no not really”

Kelsey sighed, “Hilary you know what I think you need?”

“What?” she asked looking at her

Kelsey smiled, “a vacation. You need one so you stop stressing so much. You need to go relax and have fun”

Hilary looked up at her then back down, “You know what” she said looking up, “you’re so right! I need a vacation to get away from everything!” she stopped and smiled, “and I know the perfect place!”

“And where's that?” Kelsey asked

Hilary looked up at her and smiled, “Detroit! To go see my daddy!” she sat up, “I miss him sooo much! I haven't seen him in forever!”

“Oh my god that would be awesome! I'm sure he’s going be very happy when he finds out you're coming to see him!” Kelsey said getting excited

“Yay! I'm so fucking happy now!” Hilary said sitting up smiling

“Hilary?” Kelsey said looking at her, “did you ever tell your father you're pregnant?”

Hilary's eyes got wide, ”oh shit he's going to kill me and Joel” she looked at Kelsey, ”oh god.. I'm dead”
“Hilary Ann! I can’t believe you didn't tell your father!” Kelsey said getting up

Hilary stood up, “I can’t help it! I had so much going on!” she threw her arms out, “come on look at all the shit I was going through! Lets see I find out I'm pregnant then I go see my boyfriend and find him cheating on me then I have to go through this pregnancy by myself!”

“Hilary I'm not mad about this its like your father is going to be so pissed when he finds out!” Kelsey said crossing her arms

“Maybe he wont notice” Hilary said

“Hilary come on get real” Kelsey said looking at her, “you’re going to step off that plane and the first thing your father is going to see is your pregnant little baby bump. He’s going to flip out”

Hilary put her face in her hands, “Kelsey why did I have to get knocked up? This fucking sucks!”

“Well maybe you should've thought about that before you wanted to have sex with Joel!” Kelsey said

Hilary put her hands up, “I couldn't help it!”

Kelsey rolled her eyes, “yes you could've!”

“How was I supposed to know that I was going to get pregnant? If I could tell the future I would've stopped” Hilary said

Kelsey shook her head, “whatever you still would've done it!”

Hilary opened her mouth to say something but closed it, “you’re totally right” she said smiling

Kelsey threw a pillow at Hilary, “Hilary!”

Hilary started laughing, “what its true!” she grabbed her phone, “I think I should call my daddy!”

Kelsey got up, “good luck!” she said smiling and walked out

Hilary smiled and picked up her cell phone and dialed her dad’s number and put it up to her ear. She heard it start ringing and sat there waiting for someone to pick up. The phone rang about four times and someone finally picked up, “hello?” a familiar voice asked

“Daddy!” Hilary yelled

“Hey baby, how are you doing?” her dad asked

Hilary smiled to herself, “I’m doing really good! How are you?”

“I'm doing very good. Just been busy with work”

“I see. Well are you too busy for me to come out and see you for a couple weeks?” Hilary asked looking around her room, “I miss you so much I want to see you!”

“Hilary I would love it if you came out! I miss you so much” her father said getting excited, “we can catch up on things”

“Yeah we have a lot to catch up on.” Hilary said looking around nervously, “so I'll fly out in tomorrow night ok?”

“No problem” her dad said, “see you tomorrow night”

Hilary smiled to herself, ”alright bye daddy. I love you”

“I love you to hunny, bye” he said

Hilary pulled the phone away from her ear and hung it up. She got up and walked downstairs, “Kelsey I'm leaving tomorrow night” she said sitting on the couch

Kelsey walked over and sat down by her, “are you leaving after the boys' concert?”

Hilary nodded her head, ”yup. Right after. I'm staying out there for about two weeks”

“Aww I'm going to miss you!” Kelsey said sticking her bottom lip out

Hilary started laughing, ”Aww I'm going to miss you too but just think you have the whole house to yourself and you can have Benji over”

Kelsey looked around, “you’re so right! Ooh la la!”

They both started laughing. Hilary looked up, “just don't have sex in my room ok? That’s the only limit you have!”

“We’ll try not too!” Kelsey said laughing

Hilary stood up smiling, “well I'm gonna go pack and then go to bed. I'll talk to you tomorrow” she said heading upstairs

“Alright good night” Kelsey said as Hilary disappeared upstairs.
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