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Detriot Here I Come!

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!!!!!Chapter 11!!!!!

The Next Morning

Hilary came walking downstairs at about nine o'clock in the morning still dressed in her pj's. She walked into the kitchen and started looking through the refrigerator and cabinets for something to eat for breakfast.

A few minutes later Kelsey came walking in also dressed in her pj's, ”Hey Hilary”

“Hey” Hilary said looking over at her, “Kelsey we have no food in this house and my baby is starving!”

“Yeah I meant to go to the grocery store last night but I forgot” Kelsey said sitting down at the table, “we could go out for breakfast if you want”

Hilary's face lite up, “Yummy! Lets go!” she said about ready to run out of the kitchen

“Hilary remember you have to get dressed” Kelsey yelled after her

“I know!” Hilary yelled back as Kelsey got up to go change

About an hour later the girls were changed and ready to go. They grabbed their purses and headed outside. They got into the car and started heading towards the restaurants, “So Hilary where do you want to eat at?” Kelsey asked looking at the road

“Umm I want to go to Hardees! They have really good breakfast!” Hilary said looking at Kelsey

“Hardees it is then!” Kelsey said smiling

Hilary smiled to herself and looked outside watching the scenery. About ten minutes later they arrived at Hardees. Kelsey parked and both the girls got out and headed inside. They got in and ordered their food and sat down and waited for their food to be made.

While they were sitting there Kelsey's phone started ringing. Kelsey dug in her purse and pulled out her cell phone, “Hello?”

“Hey Kelsey! What’s up?” a voice asked

Kelsey smiled, ”hey Benji! I'm good how are you?”

“I'm good! So what are you doing?” Benji asked

“I'm at Hardees with Hilary. We're getting some breakfast because we have no food in our house at the moment” Kelsey said smiling, “you guys should come join us if you're not busy”

Benji smiled, ”yeah I guess we could. We'll be there in like a couple minutes okay?”

Kelsey looked over at Hilary, ”alright see you then Benji! Bye” she said hanging up. She put her phone back into her purse, “the boys are coming and having breakfast with us”

Hilary smiled, “awesome! Then I can tell them I'm leaving and going to Detroit for two weeks”

“Uh huh” Kelsey said and smiled

Hilary looked down at her hands and back up, “So what are our plans for today anyways before I leave?”

“Well” Kelsey said looking at her, “We can eat breakfast then we can hang out and then go out to dinner with everybody since you're leaving for two weeks and then go to the boy's concert and watch that and then you can get on your flight and go to Detroit and see your daddy!”

“Alright!” she said as she put her hand on her stomach, “My poor baby is getting fat by eating all this fast food!”

Kelsey nodded, ”yeah I know. Poor baby! Looks like we're gonna have to start cooking homemade food so it doesn't effect your baby’s health”

“Yeah I totally agree. After tonight no more fast food for me!” she said looking up, “only once in awhile”

“I agree” Kelsey said nodding as the boys walked through the door.

They ordered their food and walked over to Hilary and Kelsey. Benji sat next to Kelsey and Joel sat next to Hilary, ”hey” they said together

“Hey boys” Hilary said smiling

Benji smiled and looked at them, “so what’s up girls? Anything new?”

Kelsey nodded, “actually there is. Hilary's leaving for two weeks on vacation”

“Where are you going?” Benji asked looking at Hilary

Hilary looked up at him, “I’m going to Detroit to see my father. I haven't seen him in forever”

“You’re going to be gone for two weeks?” Joel asked surprised with a tint of sadness

Hilary nodded, ”Yeah I got to get out of here before I go crazy. I cant handle any of this shit anymore its taking a toll on me. I just need to get away and rest and relax.”

Benji nodded, “I totally agree”

“We’ll miss you” Joel said looking up at her

“I'll miss you guys too!” she said as the waiter brought their food to them

They all started eating and broke out into separate conversations. After awhile they were done eating and all went off in their separate ways.

Later that night

Kelsey came walking downstairs wearing a black strapless dress with black high heels. Her hair was up in a curly ponytail and had her makeup done perfect! Hilary came walking downstairs wearing a white glittery strapless dress with silver glittery high heel shoes and also had her makeup done perfect!

Hilary walked up to the mirror and looked at herself, “Kelsey, my stomach is getting bigger by the minute I swear! I know I’m only two and half months but I still have a pretty big bump.”
Kelsey looked over at her, “your bump isn't huge its normal. Its smallish and cute!”

Hilary smiled, ”yeah and this dress shows it off perfect”

Kelsey nodded and smiled, “lets go Hilary. Grab your luggage too. I'll help you” she said walking over to her two suitcases by the door.

Hilary followed her and grabbed one of her Louis Vuitton suitcase as Kelsey grabbed the other. They started rolling the suitcases out to the car. They shoved them in the backseat and got in and headed towards the restaurant where they were meeting Benji, Joel, and Billy. After they got done with dinner they all headed to the venue where Good Charlotte was performing.

They reached the venue and got out heading towards the arena. Many people were still outside waiting to get in. Some of the screaming fans saw the girls and waved at them. The girls waved back. They went in the back and walked in towards the bands dressing room. They knocked and walked in finding the boys warming up. Hilary walked in and sat down, “Good luck boys!”

“Thanks” they all said together

Kelsey sat down next to her, “I’m sure you guys will do great! You always do!”

Billy looked at them and smiled, “you got a point!”

Hilary looked at them, “is it hot in here or is just me? I'm freaking dying and starting to sweat!”

Joel looked at Hilary, “its just you”

“Damn my hormones must be acting up again!” Hilary said looking at them, “I’m going to go outside for a couple minutes to catch some air before I die” she said getting up

“Be careful Hilary” Benji said looking over at her

“Take one of our body guards with you. Just in case” Joel said

Hilary nodded, “I will don't worry” she said getting up and walking out the door with one of Good Charlotte's bodyguards. Hilary walked through the halls and headed towards the exit door. She walked out and the fresh air hit her. It felt so good on her skin. She started walking around trying to cool off. She reached the front of the arena and looked around. She heard voices coming from behind her and saw a couple girls standing outside. Hilary looked over and smiled.

The girls smiled and waved and started walking up to Hilary, ”hey are you Hilary Mathers?” one of the girls asked

Hilary nodded, ”yup that would be me! And you two are?”

The blond girl smiled pointing to herself, “I’m Summer and she’s Maria” the girl said pointing to the girl next to her with brunette hair

Hilary smiled, “Its nice to meet you girls”

The girl with brunette hair named Maria shook her head, “no it’s nice to meet you!”

Hilary smiled, “So what are you girls doing out here? Why aren't you in the arena?”

“We had to come get some air. Its sooo hot in there” Summer answered

Hilary nodded, ”yeah I agree that’s why I'm out here.”

Maria looked at Hilary, “I don't mean to be rude or mean or anything but I was wondering if it’s true that you're not having Joel Maddens baby?”

Hilary laughed, “No that’s a false statement. I'm having Joel's baby. The media is just making up stuff about me. It pisses me off but hey what can I do?”

Summer nodded, “I agree.”
“So are you and Joel still dating or is it true that you two split?” Maria asked

Hilary sighed, “we are not together for various reasons. But maybe sometime in the future we will be but I have no idea. We'll have to see”

Summer smiled, “I hope you guys do because you two are cute couples!”

Hilary smiled, “thanks so much!”

Maria looked at Summer, “we better get back inside the concert will be starting in ten minutes”

Summer looked at her watch, “you’re totally right. I don't wanna leave though I'm having fun!”

Hilary looked at the girls, “I’ll be right back” she said walking off towards the body guard she grabbed something from him and walked back over to the girls, “Here you guys go. Its two backstage passes for after the show. You two seem pretty cool and chill and fun to hang out with so I'm giving these to you. And trust me I don't give these out at all! So here you go you get to come backstage after the show and hang out with the boys alright?” she said handing them the passes

Maria grabbed them, ”oh my god Hilary thank you so much! Can we get your autograph tonight?”

Hilary nodded, “of course” she said handing summer her backstage pass

The girls walked up and hugged her

Hilary hugged them back, “I’ll see you later girls! I better get back before they freak out thinking I got kidnapped or something”

“Alright thanks for everything Hilary!” the girls said and waved goodbye to her and ran off.

Hilary smiled and turned around and headed towards the bodyguard and he followed her back into the arena. She made her way down the hall and into the dressing room, ”Hey guys I'm here!”

Kelsey ran up, ”oh my god Hilary I thought you died! We got to go the shows gonna be starting!” she said dragging Hilary up to the curtain to watch the boys

“Geez Kelsey I'm coming” she said following her

The girls sat down backstage and watched the boys perform for the fans. The fans all screamed and sang alone with every single song. Just watching them made the girls happy. About three hours later the boys were done performing and came running backstage covered in sweat. The girls followed them back into their dressing rooms.

Joel grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat off his face, “Do we have any meet and greets tonight?”

Benji shook his head, “I don't think so but I'm not sure”

Billy looked around, “where did Hilary disappear to?”

They all looked around and noticed Hilary gone. Then all of a sudden the door opened and Hilary came walking through it, ”Hey guys I have two people who want to meet you! I hope you don't mind”

The boys sat down and looked at Hilary. Benji smiled, “We love meeting fans!”

Hilary stepped away letting the girls in, “Boys, this is Summer and this is Maria” she said pointing to them, “they are huge fans and love you guys and they seemed pretty chill while I was talking to them outside so I decided to give them backstage passes!”

Billy stood up, ”hey girls! Its nice to meet you”

Benji and Joel nodded, “We do too” Benji said

“You guys are so awesome and you guys just plain rock! We so love you guys!” Maria said blushing
“Aww” Benji said smiling

“Would you girls like our autographs?” Joel asked

The girls nodded, “We would LOVE your guys autographs!” Summer said smiling

The girls handed them their backstage passes and they all autographed them.

Hilary looked at her watch, ”oh god I'm going to be late for my flight if I don't leave soon”

“Ill call you a cab” Joel said walking off to get his cell phone

Hilary looked at the girls, “Do you want me to sign your passes?”

The girls nodded, “yes we do!” they said handing her the passes

Hilary autographed them and handed them to Kelsey to sign. Kelsey signed it and handed it back to the girls, “Anything else?” Hilary asked

“Pictures?” Maria asked

Hilary smiled, “Of course!” she said as Joel came walking back in

They all posed for pictures. Hilary looked at the clock, “My cab should be here. I'm sorry I have to leave so soon girls! I hope to meet you two again!”

Summer looked at Hilary, “its ok I'm sure you have a good reason to leave”

Hilary rushed around the room grabbing her purse and cell phone, “Okay guys I'll see you in two weeks” she said walking around hugging everybody including the two girls

“Bye Hilary” they all said as she walked over to the door

“Bye everyone! Ill see you in two weeks! Call me! Love you” she said blowing them a kiss and walked out the door

Kelsey poked her head, “take care of the baby Hilary Ann!”

“I will” Hilary yelled down the hall continuing to make her way towards the exit

Hilary reached the exit and walked up the cab. The cab driver got out and helped Hilary with her luggage. She got in and headed towards the airport. Hilary boarded her flight and was on her way to Detroit to see her father in what seemed like forever.
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